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Session of 19th june
 [19/06/2008 19:02:32] ritaciranda said : Ihave called Ilma, of Belém.  Today she has launching of documentary,and can´t take part of our chat. But she agrees to have chat all thursday, and will mobilize to have local participation.
She informs they have booked a  local meeting of the Group of Communication every wednesday.
[19/06/2008 20:12:48] pacofocuspuller said : I spoke with Jose Rocha from Manaus and he will partecipate,


Session of 25th june
Session of 19th june    1
Session of 25th june    1
Starting    1
two meetings in sao Paulo    3
Noticias de Belem    3
focus of comcom meeting: staffing working groups    3
contacts in USA    4
postar na lista dum grupo    4
include oneself in a mailing list    4
mobilization in belem    5
everton :projeto de articular blogueiros    5
we have many websites- Simplify !    6
where is the coordinative site?    7
Activities and circulations- openfsm as a service    8
Different usages    8
connecting blogs and wsf website ? a proposal    9
different situations    9
Technical feasibility of blog integration    10
openfsm uses “openplans”,  a software project we are benefiting from    11
Two facets of wsf2009    11
core of wsf process is collective – is “activities”    12
social networks:  another frontier for wsf internet    12
facebook wsf data    12
A call  bt Gtsoftware livre ?    12
no décisions  in this meeting–    13
take time to practise a bit    13
connecting on internet and satellite  from belem    13
intercommunication  in wsf2009    14
cross breeding between GT software livre  and webteam group    14
tv forum    15
status on belem website  ?    15
asia    15
Belem chat tomorrow    15
media workgroup    15
making of the whole process    15
closing – chat comcom next wednesday 2nd 20 GMT    16

 [19:38:42] Noela said : i am not ready for the meeting
[20:24:36] Pierre said : the meeting starts at 21 GMT
[20:25:47] pacofocuspuller said : ciao
 [22:06:22] Cássia said : Boa noite / buenas noches
[22:07:06] Pierre said : boi noite
[22:08:54] pacofocuspuller said : ciao antonio
[22:09:49] pacofocuspuller said : dear Pierre a part us no one is here what we will do?
[22:10:56] Pierre said : we just talk what we want to talk and split ....under the present circumstances  this is a meeting space  not a real meeting
[22:11:23] *** Pierre a invité Jonas Danielsson à cette discussion
[22:11:40] Pierre said : (a visit from jonas from ESF2008 documentation team )
[22:11:55] pacofocuspuller said : yes but you now the Brasilian camerades announce this meeting....
[22:12:24] Pierre said : ??
[22:12:57] ritaciranda said : Hello friends, as I remember, the chat ComCom Ci and ComComBelém is tomorrow
[22:13:13] ritaciranda said : isn´t it?
[22:13:17] Pierre said : yes
[22:13:29] pacofocuspuller said : perfect ! Ciao Rita
[22:13:33] pacofocuspuller said : beijos
[22:13:46] pacofocuspuller said : Ciao Jonas
[22:13:55] Jonas Danielsson said : Ciao
 [22:16:01] Pierre said : oi everton ! welcome to comcom
 [22:16:10] Everton Rodrigues said : ola
[22:16:17] pacofocuspuller said : hola
[22:16:19] ritaciranda said : Olá Everton, como vai?
[22:16:31] Everton Rodrigues said : oi Rita
[22:16:34] Everton Rodrigues said : quanto tempo
[22:16:53] Everton Rodrigues said : tudo bem contigo?
[22:17:20] ritaciranda said : Tudo, e feliz por te ver neste chat
[22:17:38] Everton Rodrigues said : eu tb to contente por colaborar
 [22:17:47] Cássia said : Ola, Everton tb e de Brasil?
[22:18:18] Mayo said : Hola!
[22:18:27] Everton Rodrigues said : Ola tudo bem
[22:18:27] Jonas Danielsson said : Hi Mayo
[22:19:01] Mayo said : Hello Jonas, nice to chat with you!
[22:19:10] ritaciranda said : Existem dois chats, um para o portunhol outro para ingles, vamos seguir em qual idioma?
[22:19:20] pacofocuspuller said : Ciao bettina welcome
[22:19:42] Everton Rodrigues said : Eu prefiro portunhol
[22:19:44] Everton Rodrigues said : :)
[22:19:46] pacofocuspuller said : Ciao Bia
[22:19:59] Cássia said : Eu tambem, se possivel
[22:20:16] ritaciranda said : Bia, BEtina, quem está aí?
[22:21:05] b.lupa said : eccomi
[22:21:08] b.lupa said : ciao atodos
[22:21:32] ritaciranda said : And Mayo?
[22:21:45] pacofocuspuller said : Ciao Mayo
[22:21:55] b.lupa said : ciao rita
[22:22:01] ritaciranda said : Ciao Bettina and Mayo
[22:22:02] Mayo said : I understand Portugues but I can nor write in portugues (Yo entiendo portugues pero no lo escribo)
[22:22:48] b.lupa said : para mi es lo  mismo, ma escribo espitalian
[22:23:04] pacofocuspuller said : me too
[22:25:24] Mayo said : I think I can manage a max mix of English, Italiano, Castellano, Catalan, Portugues and French

two meetings in sao Paulo
[22:14:11] ritaciranda said : I had two meetings this week
[22:14:29] pacofocuspuller said : about?
[22:14:47] ritaciranda said : One of them with brazilian organizers of last WSF editions
[22:14:53] ritaciranda said : in SP
[22:15:27] ritaciranda said : Another is with the Rede Paulista pela Democratização da Comunicação
 [22:16:08] ritaciranda said : Our GT was point of both meetings

