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comcom meeting some refdocuments


 This downloadable two part document is proposed as a "tune up" exercise to get in productive exchange about comcom workplan

 you can download here this document  - so you can fill it ......for yourself ,  or edit it in your personal wiki,  or send it on the comcom list 

tune up inputs so far :     input by Pierre

part 1 - ONE PAGE ABOUT COMCOM – a view by : 

·          What is comcom?


·          What are possibilities and duties linked to being an active participant in ComCom

·         How can ComCom  operate inside wsf process at large, for the progress of this process

·          What are the notions used when answering the first three points

·          What are the topics to  discuss in more depth in this meeting (see list below)

·         What are the review item points (see bottom of message) for which i propose to be exposing person

put “@” sign  in  the list below in


  part 2 - List of inputs related to each paragraphs in comcom working plan document   : 

 Types of inputs
  • VISION   inputs related to vision - terminology - fundamentals - vision - vocabulary - identity
  • MODES   input related  ot our modes of operation inside comcom
  • COOP   concrete cooperation issue suggestion with existing group in  ongoing dynamics
  • OUTREACH   to IC organisations
  • NOT?   why/ how  did not we act as we said in the document ? what can be done?
  • NEWPROP   new topics /facilitation initiative to open
  • CALENDAR related to wsf calendar ( specifc time line  on, paper sheet )
  • DOC  change the comcom document

DOC related to practical  update of document


type of input

 note -  input  summary  / nota insumo resumido

Background and common agenda



A-1 dimensions of com  - (somehow adressed in first review  of expectations part 1) 



A-2 com practices in WSF context (somehow adressed in first review  of expectations part 1s) 



A-3 challenge of common process  in 2011 -12



A-4 involvement of IC  ( to be adressed at the end of afternoon part 5)



A-5 8 working groups plan 



A-6 validation and reference text  



A-7 comcom cooperation with office  and extended staff  



A-8 organisations involved  



B-1 intercommission issues  ( to be adressed in the end of meeting part5)



B-2 seminar on ic communication issues 



B-3 integrate tools – portal issues  



Internal communication



1-1  sfex initiative  



1-2  newsletter  



1-3 portal common redesign  



1-4 tool for wsf related groups  



 Shared coverage



2-1 video exchange project  



2-2 radio exchange project



 2-3 alternative media ( ciranda)  



2-4 virtual media center  



 Teams and tools



3-1   stimulation of technical webteam – wsf software support community group  



3-2  stimulate exchange on design of websites  



3-3  wsf participants data base  



3-4 global campaign on wsf sustainability



3-5 visual identity group  



3-6 address cultural, artistic and dialogic dimensions of communication  



3-7 commission strategy seminar  



3-8 office expanded  



 IC and other commissions  



4-0  tomorrow commission meeting  



4-5  IC meeting inputs from comcom    



4-1 ambassadors to/from expansion    



4-2  ambass to/from methodology    



4-3 ambassadors to/from ressources   



4-4 ambassadors to/from stategy