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    from Carla on Jul 17, 2009 12:30 PM
    Dear Bettina,
    I understand your concerns. We have to remember WSF´s methodology. Sergio´s proposal is similar to the section "Testemunhos/Temoignages" - people´s live memory.
    Once I asked Rita about all Foruns´s websites. we need to build a site map with informations about what happened around the world like 2008´s Global Day. We have missed a lot of these information...We´ll need an external hard disk (or more) to put all these avaiable information. The oficial website doesn´t have all these data.
    One main issue is to think this map to go further with our proposal for memory archive.
    In solidarity,
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    > Hallo to everybody,
    > I know earlier today there was supposed to be the weekly
    > chat...!
    > reading the last mails around wsf memory, and the very long
    > project
    > proposed by sergio ( sorry, i could not read it all, also
    > becouse of
    > the language!)
    > I am a little worried to see that  a lot of enphasis
    > is given to  memory of the future, but almost no concern
    > about memory
    > of the past!
    > Our group coordinator (Hilde ) is missing and no body
    > pushed us to
    > produce a coordinated, partecipated and inclusive memory
    > project that
    > has sense and that follows the given guidelines.
    > I think we should
    > all give a look again at Norma's  document about
    > Memory of WSF  she has
    > sent some time ago, wich I think is the basis for a memory
    > archive
    > project we should consider.
    > Today is supposed to be the deadline for presenting all
    > groups projects+budgets;
    > so far the memoryGT has not presented something organic and
    > inclusive work. 
    > I have sent some thoughts and ideas through the mail but i
    > do not know if anyone has read it. 
    > The
    > only things I have seen is about the future memory;  
    > sergio's memory
    > project wich is , in a way, for me not exactly a wsf memory
    > recording,
    > but more an idea for monitoring what people feel wsf
    > process is...?The
    > idea is good, but doesn't seem to me a wsf memory
    > thing; I am
    > skepticale about asking such big financing request for
    > something that
    > is really good as a museum activity that could, at the
    > end,  bedonated
    > to wsf process, and not viceversa.
    > I think we need to consider 2 aspects of memory:
    > tha past and the future:
    > the PAST, which is to be mapped, collected, and possible
    > edited.
    > How much time and eventually money is needed is difficult
    > to say, since
    > it depends on the amount of material. Most of it will need
    > to be copied
    > and  sent to who will catalouge and edit it.  It may even
    > be possible
    > that some material has to be joined fisically, wich may
    > mean travel
    > expences. 
    > All groups that produce video ( but all sorts of wsf
    > documentation
    > can be included) should start mapping and share their lists
    > of
    > available memory material , and also start loading  their
    > material in
    > one and only wsf database ( for video is supposed to be wsftv.net),
    > this way all material are collected in one container and is
    > available
    > to all at once ( also for a possible  consultation space
    > on pc of all
    > memory material at future sf)
    > For the FUTURE, I think it is quite easy to say that for
    > each forum
    > event , together with the forum organization commitee,
    > should have a
    > number of people working at collecting  the memory; the
    > number of
    > people depends on the type of event. For this, a number of
    > crews also
    > with  local people involved ( for video each crew should
    > be of 2
    > people) have to make sure that the sf is covered (video,
    > radio, text)
    > as much as possible, following key plenaries, some thematic
    > working
    > groups, interviewing key and common people.
    > Meantime a catalogation strategy should be studied in order
    > to be
    > able to easely pick out from the common database what one
    > is searching.
    > I
    > think we have to find/decide few main macro areas of
    > contents (max 10?)
    > which are words that together with date+place+event where
    > the material
    > has been taken+ kind of material (video, txt, audio, still
    > image) +
    > language of transaltion, are going to be the tags for
    > extracting the
    > contents of interest. Each of these elements are to be
    > catalogued with
    > a specific rule that has to be given, like to fill in all
    > its parts in
    > a pre ordinated form ( the wsftv one has to be worked on).
    > Thank you for your attention
    > another world is possible!
    > besos
    > Bettina
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