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Start 1

Dan : 2 points about culture. 2

Previous meeting follow up. 3

CET assembly declaration. 3

FCET A forum that speaks? – rather the declaration signees – on line space for this ?. 3

Cerveza y Openfsm.. 4

Agenda for today chat ?. 5

Documentation of issues on culture. 5

Agenda for today chat  : assembly collection  assessement  strategy meeting. 6

Listing issues we would like to progress on inside comcom.. 7

Date and space uncertainty in paris. 7

One week to dedicate 24 to 28th Tuesday- saturday?. 7

Replicate mexico experiment during IC?. 8

Comcom budget visibility ?. 8

Update on three points – assessment group – ongoing work – dates of paris. 9

Organize the discussion towards paris. 9

Listar las propuestas de cada informe – list the proposals contained in the report 9

Looking for contributions /support on comcom assessment 10

Close the chat ?. 11

Participation in assessment group. 11

Next chat ?. 12

Open points for next meeting. 12

Progressing on  point 1 – participation en assessment group. 12

Bye ! 13



[ 20:11:15] dan: Hi all, I'm online and available for the next 90 minutes, if the meeting is going forward.
[ 20:49:22] mallory: hi everyone, i will return in 45 minutes
[ 21:02:40] Pepe: Hi there I'm using my phone so might not be able to contribute too much today.
[ 21:02:40] Jason: Hi Dan and everybody! I'm here.
[ 21:03:35] dan: hi jason!i'm in sao paulo airport! on standby/in a meeting
[ 21:06:18] Jason: Dan - since you proposed by email to have a few points discussed, can you reformulate them now as we are waiting for the others?
[ 21:06:36] Pierre: hello
[ 21:06:58] dan: hi pierre, sure jason
[ 21:07:41] Pepe: Hi Pierre, Dan and Jason
[ 21:10:42] sonia-ros: hi all. Finally i've been able to cancell my appointments... so I hope to be useful...
[ 21:11:07] Pepe: Chau Sonia
[ 21:11:08] Pierre: salut cindy
[ 21:13:09] Jason: Ciao Sonia, Pierre and Pepe... anyone else here today?
[ 21:13:47] dan: hi sonya and pepe!
[ 21:22:35] Perla: jason aca estoy por algo de spanglish al menos
 [ 21:24:28] sonia-ros: hola perla
[ 21:24:39] dan: (ola perla!)
[ 21:26:20] Pepe: Hola Perla
[ 21:40:50] mallory: hola todos
[ 21:41:07] dan: hi mallory!
[ 21:41:21] sonia-ros: hola mallory
[ 21:41:54] Pepe: hi Mallory
[ 21:50:57] normafer: Amigos, hoy no puedo estar (los martes se me complica con la facultad), leeré después lo que debatan y avísenme de la próxima fecha.
[ 21:51:39] dan: (desculpe, Norma)
[ 21:52:18] Pepe: hola Norma (y gracias por email) y adios!
[ 21:53:20] dan: amigos e amigas, tenho que pegar meu voo em 5 minutos
friends, I have to catch a flight in 5 minutes
[ 21:53:23] thaís: holas!
[ 21:53:24] Jason: ciao Norma

[ 21:53:34] mallory: hola thais!
 [ 21:53:43] sonia-ros: hola norma y thais
 [ 21:54:10] Pepe: Chao Thais
[ 21:54:28] dan: hola thais
[ 21:54:29] thaís: chao pepe!
[ 21:54:13] *** thaís a invité ritafreiree ***
 [ 21:58:00] dan: sim! tchau amigos e amigas! boa conversa!
[ 21:58:13] dan: (sim, jason!)
[ 21:58:20] Pepe: chau Dan buen viaje!!
[ 21:58:29] mallory: bye dan
[ 21:58:35] dan: adios!
[ 21:58:38] sonia-ros: @dan. thanks a lot. have a good flight

[ 22:32:56] dan: now i have to board!
[ 22:33:11] thaís: até logo, dan!
[ 22:33:21] Jason: Ciao - buon volo!