Noticias de Belem
[22:23:50] ritaciranda said : Aproveitando que Everton está aqui, queria saber se hoje está ou esteve rolando a reunião da comunicação em Belém
[22:24:43] *** Pierre a invité Marcos Urupá à cette discussion
[22:25:20] Everton Rodrigues said : rita, estive conversando com Kelem, mas ela não me comentou se houve a reunia. Sou de Brasília. Marcos Urupa que acabou de entrar pode nos informar melhor.
 [22:25:29] Pierre said : se suponhia que marcos urupa teria advertidopessoal do GT com de belem  do chat de hoje
[22:25:42] Pierre said : ele e connectado mais nao responde ....
[22:26:15] b.lupa said : ciao pierre
[22:26:20] ritaciranda said : Sim, mas nosso informe é que a reunião com Belém é amanhã
[22:26:20] Bia Barbosa said : oi pessoal, estou por aqui, mas com bastante trabalho...
[22:26:28] ritaciranda said : Oi Bia
focus of comcom meeting: staffing working groups
[22:28:07] Pierre said : people the comcom meeting main focus is to staff the working groups of comcom ... see
[22:39:40] Pierre said :  the comcom agenda  presetned  in abuja is here :  

[22:29:14] Pierre said : anyone interested to contribute ( assuming you have registered on the site ( create account  menu in home page )  and joined the space communication commission
 just select the “mailing list” link then select the mailing list you want to get in and  on the right  down (where it says : your inclusion status )  click on" include"
[22:31:41] Pierre said : gente, esse encountro no espaço chat comcom e tambem  para reclutar para os GTs da comcom  veja http://openfsm.net/projects/communication-commission/project-home
[22:32:00] b.lupa said : include you mean "join project?
[22:32:20] Pierre said : join project is to get in the comcom space ...
[22:32:31] Pierre said : what i mean is clicking on the mailing list button
[22:32:43] Pierre said : then selecting the mailing list of the group you are interested in
[22:33:30] Pierre said :  then clicking on " include" on the right inferior button  on the page -
[22:33:57] Pierre said : en espanhol : the button is where "estado de inclusion " is
[22:34:04] b.lupa said : mi osnot trovata comcom page su skype, non riesco a tornare indietro!
 [22:34:44] Pierre said : of course everything is simpler if you register in the site  ( home page  then create account )
[22:35:14] Everton Rodrigues said : ops

[22:34:07] Everton Rodrigues said : What is the time for end of the meeting?
 [22:35:40] Everton Rodrigues said : ¿Cuál es el calendario de final de la reunión
[22:36:43] Pierre said : pode ser daqui a um hora ?
[22:37:01] Everton Rodrigues said : puedo hasta las 19h
[22:37:19] Everton Rodrigues said : ?duración de 1h
[22:37:37] pacofocuspuller said : okey from which argument we can start ?
[22:38:17] Monica Di Sisto - FAIR said : Sorry friends, ciao daMonica da  Roma, Italy
contacts in USA
[22:38:45] Mayo said : I would like to make a short point request (It is on making contacts in the States for involving people on communication issues)
[22:38:48] pacofocuspuller said : la mitica Monica   ...ciaooo
[22:39:06] Mayo said : If it is possible to add to the agenda in some moment
[22:39:16] Mayo said : //
[22:47:40] Mayo said : I sympathise with the levels of priority on the mobilization; however the fact is that I am going to be travelling in the States the next six months and one of my goals is to strong bridges between USA and the Social Forums. So my request is: if there is someone who have any suggestion or contact on the State I would appreciate if you send it to me (lilaroja@gmx.net)so I can visit them and networking. Information materials to spread there from the Betlem Forum are also welcome. This is all my point//
[22:47:59] Everton Rodrigues said : pacofocuspuller: Sí puede
[22:48:17] pacofocuspuller said : Mayo Jason has many contacts
[22:52:52] ritaciranda said : Mayo, are you going to Illinois? when?
[23:12:26] Mayo said : Rita: California, Texas, Seatlle, Massachusset and NY

[23:14:10] ritaciranda said : Ok Mayo, thanks. I have your email adress for eventual contacts there

postar na lista dum grupo

 [22:40:10] ritaciranda said : Pierre, quero postar uma informação no GT de Midia Alternativa, como faço?
[22:41:13] Pierre said : rita - vc va la :
[22:41:15] Mayo said : I read the Abuja agenda and i think it is part of its goal to expand and to mobilse more people for the comcom working groups, no?
[22:41:34] ritaciranda said : Yes Mayo
[22:41:35] Pierre said : http://openfsm.net/projects/communication-commission/alternative-media-gt-wiki
[22:42:00] ritaciranda said : I am there,  Pierre
 [22:42:12] Pierre said : then you click on "edit"
[22:42:28] ritaciranda said : Ok, but I am asking about the mailing list
 [22:44:21] Pierre said : rita : http://openfsm.net/projects/communication-commission/lists
[22:45:12] Pierre said : then select the alternate media mailing list  and post new message  or reply to one .. and you can also post directly from hyour mail box to
[23:06:12] ritaciranda said : Pierre, I have posted to the mailing list and edited wiki page. It´s ok.

include oneself in a mailing list

[22:59:02] b.lupa said : pierre, i've tried to register foe ex webteam group, i'm not sure i did it right, it is not as simple as you say, it seems to me tehre is no include button!
[22:59:29] pacofocuspuller said : www.wsf2008, could have an upgrade and be the mobilization plattform for the international day of mobilization if should be organize during belem forum
[22:59:37] Pierre said : lupa : are you registered on the site  ?
[23:01:25] b.lupa said : if lupa is me, i believe i have registered the other day as in the mail you wrote tome?!
[23:01:30] pacofocuspuller said : thanks://
[23:02:23] b.lupa said : it gets a little confusing all these groups and sites and different registrations
[23:03:15] Pierre said : ( :) let me see...
[23:07:31] bettina said : pierre, and i have just replayed to the webteam group!

