• Communication commission meeting - 13feb2011

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see meeting of 12th february and reports

We will make a collective evaluation from the communication's point of view of this WSF, with the contribution of every shared project and independent media, the local, african and international communication teams.  1-2 pages each, in particular on main problems (weaknesses), results and recommendations. How: Send to the com com list When: 1st of March 2011 (deadline) Who: Jason,  Sonia to assemble in one coherent document to validate and submit to the IC
2. COMMUNICATION STRATEGY / NEXT IC MEETING We will work on the 2011-2012 communication strategy to be presented in the next IC, starting from the previous ones and re-discussing the role and action of the comcom.  Will discuss on online meetings and mailing lists and organize a 1 day meeting during the next IC meeting (Paris 23-25 May, 2011). Will make a plan of action accordingly. How: online meetings / lists / wiki When: every 15 days, on Tuesday @ 21pm CET (Central European Time, Paris) Who: everybody
3. COVERAGE OF DAKAR We will collect and disseminate the coverage done by shared / independent media projects in this Forum, through an issue of the WSF Bulletin, linking to all the participating websites How: send info to the comcom mailing list (communication-commission-discussion@lists.openfsm.net) When: by the 20th of February (deadline) Who: Rita, Thais, Pepe 
4. CONVERGENCE ASSEMBLIES We will support the WSF office in collecting and disseminating the results of the WSF2011, i.e. the declarations of the convergence assemblies, more than 30.  Need of translations.  Short videos available for each declaration.  Proposal of an edited document / e-book (PDF) that while not changing the text of the declarations, will help make them more readable and easier to distribute. How: wsf office to collect / babels to translate When: 1st of March (deadline) Who: Thais, Norma + Leo, Jason (and any other who wants to join)
5. DISCUSSION ON INTERNAL COMMUNICATION / TOOLS The ongoing discussion on the needs and methods for a better internal discussion and collaboration in the communication commission, with the rest of the IC commissions and working groups, etc. needs to be pushed forward -- as well as how to improve the tools to allow us to meet online and to work on common documents / projects.  Suggestions and ideas are most welcome.
NEXT ONLINE MEETING: TUESDAY, 22 of FEBRUARY 2011 @ 21 CET (Paris time) - via Skype chat