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Followup list
** Notes 07 May 2010 ***

 - summary or press release on FSM Mexico
 - something to the IC and others on Mexico
 - follow up with upcoming forums
 - USSF work
 - Nicolas and Christophe on mainstream blogging opportunities
 - write to IC organizations
 - participant's database

 - conversation on media alternatives in Dakar
 - connecting the stories and media focused on African diaspora
 - USSF - The Michigan Citizen
 - follow up with IPS, Flame d'Afrique
 - Ciranda site to link more events and media organizations
 - Cancun, Foro de Americas, Cuba, Palestine events

 - work on IC report as always, will send to list
 - blog process on Africa and methodology, crisis and universality with Taoufik
 - connect with social scientists in Africa

 - follow up with Africans to enlarge participation in communications
 - resources commission
 - help facilitate writing a communications plan based on the session
 - Virtual Media Center for Africa
 - translation
 - how to contact organizing committees of other 2010 forums
 - office work on the newsletter
 - strategy commission

 - write notes from small meeting with Expansion Commission and send
 - join Expansion Comm mailing list as requested for open communication, giving reports and feedback to Comm Comm
 - work on event registration for Dakar with Igor, based on USSF
 - streaming and expanded work for USSF
 - cohere team from Bolivia and Mexico for COP16 technology
 - outreach to mobile phone NGOs to help with technology for Dakar, as per Expansion request
 - follow up with technology team, namely Dimitris and Luca

 - will work with Methodology Commission
 - report on Expanded tent from FSM Mexico
 - Detroit Expanded
 - will follow up with Expanded events in Algeria, Paraguay, Dakar
 - Palestine WEF website