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comcom meeting page

whatwedid in paris

Some reference and proposed documents

  • A  Florence / comcom  meeting  - links to earlier meetings inputs

 See comcom history page - ver la pagina historica del espacio comcom   esta ordenada por fecha desde Abuja 2008 ( florencia is not here)

  • B - comcom evaluation proposed synthesis 

Document work in progress sonia jason pierre ( to come)

  • C -comcom meeting preparation sheets

this document  is proposed by LG

here is an input from pierre 

a document sent by LG - 4 people of comcom in the evaluation group- may be they can share some inputs they intend to make and see if some of these are related to comcom  experience

tested in mexico  -  to be developped in paris ? 

presented in chronological order last edited

  • H : rabat discussion elements

See, for instance: http://openfsm.net/projects/communication-commission/comcom-guidelines
As well as: http://openfsm.net/projects/communication-commission/comcom-report-in-ic-rabat-en

  • I  vision of communicacional processes to be stimulated/facilitated inside WSF

ver aqui una vision en termino de  procesos comunicacionales que cada uno podria tener su iniciativa de faciltiation  

one page scheme  - and charts

  • J agenda discussion about working plan and policies

inputs from jason mallory dan thais norma rita pierre

comcom meeting  lexicon

  • K agenda discusion about  time  about culture

input from dan jason pierre

  • L agenda proposals discussion

inputs from pierre mallory jason dan

  •   M list of topics in the workplan review

25 topics numbered in the workplan