• frame for novembre 2008 budget

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Proposed frame of groupings for this six month period :



Budget handling org

WSF budget manager


Group 1 --one line participation- wsf training -.reporting


Group 2  intercommunication – belem expanded – promotion- com respondents- others

Group 3 radio-written media forum –


Group 4 press journalist

Group 5 video forum  -


Commented directory :

comcom work plan  list of working groups is visible here : http://openfsm.net/projects/communication-commission/directory


Internation council communication commission
( as per Abuja plan)

Consideration in the current budget frame

 Next Six months Goals with this budget support


A-IC Groups where comcom is involved


GDA 2010 preparation




WG sexto dia




B-Groups focused on Process participants intercommunication

wsf ssc  software support community

fsm2009 conhecimentos livres /software livre ( experiencia fsm2005)

YES (group1 openfsm facet)

NO up to now

Strenghten  an emerging community of developers articulated with comcom

Involve brazilian free software organisation in wsf process support  


Webteam (web strategy and wsf websites support)mailing list of webteam webteam wiki

 Have a reserve  for GDA website?



WSF internet training( stimulating local training programs)mailing list of wsf internet training GT WSF internet training wiki

YES ( group1 using openfsm)

Experiment training in belem – to help promote wsf training programs – create a first training community


IC internal communication facilitation toolsmailing list for IC internal communication WSF internalcom wiki

YES expanded to openfsm promotion (group1 using openfsm)

Create a community of 3000 to 5000 wsf on line participants  - prepare the next two years of ‘off event work


Develop a index site joint to openfsm where


Intercommunication (support-promotion of connections)mailing list of intercommunication GT intercommunication GT wiki
fsm2009 interconexoes- Belém expandida ( communication and logistics for 100

YES (group2 using openfsm)  

Create a community of people capable of organizing wsf activities locally and having experience of  connections


Reporting (stimulate and collect feedbacks / memory)mailing list of reporting GT reporting GT wiki

YES ( group 1 using openfsm)

Stimulate creation of associated workspace in openfsm for activities and outcomes – an create an  index of them ( using esf2008 as a basis) –

Develop this site with a significant share of volunteer work


Practical info content (WSF newsletters, etc.)mailing list of practical info GT practical info GT wiki

NO need



Promotion ( graphics, banners and other materials to promote the WSF)mailing list of promotion GT promotion GT wiki

YES  ( group 1)



Can be


C-Comcom and the world- main mailing list

Translation (stimulate translations of comcom related contents...) mailing list of translation for com GT translation for com GT wiki

Place where to stimulate volunteer input for all the working groups

Maintain life of this group and get to concrete support


transsf exchange on com ( wsfcomcom and other sf processes)

 (somehow linked to expansion)



comcom funding  comcomfunding wiki+   mailing list 

Place to fine tune budget management



D-Groups focused on Media covering the process

Comrespondents (making demand and offer of com material meet)

YES ? emerging  (needs facilitation work group 2)

 Goal : create on openfsm a network of  50 com- respondents working in big wsf involved organisation , where they can express the type of  contents they wish  to “consume” or “promote  


Alternative media (networking media activists - org./collect.)mailing list of alternative media GT alternative media GT wiki fsm2009 ciranda ( experiencia fsm2005)

YES ( group 3)



Press (decentralised press conferences –press kits)mailing list for press WG press GT wiki

YES ( group 4 ) not clear

Not clear how it communicates about the process during the event ????


Journalists (stimulate journalist network)mailing list of journalist network GT Journalists network wiki

YES ( group 4 )

Create on openfsm a network of journalists with 50 journalists that are  involved in mainstream media ?? -


Radio (radio forum exchange)mailing list of radio forum WG radio forum GT wiki
fsm2009 forum de radios( experiencia fsm2005)

YES ( group 3)

Create a website ( if possible clone of wsftv?)



Video (platform, exchange, network, satellite distribution)mailing list of video forum WG video forum SITE www.wsftv.net
fsm2009 forum de tvs( experiencia fsm2005)

YES (group 5)

See presentation by Antonio

Expand the use of wsf tv