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    from mallory on Jul 01, 2009 09:31 PM
    Since the successful and important IC meeting in Rabat this past May,  
    the World Social Forum Communications Committee has asked that working  
    groups begin forming. There are approximately 8 demarcations within  
    Com Com, but tasks and scope are obviously overlapping. There is none  
    such working group with more relevance to the entire WSF process than  
    the Technology working group, one of the 8 subsets of Com Com, which  
    itself is a subset of the IC.
    For many years, this work has been done by many of you that are still  
    on the lists. Once again, we're asking for your dedication and  
    participation to address some immediate technology needs, form larger  
    more policy-based processes, and define long-term goals with specific  
    WSF events in mind.
    As of immediately, the working group will begin its own set of regular  
    meetings, tangential to the Com Com weekly chats, use its own tools to  
    organize and formulate its own strategies for growing membership.
    Our next meeting is scheduled for MONDAY JULY 6, 14h UTC to 16h UTC
    We connect via IRC chat through irc.oftc.net channel #wsf. Directions  
    for connection are on the webteam-wiki (URL below).
    Please join us for our first meeting online MONDAY 6 July 2009, 14:00  
    UTC - 16:00 UTC. We plan to follow the agenda below:
    1. Introductions
    2. Working group regular meetings
        a. frequency
        b. method
    3. Organizing tools
    4. Scope of work
    5. Growing participation, organizational accountability
    It may be that we cannot address all of these general topics in one  
    meeting. It may also be that everyone has his or her items to add to  
    this agenda, so please feel free to modify this before we begin our  
    meeting. An ersatz page for our agendas and notes can be found here:
    All participants are expected to act as representatives of  
    organizations within global social movements for the sake of  
    accountability. However, please send out this call to participation to  
    anyone that you think would be interested in organizing with us.