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EN Groups Overview : Geography and News : page showing the two types of groups : process oriented (orange colour ) and event oriented(green colour) - and giving some news and links

PT Vista de Conjunto : Geografia e Notcias : pagina definando os dos tipos de grupos : com vista a proceso (cor laranja) e com visto a evento (cor verde) e dando noticias e linkes

Internation council communication commission
15 process focused working groups ( as per Abuja plan)
Note : those groups are in the same space of ic comcom in openfsm
to enter in a process working group , click on the mailing list link ( first column on the left ) and click on "include"

fsm2009 communicacao Group and 5 event focused working groups

A-IC Groups where comcom is involved

GDA 2010 preparation
agreed in ic copenhagen

WG sexto dia
agreed in ic abuja

B-Groups focused on Process participants intercommunication

Current participants list in the working groups ( updated early july)


Groups focused on participants in the Event


wsf ssc  software support community
based on malmo experience

fsm2009 conhecimentos livres /software livre ( experiencia fsm2005) Marcos e ?
Webteam (web strategy and wsf websites support)mailing list of webteam webteam wiki Dimitris, Bettina, Thiago, Jason , Pierre,Antonio, Giovanni

WSF internet training( stimulating local training programs)mailing list of wsf internet training GT WSF internet training wiki Jason , Pierre

one line participation  & IC internal communication facilitation toolsmailing list for IC internal communication WSF internalcom wiki onlineparticipation wiki
Jason, Thiago, Pierre



Intercommunication (support-promotion of connections)mailing list of intercommunication GT intercommunication GT wiki

AntonioP, Jenny, Cassia, Norma , Donato,Pierre, Jason

fsm2009 interconexoes- Belém expandida ( communication and logistics for 100 to 300 moments of internet conection in belem)
Reporting (stimulate and collect feedbacks / memory)mailing list of reporting GT reporting GT wiki Jason

Practical info content (WSF newsletters, etc.)mailing list of practical info GT practical info GT wiki Thiago , PIerre

( GF team defining registration system in www.fsm2009amazonia.org.br)

Promotion ( graphics, banners and other materials to promote the WSF)mailing list of promotion GT promotion GT wiki Teresa

C-Comcom and the world- main mailing list

Translation (stimulate translations of comcom related contents...) mailing list of translation for com GT translation for com GT wiki Margarita , Pierre, judith, Gregoire, jason ,

transsf exchange on com ( wsfcomcom and other sf processes)
based on suggestion by uddhab in copenhagen

comcom funding  comcomfunding wiki   mailing list 
based on current experience

D-Groups focused on Media covering the process

Current participants list in the working groups( updated early july)

Groups focused on Media covering the event

Comrespondents (making demand and offer of com material meet)
based on suggestion by Leo in comcom meeting in copenhagen

Alternative media (networking media activists - org./collect.)mailing list of alternative media GT alternative media GT wiki Rita, AntonioP, Everton Ciranda - intervozes fsm2009 ciranda ( experiencia fsm2005)



Press (decentralised press conferences –press kits)mailing list for press WG press GT wiki Jason, Meena, Monica

Journalists (stimulate journalist network)mailing list of journalist network GT Journalists network wiki Monica , andrea, jason

Radio (radio forum exchange)mailing list of radio forum WG radio forum GT wiki Ciranda , Heitor, Carolina

fsm2009 forum de radios( experiencia fsm2005)
Video (platform, exchange, network, satellite distribution)mailing list of video forum WG video forum SITE www.wsftv.net Norma, Jason, Antonio, Bettina
fsm2009 forum de tvs( experiencia fsm2005) Antonio