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ROUND OF  verbal INPUTS ON 1-1 item of document during  COMCOM MEETING MAY 25TH

  • Enlarge technical capacity for extended communication ( investment)
  • Interactive meeting and streaming  facebook twitter
  • Use also Mobile phone radio tv to extend
  • Discuss How to expand the extended strategy
  • What is needed is Political investiment of ic
  • Timed mass communication mobilization actions political results process
  • Use of theatre in interactive social media
  • Collaboration  between local movements actions and babels
  • Forum committee should be obliged to support commission in professional terms
  • Responsive rapid communication tech
  • Internet satellite
  • Investment through collaboration with government university



  • Create support groups to arab revolutions  in social network
  • Study what is happening in north Africa needs – communication regional meeting
  • Regional network of solidarty in communication ressoruces indemedia
  • Produce stories to share
  • Common call for alternative social media
  • Include comcom team in regional list
  • Extend events happening in the region
  • Make Arabic a working language


June 15 deadine  responses to working document filling the documents here

>> as an outcome of this meeting participants in comcom are invited to give feedbacks around the document ( version 7 ) items A1  to A8, B1 to B2  1-1 to 4-5  >> deadline june 15th -
to do this  you can  fill and send the list of item ready  here 
feel free to ask questions on the list if something is not clear