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  • reportinput 1 : focusing on just the consensed outcome points 1 and 2 - internal use
  • reportinput 2 : a wider proposal mixing outcomes and inputs and in the form of a ic meeting report
  • reportinput 3 : mixing 1 and 2 in a working report  distinguishing consensed outcomes and  a diversity inputs useful for internal dialogue in comcom,
  • reportinput 4 : a compact report for inclusion in ic report  external use (inspired by 2 )


Paris comcom meetings during IC paris  may 2011 : what we did 

consensed outcomes of discussion are few and mentionned in blue

Lunch on 24th (lebanese) with all presents - exchange about dakar experience  - see group photo ( to come)

Meeting on 24th
  antonio dan jason judith mallory pepe pierre rita sonia (remote)
our first one day meeting after florence

>>round of conversation and starting exchanges around the october 2010 document 

>>see discussion topics agreed while reviewing part A1 A2 A3 A4  and A5 A6 A7 A8  of document 
outcome of this discussion is a list of points to be discussed on line inside comcom
- info  soon coming )

>> assessment  of interest for /of a  facilitation initative on interpretation inside comcom to be   facilitated by babels ? (see info from judith)

Dinner on 24th
(chinese) antonio dan jason mallory pepe pierre rita - talking about intercommissions - ( see 27th how it ended)

Lunch on 25th  (couscous) exchanges with friends from india and bangladesh ( next ic meeting will be in Dhaka end of november on occasion of south asia social forum

Meeting on 25th 
aala(tunisia)  antonio dan  diane jason judith leo mallory mikkael pepe pierre rita sonia (remote)

>> exchanges around the wsf calendar of social forum events and other mobilizations ( G20 (see seminar) and rio+20 ( seeic meeting ) , exchanges  around  comcom  october 2010 document ( version 7 ) - part 1-1 and round of inputs on how to support arab world in communication

 >> as an outcome/followup  of this meeting participants in comcom are invited to give feedbacks around the document ( version 7 ) >> deadline june 15th - to do this  you   fill and send the list of item ready  here 
feel free to ask questions on the list if something is not clear

version en castellano  http://openfsm.net/projects/communication-commission/comcom-meeting-preparation-sheets-es

Dinner on 25th
  (salads) dan jason mallory pepe pierre -

ic plenary 26th in morning of 26th discussion about wsf evaluation  that broke into 4 languages groups- comcom participants have made inputs  -they are invited to circulate those inputs in a one page format and send them to sao paulo office

Lunch on 26th (chinese) jason mallory norma pepe pierre rita roberto
exchanges about on line faciltation of comcom

Dinner on 26th
(italian)  jason mallory norma pepe pierre rita roberto
exchanges about mode of action of com commission - general view being that comcom has both to promote importance of communication in ic and to stimulate good practices with event organizers

ic plenary 27th a  quick verbal report of comcom  in the ic in the morning  ( see ic meting videos, not yet documented)

on 27th afternoon attending  methodology commission
  ( jason norma pierre rita )
there was a shared will to have intercommission time inside comcom , but ic agenda did not provide it

attending methodology meeting  was done because intercommission meetings where not happening adn because methcom had delegated celina on the previous day to talk with comcom showing some interest for intercmmission - however the meeting was not formally intercommission
some working groups where defined inside commeth with comcom participants presence

>> metcom group on memoria del fsm (norma)
>> metcom group about intercommuincation between events ( pierre)
>> metcom group about  guiding principles ( jason pierre )

All of this  was in parallel to

  • the seminar on movements and international agenda  on may 23 24
  • and the ic meeting on may 25 26 27 

which have been recorded inasmuch possible  here