mobilization in belem

[22:42:11] pacofocuspuller said : Of course Mayo , but the fact now is how to restart the operation forward Belem
 [22:43:10] pacofocuspuller said : Involving as much it is possible the comrades from Belem first , all the Brasilian and us of course://
 [22:44:50] Everton Rodrigues said : También creó el GT de software libre que está vinculada a la GT comunicación
 [22:46:26] pacofocuspuller said : Perfecto Everton, I think that one of the first issue is how the different web site can be integrated
 [22:48:27] pacofocuspuller said : Perfect Everton
[22:49:08] pacofocuspuller said : I have some ideas about the integration but I'm not a technician ://
[22:49:52] ritaciranda said : What State, Mayo? USA?
[22:50:14] Pierre said : paco : o everton so diz : También creó el GT de software libre que está vinculada a la GT comunicación
[22:50:43] Everton Rodrigues said : paco: Bueno, tenemos que pensar en la política y luego pensar en la técnica
[22:51:11] pacofocuspuller said : yes Pierre but I cannot pass my time floating on 10 different GT now...sorry
[22:51:29] ritaciranda said : Everton, que tal um informe sobre a proposta de cobertura blogueira do FSM?
[22:51:31] pacofocuspuller said : Everton can you read Italian?://
[22:52:01] Everton Rodrigues said : Todas las exigencias de la tecnología debe ser repassadas a gt software livre
[22:52:39] pacofocuspuller said : OK
[22:52:42] Everton Rodrigues said : paco: mejor estar en español
[22:52:52] pacofocuspuller said : I will make a list://
 [22:53:14] Pierre said : paco everton ; regsiter in the webteam group !
everton :projeto de articular blogueiros
[22:55:24] Everton Rodrigues said : Creemos en la utilización de una herramienta llamada BlogBlogs (http://blogblogs.com.br/pages/view/sobre-o-blogblogs), que es un servicio gratuito para la indexación y búsqueda de blogs (fotologs, videologs, música, podcasts y cualquier otro contenido disponible a través de algún tipo de alimento)

De esta forma podríamos tener un lugar donde podemos tener fotos, textos, videos y audios que se publican en cualquier lugar con la etiqueta "FSM09" por ejemplo.
[22:56:17] pacofocuspuller said : Everton do yoi know www.wsf2008.net and wsftv.net?
[22:58:00] Everton Rodrigues said : Eso ya articular los bloggers antes de la FSM y, a continuación, levariamos un equipo para cubrir el evento
 [23:01:17] pacofocuspuller said : and for the video there is wsftv that it is working and we are making some job to open the database about the previous forum, let's see how joi all website toghether
 [23:04:09] ritaciranda said : Everton, quantas pessoas?
[23:06:06] Everton Rodrigues said : Rita, quantas pessoas para onde?
 [23:06:30] ritaciranda said : Everton, para a cobertura que vc menciona
[23:06:40] *** Jonas Danielsson a quitté la discussion
[23:06:41] ritaciranda said : atuando lá em Belém
[23:07:29] Everton Rodrigues said : Rita, temos contatos com muitas/os blogueiras/os do pais, e o número dependerá das condições para cada um/a ir
[23:08:37] ritaciranda said : Me refiro a esta info: Eso ya articular los bloggers antes de la FSM y, a continuación, levariamos un equipo para cubrir el evento
 [23:09:36] Everton Rodrigues said : Rita, é isso mesmo que estamos pensando
[23:10:06] Everton Rodrigues said : here is an example of livestream: http://blogblogs.com.br/livestream/name/ebp2008
[23:10:14] ritaciranda said : I think that in order to agregate we should to know the several initiatives under construction

we have many websites- Simplify !

[23:08:52] pacofocuspuller said : For me what we might do, if I can suggest , is to simplify .....simplify!!!! and dont do duplication of what already exist and hat can be develop and modify.
 [23:15:01] pacofocuspuller said : excuse me Pierre but is this not a tool of the international council and commission?
[23:15:19] Pierre said : which one paco?
 [23:19:38] pacofocuspuller said : Yes Pierre but we have already ww.wsfprocessnet www.wsf2208 that need a changement of the name and now openfsm. ???????
 [23:20:22] pacofocuspuller said : this is a negation of a simple and basic concept of communication. sorry. thye people where have to go?•÷÷
[23:21:23] bettina said : please explain the difference between wsfprocessnet and openfsm
[23:21:38] Pierre said : wsfprocess is the older version -
[23:21:45] Pierre said : openfsm is the new version -
[23:22:02] Pierre said : the goal is the same : allow people to prepare activities
[23:22:13] Pierre said : in a decentralized horizontal autonomous way
[23:22:32] bettina said : of the same concept? that means that one is to close?
[23:22:56] pacofocuspuller said : Are all the contact and document migrated from processnet, there are 1700 organizations tec ?
 [23:23:36] Pierre said : bettina : the idea is to keep it if possible  as a reference  because there is a lot of useful information  1700 org and 400O people there
[23:24:26] Pierre said :  as an example this data base was used bu the people in rome that have the story of other possible world project
[23:24:54] pacofocuspuller said : No problem Rita but all the database should move on opefsm and process should be close. Because we are making confusion in the people.
[23:25:22] bettina said : to many site/platforms "diluisce" i contatti, non credo che rafforza
[23:25:24] ritaciranda said : Ok, I agree with this
[23:25:43] bettina said : isn'nt there a way to bring the contact to the new version?
[23:26:32] bettina said : otherway people do not understand which tool/platform to use
 [23:26:50] bettina said : clarity comes from simpleness
[23:28:08] pacofocuspuller said : well Pierre when all the contact should migrate fro process to open
 [23:28:22] pacofocuspuller said : that is a priority I guess?://
[23:28:34] Pierre said : this discussion is good .. we expected to have it soon in comcom and in the webteam group :)
[23:29:04] ritaciranda said : ????? Pierre????
[23:29:20] Pierre said : rita ??
[23:29:23] pacofocuspuller said : ???
[23:29:27] ritaciranda said : We are talkiong about right  now
[23:29:40] Pierre said : yes that is what i am saying
[23:50:12] pacofocuspuller said : Thats very good Pierre , but now we don have to loose the heritage
[23:51:05] Pierre said : paco: if by heritage you mean wsfprocess and wsf2008.net  i  agree with you
[00:00:15] pacofocuspuller said : YES pierre but when and will organizing the migration from process net?
[00:00:32] pacofocuspuller said : who instead will sorry

where is the coordinative site?

