• comcomᅡᅠ in ic plenary 24th

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presentation by Roberto

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Permanent participation to global wsf open space

In order to expand permanent participation to the world social forum process, it is necessary to facilitate access to virtual open space such as  openfsm.net to as many organisations as possible.

It is also necessary to be partially funding in a sustainable way  free software communities politically articulated with wsf

This digital expansion of the process can be performed through a diversity of  local “wsf permanent participation ” projects,  that may interest donors, with a standard proportion of the fund raised being channelled to free software project providing those strategic intercommunication tools

Communication commission will circulate a draft project to foster training to use wsf websites, and suggest how to organize them. IC organisations are invited  consider using it for local expansion and fundraising initiatives keeping in contact with the commission


Intercommunication beyond distance

A working group of the Commission is supporting development of horizontal inter-communication amongst all those who participate in the WSF process

The aim of this effort is to help participants develop in a self organised way links between themselves regardless of distance and sustain intercommunication in the context of a permanent and decentralized process

Moments of inter-communication through video-conferences, internet-chats and phone calls can be prepared in virtual spaces of openfsm.net, just like you prepare a meeting if you want it to be fruitful.

The decentralized modality of participation to wsf 2009 which is called “Belem expanded” is an occasion to develop these practices, linking activities in Belem with activities anywhere in around the world, and allowing organized groups to exchange ideas and proposals regardless if they travel to belem or not

Commission commission invites organisations in IC to transmit this information to organizations and activists from our different countries and cultures that may want to participate to Belem expanded and to the development of forum social space

They are welcomed in the space of www.openfsm.net  they can acess the space called “ belem expanded”  and the intercommunication workgroup