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Draft Proposal 15 -10-10


After the WSF 2011 in Dakar (Senegal) the role of the group is to facilitate the visibility of the regional/thematic events of the WSF network, connecting local committees with media mainstream and trying to raise attention about the promoted issues through the general public.


We don’t have in the moment we draft the media group proposal a detailed 2011 WSF plan of events to promote as in 2010 WSF. What we experienced last year is a general difficulty for media mainstream to understand the WSF decentralized project felt as an evidence of the weakness of the altermondialist movement.

What we’ll try to realize during the year is:
- Trying to fix this lack of understanding of media mainstream through regular updates about the WSF process
- Facilitate the coverage of the WSF2011 events creating and offering dedicated contents in WSF info website
- Cultivate media relations at the international level
- Support local WSF organising committees in media relations with media mainstream

Common shared tools provided

  1. Virtual media center

(website/section/repository) – A special webtool with all materials for journalists and media activists and an ongoing map of all the events, with connection to wsftv for videos, to radio and and multimedia documents, pictures, blogs and social networks.


  • create News and special content about local activities

  • create a general press kit for the year with updates (Fair)

  • feed a repository for materials and feeding (Local events)


  • International Press facilitation with direct contacts and invitations

  • Virtual press room maintenance and updating

  • creation of the 2011-2012 press kit (at least 4 Global updates)

  • press pooling for the local feeding format

  1. International Press pool

to create shared communication tools (press kits, press releases, etc.), and circulate infos (at least 2 facilitators)


  • Definition of a communication strategy and final plan

  • Launch of the 2011-2012 WSF Year of Activities With press kit / Decentralized Press conferences (fair + local groups)

  • media Recall at intl level (fair)

  • support to local groups and launch of regional events (fair+)

  • collection of multimedia materials for coverage of the local events

  • interaction with WSF bulletin

  • periodical conference calls

  • press clippings / global report (fair+press pool)


  • 1 media facilitator and intl press coordinator for the definition of the strategy (fair)

  • 1 press facilitator for the definition of contents of shared materials (fair)

  • press pool to verify the general coherence and actions


1) Relay of 2011 press KIT (IN coordination with the local organising committees): at least 4 throughout the year

2) Major news agencies targeting and selected influential media involvement (Economist, Financial Times, NYT, Le Monde, Guardian, etc.): at least one article online or in print

3) Collection and presentation of “outcomes” / “answers” / “alternatives” (of the “exit to global crisis” overarching theme) to public opinion: in coordination with the methodology commission(s)

4) Continuous update of virtual media center (with background and information in 6/8 languages)

5) Synergy with Wsf S. Paulo office and support to all press groups formed for the local events

6) Press clippings collection and organisation [Fair, Ips, Amarc, etc.]: monthly report of press clips


2011 2012
- Virtual media center 4000 3000
- International press facilitation activities (recalls, pooling, press kits, etc) 5000 6000

- Press reporting and clippings 1000 1000

10000 10000


Monica Di Sisto [FAIR]

Jason Nardi [Social Watch]