[23:06:41] Juan Necochea (HIC) said : Hello everyone. I've been silently following your conversation. The blog's blog caught my attention: are we sure we want a secondary coordinative site? Is there not going to be the same type of site as last year?
 [23:09:18] Martina P.M. said : Martina here, from the Nova Terra team, presently in Damascus... de acuerdo con Juan, como website de coordinacion ya tenemos openfsm
 [23:10:25] Juan Necochea (HIC) said : I agree with Paco. We shouldn't duplicate if we can monitor things from a single centralized (open) website
[23:11:49] Everton Rodrigues said : Rita, Yes. it is essential know all initiatives
[23:12:00] Pierre said : people let us  see the whole picture

[23:12:01] Juan Necochea (HIC) said : Everton, I've revised the blog's blog website, but it's still an independent website and people's efforts would be divided between the official WSF and that one. My question is, can there be a replication within the current WSF website?
[23:12:25] Cássia said : Pero seria posible posible aplicar esa posibilidad de articulacion de blogs al largo del proceso de preparacion y posteriormente al Foro a traves del open fsm, por ejemplo?
[23:15:25] Everton Rodrigues said : I think we should rather maintain relation with BlogBlogs, and also links to the site of the WSF. It is important that people be present in existing spaces in the direction of more people.
[23:15:38] Everton Rodrigues said : Juan
[23:15:43] pacofocuspuller said : openfsm because wsf2008 is for create comunidare
[23:15:44] Everton Rodrigues said : :)
[23:16:15] pacofocuspuller said : godd Everton I agree with you://

 [23:18:28] Juan Necochea (HIC) said : It's true. We should cover as many cyber spaces as we possibly can. However, we should only incentivate participation within those spaces IF the WSF cannot cover the services provided within them.
For example, if we can create within the WSF website a space where Blogs can be Registered, then wouldn't the Blog's Blog be a duplicated -decentralized- effort that would draw attention from the main site?
[23:20:06] Pierre said : to follow on on juan : each "space" created in openfsm has its own blog - the blog of the community having its activity in that space

Activities and circulations- openfsm as a service

[23:13:15] Pierre said : gente: veamos el conjunto del processo fsm para poder evaluar los varios sitios
 [23:14:19] Pierre said : el sitio openfsm es  un sitio para facilitar creacion de communidades preparando actividades  dentro do proceso fsm
 [23:14:44] Pierre said : se articula com  os sitios eventos ( como belem amazonia 2009)
 [23:17:47] Pierre said : i am not excluding anything ...i am stating that the core of the wsf process is people getting togther from different organisaiton to dialogue and have outcomes from this dialogue - this is called "activity"
[23:18:18] Pierre said : so openfsm is adapted to supporting this "activity"
[23:19:05] Pierre said : then  an activty can be visible in an "event ' ( such as belem event )

[23:32:47] Pierre said : ijuan everton : to be concrete :  in openfsm people can develop the activity ( if they want )  they will finalize /present in belem  and many working groups  facilitating  wsf rpocess can be active

[23:38:45] Pierre said : openfsm is not a compulsory place to go to .. it is a "service" offered in wsf on line process for people /organisations to dialogue and make their activity  mutually visible    and making cross cuting communication easy
[23:38:52] bettina said : what mayo says seem quite right, it cold be something to check
[23:39:53] Juan Necochea (HIC) said : Pierre, but it is also the annual reference that the WSF has online. This is very important

Circulate info

[23:20:55] Mayo said : I think here there are two issues; I think it is important to build autonomous communication infrastructure (so to support networking platforms provided by the WSF and so on); then the other issue is that for mobilising new people is good to circulate and create spaces of reference in other external platforms.
[23:21:21] Pierre said : sure  mayo :  there can be many useful ways to circulate information produced in the" activities" -  information produced by individual or media people

Different usages
 [23:22:31] Mayo said : I agree with Paco that it is the need (very important) to integrate the communications channels, however we have to see that there are different communications needs and so we need different supports. Also to welcome people with different levels of familiarity on the use of Internet
 [23:22:38] Juan Necochea (HIC) said : I think Mayo is absolutely correct. We can aproveitar people's initiatives from the outside -Blogger for example- and reference them inside the WSF website, without asking them to update two different blogs (their own and the one that would be associated with the WSF event)
[23:22:40] Pierre said : without depending of technical people and  with capacity to have an  accountable indentity
[23:22:47] ritaciranda said : I think every platforms are welcome. And there one of them that we use to exha
 [23:23:00] ritaciranda said : exchange activities
[23:23:08] ritaciranda said : What the problem?
 [23:26:05] ritaciranda said : I just desagree with the possibility of limitate another external initiatives, like blog´s blog
[23:26:24] Everton Rodrigues said : Juan: I agree with your thinking. We must strengthen the spaces of the WSF and connect with those that already exist. We are discussing the proposals at this time, right?
 [23:26:48] Martina P.M. said : Can people explain what can NOT be done through openfsm.net as a coordination space, that you think  is fundamental? Of course then we can have a way to collect links to other blogs, but we should decide where we should direct people who want to start new blogs on WSF related activities, and in my opinion that's openfsm
 [23:27:32] ritaciranda said : I think of course is openfsm
[23:28:05] ritaciranda said : But in order to aggregate not to substitute another spaces
[23:28:07] Juan Necochea (HIC) said : I agree. Can we clarify what the limits of the WSF website?
 [23:28:16] ritaciranda said : external spaces

