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Re: Kirk left IPS TerraViva

from Jason Nardi on May 22, 2009 09:02 AM
Dear Alejandro!

sorry to hear about this...

but it's good to know that you're staying with us: we're really counting on
your active participation and contribution !


2009/5/19 akirk <akirk@...>

> Dear friends and comrades,
> Please note that as of March 31, 2009,  I am no longer working for IPS and
> therefore will cease to lead TerraViva.
> It was the final chapter of a long story.
> In spite of it all, it was hugely rewarding -politically as well as
> professionally- for our entire team to produce this newspaper as it came to
> be reknown: independent, challenging, critical, vibrant. Perhaps nowhere
> else has TerraViva been so useful as in the WSF, I feel. Perhaps nowhere
> else can one find a more generous and vital environment as I have
> experienced at the WSF since its inception, back in 2001.
> So I will be happy to keep contributing to it and to this Communication
> Group, perhaps more freely as an independent journalist, fully committed to
> our common struggle.
> My new email address will be *kirksv(at)gmail.com*
> A luta continua, a vitoria e certa!
> Hugs to you all.
> Alejandro Kirk

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