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comcom meeting page

time line document suggestions

Time line proposal

Morning Review one objectives – get mutually informed on 2010 record and 2011-12 perspectives  and raise points for discussion and update

 Afternoon Review two –objectives  discuss raised points – formulate updates recommendations  to projects/groups  and to commissions IC

Ref documents and Visual guidance

Hand out the paper document to all participants and the evaluation doc

Take personnal notes

Take personnal notes

Post seet of paper with WSF calendar of events  2010  and 2011 2012

Note points in time

Note actions in time

Post sheet  of paper with  points below  and distribute

Note points in document plan +  comments on etherpad version of the comcom plan document

Note actions/followups

Background and common agenda

A-1 dimensions of com



A-2 com practices in WSF context



A-3 challenge of common process



A-4 involvement of IC



A-5 8 working groups plan



A-6 validation and reference text



A-7 cooperation with office  and extended staff



A-8 organistions involved



B-1 intercommission issues



B-2 seminar on ic communication issues



B-3 integrate tools – portal issues



Internal communication

1-1  sfex initiative



1-2  newsletter



1-3 portal common redesign



1-4 tool for wsf related groups



 Shared coverage

2-1 video exchange project



2-2 radion exchange project



2-3 alternative media ( ciranda)



2-4 virtual media center



 Teams and tools

3-1   stimulation of technical webteam – wsf software support community group



3-2 stimulate exchange on design of websites



3-3 wsf participants data base



3-4 global campaign on wsf sustainability



3-5 visual identity group



3-6 address cultural, artistic and dialogic dimensions of communication



3-7 commission strategy seminar



3-8 office expanded



 IC and other commissions

4-0  tomorrow commission meeting



4-5  IC meeting inputs from comcom




Mexico meeting

This paris meeting

4-1 ambassadors to/from expansion



4-2  ambass to/from methodology



4-3 ambassadors to/from ressrouces



4-4 ambassadors to/from stategy