connecting blogs and wsf website ? a proposal

 [23:30:58] Juan Necochea (HIC) said : Ok, so there is a proposal to use a service (blog's blog) to account external blogs related to the WSF within the WSF. The question is whether that same service (to subscribe blogs within the WSF website) can be created within the WSF website, no?
[23:31:14] pacofocuspuller said : I'm living  for 10 minutes sorry see you soon
[23:31:18] Mayo said : I developed a research from the openesf.net (the european version). The type of use vary. 20% of the projects are used as collaborative spaces of working groups, then other 20% is used to "expose" information (like a window not to collaborate) and then other big group is creating links to other places (this type of use it is very useful because maps the ESF including its borders limits). For me this shows that the openesf.net is able to accomplies several communications styles -needs present at the ESF. That is that people adapt the openesf.net.
[23:32:43] Mayo said : I think it is good that are created hyperlinks to external spaces, but to map the hyperlinks in a common space in a platform provided by the SF
 [23:33:40] Pierre said : now regarding blogs ... there is a blog in each "activity space" in openfsm   -

different situations

[23:33:44] Everton Rodrigues said : Mayo: You're right. Many bloggers already have their spaces and spaces are already made. They will not abandon its space to create another site in fsm
[23:34:10] Juan Necochea (HIC) said : I agree
[23:34:23] Mayo said : In general terms Pierre, I think more than designing the type of use people will do of the openesf.net, we have to make sure the openesf or openwsf.net is flexible enough to adapt to the people initiatives using it. Even thing that there can be unexpected uses
[23:34:30] Juan Necochea (HIC) said : They will not duplicate the effort of maintaining both blogs.
[23:35:00] Pierre said : yes everton : people adapt openfsm to thier situation : some that are starting to cooperate can use it as a good horizontal space for cooperation between various organisations
[23:35:14] Mayo said : Yes, I agree with Joan and Everton
[23:35:47] Pierre said : some that are already structured networks will  use mainly  as a  presentation linking space to be visible  to the eyes of the other spaces in openfsm and lead to their own space
[23:35:51] bettina said : i think these bloggers should somehow link themselves on the opensite, because also the opensite bloggers etc are not willing to duplicate also,  the tools are to be >SIMPLE AND EASY for everyone

[23:37:08] Juan Necochea (HIC) said : But the question is, is the tool that will allow blogger to incorporate their blog into the WSF simple to create? I know they exist for facebook, but I am not an expert in this area.
[23:37:49] bettina said : if one allready uses xyblog, and want to connect with wsf, need to find a way , a link list or something, but not another site that keeps outsider bloggers net together linked to openwsf.... it is already a little confusing
[23:38:00] Mayo said : I sympathises with a combination of openwsf.net as a hyperlink map of the online spaces connected with the WSF goals and hosting more internal organization needs.
 [23:39:57] Mayo said : There is some people who has blogs and they will not abandon it (and this is not a bad think) for these people to create hyperlinks is a useful think. But then there is people at the WSF process that do not now what is a wiki for example and will learn to use it by creating one at the openwsf.net. For some the openwsf is a door to easy-technology and for others is a information node.

Technical feasibility of blog integration
[23:40:01] bettina said : the hiperlinkmap is not compatible with openwsf?
[23:40:45] Pierre said : (does anyone has a concrete view of an hyperlink map ?
[23:41:02] bettina said : i think that all the different communication levels are to be tooled on the same platform
[23:41:04] Mayo said : B.Lupa to me it is completely compatible
[23:41:40] Mayo said : It is what happen at the openesf.net, some projects are used to creaete hyperlinks and others to host directly the information

after the meeting elements on  blog integration
take a look at
which is the platform on which openfsm is built
one of the associated site is http://www.livablestreets.com/
and there there is a scheme to integrate blogs

[23:42:02] Juan Necochea (HIC) said : But I think we are talking about something more inclusive than a hyperlink, no? So that people can actually update their blogs and -as they update them- the WSF website will feed off that and show it within the site.
This is an amazing oportunity to draw new people since big bloggers could boast about their blog being a part of another world possible, thus drawing their following to the WSF.
[23:42:40] Pierre said : as mayo says openfsm is also a way of democratizing use of internet as a technopolitical mean to have  one line communication between people that are not so used to it  - allowing them to do new things in an more horizontal way and empowering them
[23:42:42] ritaciranda said : I should inform you that Ciranda had problems last coverages because its contents are not included in the official site
[23:43:14] Everton Rodrigues said : Juan: Tool easier to blog is the wordpress, and can be installed on any server
[23:43:29] ritaciranda said : We had to do it article by article
[23:43:33] Mayo said : Yes, I agree with Juan on going furward hyperlink in the connexion, however I think we have to check with Dimitri if the type of updating -connexion you are commeting is in the current version possible
[23:43:35] Juan Necochea (HIC) said : Everton: fantastic news! so the tool can be used and created
[23:44:08] pacofocuspuller said : I'm back sorry
[23:44:18] Pierre said : juan : the blog in openfsm in each "space " is a word press blog
 [23:44:54] Mayo said : For me wordpress is easy for users of inter-median level but not for users with low level of knowledge of technology.
 [23:45:27] Juan Necochea (HIC) said : Pierre, so people can substitute the openfsm blog with their own Wordpress blog?
[23:45:58] Pierre said :  juan  : they are not obliged to activate their openfsm blog .. up to them
[23:46:07] Juan Necochea (HIC) said : woudl it be possible to open that up to any type of blog (blogger included)?
[23:46:08] Mayo said : Juan I think you have to ask Dimitri on that
[23:46:18] Juan Necochea (HIC) said : Ok.
[23:46:20] Mayo said : I have the impression it would not be difficult to do it

