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Communications Commission
November - 2009

Dear Friends:

Bellow please find a short form for the basic information we need in order to disburse the funds assigned to you for the project described above. Please fill in the form and send it back to me as soon as you can.  You also need to include the proposal form, with the activity description and detailed budget.

Regarding the guidelines for the reporting requirements, these are as follows:

1) At the end of your programmed activities, two types of reports are necessary: a financial report and a narrative report.

- The financial report is an expenses report against the funds received and explanations of expenses. Funds should be utilised for the items requested. If vital changes are really deemed necessary, these should be requested ahead of time (in order to ask the Donor if they are acceptable). Copies of all receipts, invoices and documentation of expenses need to be kept and scanned, as they will be necessary for the audit.  A spreadsheet with all the information is highly appreciated.

- The narrative report is a simple report of the short and long term objectives accomplished by the activities carried out.

Concrete results and outcomes (as well as impact) should be reported on particular events, and in regards to the WSF process. An evaluation of activities and of this process will also be requested, both for the Resource commission and IC and for the public.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with me in case more information is required.

In Solidarity,

Jason Nardi
On behalf of the WSF Int. Council Communications Commission

Address: Piazza Ciompi 11 - 50122 Firenze, Italy
Email: jason.nardi@gmail.com
Skype: jason42   
Telephone: +39 340 5254247
Fax: +39 055 5609842

General Information

1. Name and Address (telephone, fax, etc.) of Organisation
2. Name and Email address of person in charge of final reports

3. Brief description of the items and total budget being requested (specify n. of people payed, what expenses are budgeted in the overhead). Please use the form below and include a separate page with the proposal]

4. Name and address, telephone, etc. of the bank to which funds should be transferred

5. Bank Account information – (SWIFT and IBAN numbers)

      Signature and Title                    Date of Submission

_________________________        ___________________________

What to include in the activity description:

Com Com Working group(s) where the activities are discussed [see Com Com Groups: http://openfsm.net/projects/communication-commission/project-home ]

Reference person(s) 

Core team (list people)

Organisation managing budget

Networking space in openfsm.net
Past experience in WSF communication activities

List the activities in the group (Both funded and contributed voluntarily or by otherwise paid staff)
3) 4)
Work funded by wsf comcom budget: describe n. people / time / period; related costs / overhead
Expected results (describe n. of people/organisations involved,  n. of  targets reached, n. of outputs of the activity, other evaluation parameters)
3) 4)
Contribution by the Organisation (in terms of volunteer work, expenses not covered by the budget, etc.)

Note Overhead costs do not include: infrastructural and main equipement costs, travel expenses other than for facilitators (1 per working group), registration fee of people/organisations/activities at the WSF. Maximum costs for telephone covered: 200 euro / month.