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    from bettina on Jul 09, 2009 04:31 PM
    THe main idea is to divide a large room space ( or a constructed structure)
    in a way it becomes a passage/itinerary in which the public find different
    screens each of one that shows in loop 1/2/3 hours of material that has to
    be organized in contents.
    which contents?
    my proposal is:
    screenA : voices of common people taken at different social forums around
    the world, spontaneous testimonies of partecipants of wsf, like  the
    interviews that Museo de Pessoas proposed (the contribution of the 20
    interviews could find expression here)
    screenB: political/intellectual voices of wsf , wsf history and process
    screenC: space for Social movements
    screenD: free space for videos that come last minute from smaller
    indipendent groups
    screenE: wsf thematic stories
    spaceF with 8/12 pc linked to video and other documents archive database for
    people's free consultation
    All groups that produce video ( but all sorts of wsf documentation can be
    included) should start mapping and share their lists of available material ,
    and also start loading  their material in one and only wsf database ( for
    video is supposed to be wsftv.net), this way all material are collected in
    one container and is available to all at once ( also for the spaceF
    consultation material for 10yearswsf) . Importance must be given to
    titolation of the material. My proposal is to find/decide few main macro
    areas of contents (max 10?) which are words that together with
    date+place+event where the material has been taken+ kind of material (video,
    txt, audio, still image) + language of transaltion, are going to be the tags
    for extracting the contents of interest. Each of these elements are to be
    catalogued with a specific rule that has to be given, like to fill in all
    its parts in a pre ordinated form ( the wsftv one has to be worked on).
    About text material: skype chats are also documentents of wsf process, but
    they also are too confusing to be used as documents as such. I remeber some
    month ago Mallory proposed a new tool for chatting wich i think could be a
    good tool if available to development for our needs.
    About Open.net: as you know (Isaid this many times) i find open.net quite
    unfriendly to use since it is very difficult to find things in there, also
    because there is not an organized directory/catalogue of contents. each time
    i spend too much time surfing on that site. For us to work I find excellent
    easy to use tools such as mailing lists and chats. If reorganized, i think
    open.net could be the archive of text documents of wsf process.
    thats all for now dear folks