[23:51:24] Juan Necochea (HIC) said : Therefore -as Rita mentioned- agregator tools can be quite essential to the WSF communication
[23:51:27] pacofocuspuller said : OF COURSE
[23:51:38] Everton Rodrigues said : I am talking to the developer of BlogBlogs to see how it can help us. The tool is already used BlogBlog and many bloggers already know
 [23:55:24] Mayo said : I am very happy that Juan and Everton are here. I think until know it has been priorise to accomplish the needs of low technological use-knowledge type of profile, however the Social Forums needs to create bridges with the explosion of online phenomenons! and so design the WSF tools to be able to adapt to the needs of experimented online users. (Apart, This is also a way to get more in contact with youth generations)   

openfsm uses “openplans”,  a software project we are benefiting from

[23:46:43] Pierre said : well i am not so sure .. because this is a software project
[23:47:21] Pierre said : the integration of the blog has been done in this software project . - so short term i don't think it can be changed ...
[23:47:53] Everton Rodrigues said : All: I think we should use tools that use tags, so we can search the network are content with tags. Thus seek content that relates to the wsf
[23:48:13] ritaciranda said : Hi Pierre, I agree it is important to include an agregetor tool in openfsm
[23:48:38] ritaciranda said : And make visible another initiatives
[23:49:15] bettina said : tags are fundamental i think!
[23:49:22] Pierre said : rita this is fine in principle  
 the reality is the following / the reason  we moved from wsprocess to openfsm is that there is a software project taking care of the platform
[23:49:42] Pierre said : we reuse this platform
[23:49:51] Pierre said : with minimum customisation
[23:50:01] Pierre said : that the good thing about free software !

Two facets of wsf2009

[23:44:53] Pierre said : again  let us be concrete : we are talking of wsf process in 2009
 [23:45:17] Pierre said :  in 2009 wsf process may have two facets
[00:01:38] Pierre said : paco one minute
one facet is   a centralized event in belem and  hte other facet is many  decentralized activities in the world ( assuming there is a call to a global participation day at the moment of belem )
 [00:02:09] Pierre said : i am not saying that all the traffic goes in and out of belem
[00:02:30] Pierre said : there might be hundreds of places where people will show that they are part of wsf process
[00:02:50] Pierre said :  and they will show using wsf2008.net ( the action site)
[00:03:41] Pierre said : but before showing they might want to "prepare" ;. and openfsm is better for that
[00:03:45] bettina said : wsf2008 should change name into global action day.net, so it is not associated with a date
[00:04:04] Pierre said : whatever the name bettina  i agree with a non date name
[00:04:06] pacofocuspuller said : and time
[00:04:43] Pierre said : the concept behind this  is intercommunication  - again it is a big democraitzation issue
[00:05:05] Pierre said : how to have some exchange with people remote tacking with same similar issues

core of wsf process is collective – is “activities”

[23:52:55] Pierre said :  keep in mind that the core of the wsf  process is a collective one .... the process is not just communication about wsf  ; it is dialogue in a  share space with a commonly agreed scope - i-e an "activity"
[23:53:18] Pierre said : then there can be an ocean of blogs and social networking  around the activities
[23:53:48] Pierre said :  but the "heart" are the "activities "
[23:54:07] Pierre said : that is where people understand what the process is
 [23:54:25] Juan Necochea (HIC) said : That is true.
[23:54:58] Juan Necochea (HIC) said : But I believe it's two different things: one is to promote, and the other is to coordinate/incorporate.
[23:55:20] Pierre said : so as comcom one of our task it to democratize the process .. make it accessible to people that cannot afford plane tickets to go to belem

social networks:  another frontier for wsf internet

[23:50:40] Juan Necochea (HIC) said : I think that there are many outstanding social networks as well that need to be incorporated into the WSF, particularly to draw new public: for example, in Brazil Orkut has had an amazing following, worldwide facebook is a phenomenon. My point is that this may be something that goes beyond Blogs.
 [23:51:15] Pierre said : juan : social networking  is very important

facebook wsf data

[23:33:22] Juan Necochea (HIC) said : (for interest): I'll add to that analisis with this: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=7139903705
[23:54:08] Juan Necochea (HIC) said : (Just for interest):
WSF in facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/World-Social-Forum/6184569230?ref=ts
WSF as a group in facebook: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=2224052261&ref=ts
groups open to potential...

A call  bt Gtsoftware livre ?

[23:56:02] Everton Rodrigues said : It would be very important at the same time define the tools that make a letter of call for the communication networks in Brazil, Latin America and the world. There are many projects and social networks in Brazil.
[23:57:26] pacofocuspuller said : yes also in asia
[23:57:33] pacofocuspuller said : and africa too
[23:57:53] Everton Rodrigues said : Wold
[23:57:56] Everton Rodrigues said : :)
[00:33:10] Bia Barbosa said : Rita, te ligo amanhã, ok?
[00:33:17] Everton Rodrigues said : Rita que bom te encontrar
[00:33:25] Bia Barbosa said : pra gente ver a questão das traduções que precisamos fazer
[00:33:38] Bia Barbosa said : e começar a pensar nessa proposta de chamado que o Everton sugeriu.
[00:33:46] ritaciranda said : Certo Bia, e tb sobre o For5um de TVs

no décisions  in this meeting–

[00:05:21] Juan Necochea (HIC) said : I feel a bit lost in what is possible to DO now... we're throwing ideas around and some good points are coming about.
I have to leave now, I will check in on any decisions first thing tomorrow.

