• memo 6th jan 2010

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Who attended:
Matyas Benyik, Hungary Social Forum
Marcos Urupà, Brasil
Antonio Pacor + Bettina Gozzano, Italia
Norma Ferdandez, Argentina
Claudia Diez de Medina - IPS, Italia
Ana Sugranyes, Chile
Rita Freire, Brasil
Pierre George, France

(following on the 8th)
Marcelo, Brasil
Mallory Knodel, USA
Jenny Tapia Hernandez, Mexico
Monica Di Sisto, Italia
Jean-Bernard Addor, Canada

What was discussed:

- Logo for 2010
How the decision was taken in the 2010 IC Working Group. Choice between the different styles.  Decision on which to suggest to adopt - urgent need for websites (Terraviva, wsftv, and others)

- Comcom members attending Porto Alegre forum
Rita Freire, Pia Matta, Jason Nardi, Salete Camba, Dan Baron for now.

- Agenda left behind from previous meetings:
1) Define specific activities detailing each part of the communication plan
2) Define the calendar of activities and timeline
3) Explicit who does what and what are the necessary resources
4) Program the online Comcom meetings for the next 3 months.

- Ciranda: El trabajo de Ciranda será el de intentar construir desde ahora una conexion com Africa para la cobertura e difusión del proceso. Ja tenemos um grupo para Porto Alegre, otro para Salvador, e otro para Santarén y Rio de Janeiro.

- Memory group: Norma says that the memory project and budget are there but there is no confirmed financing - need to think about alternative resource funding or will not advance.

- IPS has already started working on coverage of events preparing the TerraViva website

- Wsftv and video have made a call for the collection facilitation of video coverage and possible distribution on satellite when and if possible.  Need to share with other media projects (Amarc/forum de radios, Ciranda, Terra Viva and SF Expanded mainly)

- Social Forum Expanded: we will be starting with ecosol expandida  22-24 of January - the only event of the 35 who has until now concretely responded to the invitation. See here:

- General needs: a contact agenda, based on what Jason sent, and shared with the S.Paulo office, the LG and the members of the IC who are working on 2010. A meeting needs to be called summing up all these groups.

- Ciranda and wsftv to update and circulate contacts on the list for the January-February forums.  

- By mid-January need to send a proposal of the various communication activities to all organising committees, also asking to get onboard of the comcom for 2010.

- About method for meeting: need to work more on the mailing list(s), to have better defined topic (online meetings more to discuss what topic/priority to discuss in list, concrete forumulationa and timeframe).  Next topic: contacts with the people in charge of communication for all events in January and February.

- Next meetings: change to Tuesday, same time (8 pm GMT) - keep weekly meeting, update agenda of meetings on openfsm and memo

- Update from Mexico: We are going to have a national meeting with participation from various states at the end of January to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the FSM and to prepare the tematic social forum in May, when there will be many events in all the country.  The main ones will be in Mexico City.

Summing up decisions and tasks:

1) Logo 2010, option 4-1 of the final proposal is suggested to be adopted urgently and disseminated for websites as banners.  

2) Contact list of events to be udated and circulated periodically

3) A call on all communication activities suggested/facilitated by comcom to be sent to all organising committees, Ic members, etc. by January 15th

4) Discussion to be continued online for the general comcom agenda (detailing the plan, etc.) - priority now: contacts with the people in charge of communication for all events in January and February.

5) Next meeting Tuesday 12th, 8 GMT.