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Here are various expressions of the same ideas ... for the 2010 agenda and budget

  • June : first elements in the table below . 8 activities ( part 1  participation and part 2 internal com) 

      • document was announcing several budget forms , requirement was "make it only one document" > see next item
  • (July :  letter  about PIC agenda in 2010    ( 5 parts)

  • 1 informacion 2ABC  - 2 expansion intercomunicacion 1B   3 participacion en linea 1A 1E - -4 produccion de contenidos 1D - -5 formatos participativos 1C
      • requirement was "make it in the budget format" > see next item)
  • comcom plan part 4 -what , and who ( draft) - 9 activities  A to  I )


    This view of plan is listing relevant communicational processes and how  policies, spaces , tools can be designed to stimulate each of  them

    The list of 10 processes proposed below in semi-logical order – participation, then media coverage

    Some of those items can be qualified for 2010 context, others are plain mid term work

    • - practical info from IC and  "mobilizing comunication" by  event organization committees(2010 context)

    • – organisations preparing activities in events

    • – participants being in an activity

    • – participants expanding events and intercommunication 

    • – participants after activities (2010 proposals to next event and  dakar )

    • – particpants being in an action

    • – social interactions between wsf participants around wsf

    • – communication from organisations or on  ongoing initiatives inside wsf

    • – covering/promoting wsf from alternate media (2010)

    • – covering by mainstream (2010 story)






Agenda  del grupo Participation y internal comunicacion  ( vision of  june /july )

 english - agenda PIC 2009 2011  frame  (in discussion)
 spanish - agenda PIC 2009 2001 - marco (en discussion)
General Elements
Elementos generales
  • elements for discussing a mid term comcom vision  that can be  used for defining the scope
  • elements from rabat - contexto 2010
  • PIC contribution to rabat comcom announcement
  • scope of this PIC group
  • letter 2010 a project of letter from PIC group to 2010 event committees to express what we propose to them - can be made a comcom letter according to earlier discussions in chat 
  • hypothesis questions  way of acting in 2010 context - relation to wsfssc 
  • general considerations
  • project document analitico  with a general part and   8 standard forms for 8  modules( below ) 
  • complement on  roles contributions budget estimates
  • elementos para discutir una  vision comcom de mediano plazo que se pueden usar para definir nuesto ambito
  • elementos de rabat - contexto 2010
  • contribucion de PIC al anuncio comcom de rabat
  • ambito de este grupo PIC
  • una carta proyectada del grupo PIC a los comités de los eventos 2010 para expressar los que les proponemos - puede ser generalisada (segun discussiones en comcom chat)
  • hipotesis, preguntas mode de accion en el contexto 2010 - relacion a otros grupos y al wsfssc
  • consideraciones generales
  • documento analitico con parte general y 8 formularios estandard para 8 modulos ( abajo)
  • complemento con papeles contribucion estimaciones de presupuesto

facilitating communication between participants facilitando comunicacion entre participantes

1A - communication entity to entity on line  and event program

1B - initiative SFEX promotion of expansion of 2010 events

1C - initiative of exchange of experience to foster participatory character of activities 

1D - initiative of "activity based memory"( see contribution in memory and documentation group - last point)

1E -communication from person to person on line

1A - comunicacion de entidad para entidad  en linea y programa de eventos

1B - inciativa SFEX  promotion de expansion de eventos 2010

1C - iniciativa de intercambio de experiencias par formentar caracter participativo

1D - inicitativa de "memoria basada en las actividades" de actividades en eventos o en linea - ver contribucion en el grupo memoria y documentacion(ultimo punto)

1E - communicacion de persona a persona en linea

facilitating informacion from/between facilitators
facilitando informacion desde/entre facilitadores

2A - information from facilitators of IC  liaison group

2B - information from others facilitators - in 2010 context

2C - cooperacion with WSF2011 committee

2A - information desde/con facilitadores CI Grupo Enlace

2B - information desde/con otros facilitadores- en contexto 2010

2C - cooperacion con comité FSM2011

o-1 informacion 2ABC


PIC agenda in global 2010comcom project

PIC 2010 budget story

PIC contribution in comcom 2010 agenda+