 [00:12:37] Everton Rodrigues said : All: It now gt announced the launch letter of call for alternative communications networks in order to integrate new subject now?
 [00:13:28] Pierre said : everton - can you explain more ?
[00:16:57] Everton Rodrigues said :     
It would be important to inform people of the importance of communication in the wsf. As more people to sum gt
[00:17:54] Pierre said : sure
[00:18:40] Pierre said : we need to staff the GT communicatin of belem ( of whihc you are part as gt software livre  and we need to staff the various working groups  of ic comcom

take time to practise a bit
[23:58:52] Pierre said : i suggest that we take some time  practise concretely   openfsm  in relation to belem  ( for instance create space to prepare activities there )
at the same time we can explore ideas for promoting the wsf process  that will be visible in openfsm before belem , and not only for belem
[23:59:39] Pierre said : promoting means using blogs and social networks to get more people involved in wsf process
[23:59:44] Pierre said : using other tools
[00:00:10] Pierre said :  this is all very concrete  because in 2009  there will be two facets
 [00:00:41] Juan Necochea (HIC) said : It's a good idea, but not without coordinating the possibility of expanding the tools found within the WSFprocess

connecting on internet and satellite  from belem
[00:00:50] Everton Rodrigues said : Me too concerned about the ability to connect in Belem. In Africa was very bad. Hence, we must also concern ourselves with the ability to banda of large Internet at WSF in Belem. If you're not very large in Belem banda not you are welcome.
[00:01:43] pacofocuspuller said : we will hire a internet satellite everton
 [00:05:40] Everton Rodrigues said : Paco: The satelite will be available for people to use?
[00:06:30] pacofocuspuller said : If we hire and we ask the autorization to the Precidency I think there is no problem
[00:06:54] pacofocuspuller said : the satellite broad band has to supply people media etc
[00:07:01] Pierre said : OK juan

for the moment no decisions ..just  getting acquainted and starting team building !! ;)
[00:07:48] pacofocuspuller said : wait Pierre one sec because Everto touched the key Issue
[00:08:02] pacofocuspuller said : no connection , no intercom et cetc
[00:08:14] pacofocuspuller said : the infrastructure.....
[00:09:13] Pierre said : paco  : sure ... but again  let us see the broad picture
[00:09:48] Pierre said : even if belem is  constrained technically .. the playground of global participation day 2009 will be the whole world
[00:11:30] Pierre said : of course we will do our best to  make belem a good "hub"
[00:11:56] pacofocuspuller said : yes but without internet you do by mobile....... 8-) dont do the same mistake that was done in nairobi please
[00:12:26] Pierre said : but even if it is not a successful hub ...  other things will happen elsewhere

paco - don't say this to me!!
[00:13:09] Pierre said : one good point  - a university is liable to have a better internet  infrastructure than a stadium ;)
[00:18:40] pacofocuspuller said : Everton we have to built a project to be also indypendet for the broad band if you agree?
[00:23:22] Everton Rodrigues said : Paco: I agree that we need a large project to band. To do this we need to know the needs of the WSF??
[00:24:11] pacofocuspuller said : yes I spoke with Luiz arnaldo about that , and it is in agenda for the next meeting in Belem
[00:25:23] Everton Rodrigues said : Paco: I do not know Luiz Arnaldo
[00:26:58] pacofocuspuller said : Sorry he is the speaker or of Panamazonic forum and one of the coordinator of belem comitte
 [00:28:13] pacofocuspuller said : In Porto Alegre, the last panamazonic forum was in manaus. I was there and we sent videos by satellite and internet
[00:28:47] Everton Rodrigues said : luiz arnaldo of the coordinator of belem committee?
[00:29:04] pacofocuspuller said : sorry
[00:29:09] pacofocuspuller said : i'm tired
 [00:29:28] pacofocuspuller said : i24 pm here
[00:30:24] pacofocuspuller said : one of the coordinator of belem organizing committee of the world social forum
[00:30:33] pacofocuspuller said : sorry everton
[00:31:58] Everton Rodrigues said : Paco. No problem
[00:31:59] pacofocuspuller said : gtazie ciao piacere

intercommunication  in wsf2009
 openfsm and wsf2008+ can be tools  .. together with  video chats for fostering intercommunication in 2009  during action day 2008 there were about 50 intercommunications
[00:09:48] Pierre said : even if belem is  constrained technically .. the playground of global participation day 2009 will be the whole world

 [00:10:30] Pierre said : X activities in Y countries ... as in january 2008  although with a different name
[00:11:08] Pierre said : people seem to  like the idea of self empowerment ...  producing their share of wsfprocess locally

cross breeding between GT software livre  and webteam group

 [00:20:06] Pierre said : everton :and we need cross breeding between the two groups !
[00:20:49] Pierre said : that is what : http://openfsm.net/projects/fsm2009com/summary
[00:20:56] Pierre said : is about
[00:21:38] Everton Rodrigues said : Pierre: From which groups discourse?
[00:21:52] Pierre said : em portugues?
[00:22:46] Everton Rodrigues said : yes
[00:22:49] Everton Rodrigues said : :)

tv forum
[00:25:21] ritaciranda said : I am worried about the lac of resources to promote a TV Fórum inside next one.
 [00:26:49] Pierre said : rita   - same thing  for tv  there will be  a forum de tv gt as in 2005 in belem  AND there will be the video forum gt working group in comcom
[00:26:57] Pierre said : with different scopes
 [00:27:40] ritaciranda said : Yes, I know, Pierre
 [00:29:24] Pierre said : rita : (blush)

status on belem website  ?
[00:25:47] pacofocuspuller said : but is also important start to talk with who are making the belem wsbsite
[00:25:59] Pierre said : sure  -

[00:49:06] Monica Di Sisto - FAIR said : and we must study how to involve better our friends from asia, this is a peculiar problem

