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Next meeting: JAN. 12th, 2010

Proposed agenda:

- Contacts with events
- Call to all organising committees of events on communication activities
- Reply to Liason Group meeting proposal in Porto Alegre
- Webpage 2010

Time: 8-10 GMT/UTC


> January  6th (memo on meeting)



 > 22 oct 2009

JULY 2009

> Final deadline for budget draft: 24 July 2009

> Online meeting on proposals for process project and budget: 22 July 2009

> Next online meeting and deadline for working group proposals: 15 July 2009    

MAY 2009

After IC meeting in RABAT: see proposal made and relative action plan frame:






    JANUARY 2009

    World Social Forum in Belem 


    GETTING BACK TO WORK... ( abuja feedback april 2008 ) 

    After the IC meeting in Abuja (Nigeria) and the approved working document that was produced there, we need to push the WSF process forward and work on the communication tools and strategy with a broader discussion and re-activated working groups.

    There will be a meeting in Belem on 12 July 2008 (see the specific discussion space), where methodology and communication of the next WSF will be discussed. Some members of this commission should participate at that meeting - but we need to prepare and have ideas and concrete proposals to bring there having discussed during this month of June. Next will be the European Social Forum in 17-21 September 2008, where we can have a public debate and then a 2 day seminar (WHEN EXACTLY ? the esf closes on sunday and the ic starts on monday ?) (leading into the IC meeting right after in Denmark) to advance in the work of the communication plan - with a 3 year horizon, but also leading to Belem 2009 (Jan.27 - Feb.1).

    If in July in belem a decision has been taken on the forms of worldwide (inter)connection with Belem, then that is the time to announce and promote it.

    Finally, there is a proposal of having a thematic social forum on Communication a few days before WSF 2009, in the state of Maranhão. If planned in time (Antonio Martins can be more specific), this could be an excellent occasion to gather key people and organisations together and discuss the fundamental issues we are addressing.

    The current priority is to reactivate the working groups that formed during the wsf2008 and where formalized in the Abuja IC ( click on the "page" button to see them - or click on the "mailing lists" button to see their mailing lists

    we have started to mee online since mid june on skype -next meeting is WEDNESDAY 2 nd of July at 20 GMT ( 21 pm western europe 16pm brazil)

    We use skype - so please send your skype ID  on the main mailing list if you are in the commission or at    com(at)lists.openfsm.net 

    Items on the agenda:
    - Process towards Belem
    - Working groups: referent people and priorities ( see the main "page" of comcom space for this )
    - Websites: update and way forward (in particular, openfsm.net)
    - Communication commission proposed budget for the wsf process 2008-2009

    Any suggestion / comment is welcome!