Belem chat tomorrow
[00:34:40] pacofocuspuller said : TOMORROW we have also the chat?
[00:35:03] Bia Barbosa said : tomorrow is the meeting of Belem GT, no?
[00:35:20] pacofocuspuller said : ????
[00:35:26] pacofocuspuller said : yes or not?
[00:35:42] Bia Barbosa said : Don´t you think it would be better to wait their decisions to come back here?
[00:35:51] Bia Barbosa said : I think it is tomorrow...
[00:36:01] Pierre said : well
[00:36:20] pacofocuspuller said : no I think that we have to start to talk also to know each others
[00:36:23] Pierre said : if belem people take some interest in exploring on line anticipated communciation we might have one on lin e
[00:36:48] Pierre said : so tomorrow is another window for them to come ...
[00:37:10] Pierre said : if they do not we can have an agenda about comcom issues
[00:37:54] Pierre said : it is not a meeting ... it is an "encounter possibility " :)
[00:38:04] Bia Barbosa said : ok
[00:38:08] pacofocuspuller said : ok
[00:38:35] Pierre said : same hour 17pm brasil 22pm western europe

media workgroup
[00:38:16] Monica Di Sisto - FAIR said : Friends I followed and I think I can be useful when we'll talk about media work
[00:38:19] pacofocuspuller said : lrt us know please

making of the whole process
 [00:38:37] Monica Di Sisto - FAIR said : but quite very interesting the making
 [00:38:49] Pierre said :  the making ?
[00:39:02] Monica Di Sisto - FAIR said : making of the whole process
[00:39:24] pacofocuspuller said : I agree with you monica
 [00:40:55] pacofocuspuller said : I was  at the FAO and I following the whole process and we can improve the job of the last january in all the sector
[00:41:43] Pierre said : please comment more paco

closing – chat comcom next wednesday 2nd 20 GMT

 [00:30:00] Pierre said : may be we can close for today and keep the log of this and make some minutes of the chat ....
[00:30:17] Pierre said : and find a next date - what about next wednesday same hour ?
 [00:31:29] Martina P.M. said : hugs to everyone, I'm into other chat meetings but I'm following, I think next wednesday I can be connected

[00:31:35] Everton Rodrigues said : I need to leave. I liked the conversation and we have much work. I am ready to cooperate. I am living in Brasilia and I can help in many things.
[00:31:47] Pierre said : (y)
 [00:32:27] Pierre said : so wednesday  agreed .... abraço a todos
[00:32:55] ritaciranda said : Querido, vou sair também. Acho que tivemos uma boa conversa hoje e uma grande contribuição do Everton
[00:33:00] Everton Rodrigues said : Um grande abraço a todas e todos.
[00:33:04] ritaciranda said : ]Queridos e queridas
 [00:33:47] pacofocuspuller said : sorry for tomorrow?

[00:33:55] Bia Barbosa said : Isso precisa ser coordenado com Belém, para não ter bateção de cabeças...
[00:34:07] ritaciranda said : sim, é sobre isso mesmo
[00:34:14] Bia Barbosa said : jóia!
[00:34:21] ritaciranda said : bjssss
[00:34:28] pacofocuspuller said : OIII
[00:34:28] Bia Barbosa said : bye everybody!
[00:40:42] bettina said : i propose a earlier time for next meetings
 [00:41:48] Monica Di Sisto - FAIR said : I agree with bettina, if it's possible
[00:42:07] Pierre said : bettina : next week i can earlier ( usually i have my son to care about )
[00:42:24] Pierre said : so we can start 16pm brasil and 21 w europe
[00:42:35] Monica Di Sisto - FAIR said : great pierre
[00:42:41] pacofocuspuller said : About what pierre?
[00:42:45] bettina said : that is about 18h europe?
[00:42:58] Pierre said : 21pm italy -
[00:43:17] bettina said : why so late, always in evening?
[00:43:25] Pierre said :  paco i take care of my son - then he goes to bed  - but next week he is away on holiday
[00:44:03] Pierre said : bettina : i have a full time job and a son to take care of between 19H -22pm (bow) and so has jason
[00:45:18] Monica Di Sisto - FAIR said : Me too I have a full time job, and a full time volunteer job (my cooperative) so 21 is perfect
[00:45:30] Pierre said : i :)
[00:46:24] bettina said : and my part time job number1 is often at evenings! ;(
[00:46:29] bettina said : pazienza
[00:46:48] Monica Di Sisto - FAIR said : ;(
[00:46:59] pacofocuspuller said : vale vale mi arrendo !!!!! 8-)
[00:47:08] Pierre said : then we have week ends :^)
[00:47:18] Monica Di Sisto - FAIR said : ???
[00:47:31] Monica Di Sisto - FAIR said : I don't understand the word
[00:47:45] bettina said : Saturdays morning 11am for example?
[00:48:11] Pierre said : not on a regular basis
[00:48:12] bettina said : whatever, as long as we arenot fixed to a fixed day and hour!
[00:48:23] Pierre said : that is the best solution
[00:49:02] Pierre said : now the summer comes ...
 [00:49:09] bettina said : so next is at 21pm on 2 july?
[00:49:29] bettina said : or ?
[00:49:31] Monica Di Sisto - FAIR said : summer... ehm... another word I don't know...
[00:49:44] Pierre said : bettina :yesss
[00:50:12] bettina said : ok then,
[00:50:23] bettina said : i leave now, go to sleep!!!
[00:50:32] Pierre said : (but i have a meeting outside at 20  so might be a little late)
[00:50:32] bettina said : goodbye to everyone
[00:50:45] Pierre said : (wave)
[00:50:46] Monica Di Sisto - FAIR said : (yawn)
[00:50:50] bettina said : and have good dreams!
[00:50:54] bettina said : ciao!
[00:51:01] Martina P.M. said : (*)
[00:51:02] Monica Di Sisto - FAIR said : (bow)