Dan : 2 points about culture

[ 21:13:34] dan: essentially:

a) the methodology of communication, using diverse forms/formats to  develop a more participatory, transparent and dialogic political methodology which is appropriate to participatory democracy

b) the culture of communication, integrating the arts to develop a more creative, dynamic and motivating multi-dimensional political culture

[ 21:14:58] dan: both of these have internal and external implications (within the IC and between the WSF and civil society), and significant motivational impacts
[ 21:16:06] Jason: and... ?
[ 21:16:53] dan: i specified these implications in my email this morning. did that arrive?
[ 21:18:58] Jason: yes, but if you summarize for people who haven't had a chance to read through, it would be helpful.  Since from what I understand they are part of the discussion on the communication strategy

[ 21:20:45] dan: jason, i'm reopening my email to save time, i'm on a very slow internet in the airport

Previous meeting follow up

[ 21:15:20] Pepe: Also we need to agree on final point from previous meeting if I don't recall badly
[ 21:16:16] Pierre:
http://openfsm.net/projects/communication-commission/minutes-9-march11  pepe you can browse

[ 21:19:16] Pepe: Thanks Pierre om usin a phone instead of computer so can't really navigate from this conversation. I think we were discusing when should communications meet in reference to the IC in Paris. Whether we should meet one day before or after.
[ 21:19:31] Pierre: ah yes there were three options that could be combined, before  during and after  :)
[ 21:20:20] dan: true

CET assembly declaration

[ 21:22:36] dan: here is the summary:

please place the questions in the left hand margin of the Culture and Education for Transformation (CET) Declaration, and the consequent actions to establish a Commission of Culture inside the IC and the action to hold a FMCET 2012 as my contribution to today's agenda.
The FCET is therefore raising the transversal political question of Culture as Communication (internal and external) and Methodology, which should prompt reflection on what some see as the problematic internal relations between the IC (its commissions and decision-making processes) and the WSF facilitating/organising committee, and external relations between the biennial WSF editions and civil societies which exist outside the WSF process, and also on the relation between Petrobras/industrial national-continental complexes and the funding of 'Casa Brasil'/the IC Secretariat (and how this is communicated).

[ 21:23:09] dan: Se alguem pode traduzir, meu google e' bem lento!

FCET A forum that speaks? – rather the declaration signees – on line space for this ?

[ 21:23:13] Pierre: ( dan  what is the FCET ? )
[ 21:23:49] dan: forum for culture and education for transformation
[ 21:23:51] sonia-ros: @pierre. Culture and Education for Transformation (CET) Declaration,
[ 21:24:47] Pierre: @sonia .. i know what CET means , i am just wondering about the F
[ 21:25:00] dan: forum
[ 21:25:01] Pierre: it looks that Dan has  a forum that speaks  :)
[ 21:25:15] sonia-ros: Sorry Pierre, the Forum of... es el destiempo del chat , el delay
[ 21:25:27] sonia-ros: : ) sorry
[ 21:26:52] dan: i'm referring to the assembly document (which is based on several forums) and also the forum of CET (organizations listed in the declaraction) which is presently responding to Chicos analysis
[ 21:29:15] Pierre: (btw dan will you put the declaration in an online space .... )
[ 21:29:30] dan: desculpa perla, minha google translation esta muita lenta
[ 21:29:45] dan: rita has done that, pierre
[ 21:33:26] Pierre: @dan  i do not see recent movement in this space /
[ 21:33:42] Pierre:
[ 21:34:17] dan: nao, simplesmente nao tenho ou temos tempo para registrar tudo que esta acontecendo nesse espaco
[ 21:35:18] Pierre: @dan - think+

Cerveza y Openfsm

[ 21:36:12] sonia-ros: @ pierre. tengo muchas ganas de compartir una cerveza en algun lugar del mundo contigo y entender cosas sobre el openfsm ; )
[ 21:40:30] Pierre: @sonia  en la heladera hay  una cerveza virtual bien fresca ....siempre lista para agrementar o intercambio

[ 21:42:27] sonia-ros: @pierre. me encanta la idea de cerveza virtual

Many issues to be sorted in Dan statements

[ 21:26:53] Perla: hola quie decir por favor algo de castellano
[ 21:28:56] Jason: ok - I think there are many issues here, and I think we need to give an order to how and when to discuss them.  Some are about the whole IC and governance, some about the methodology of communication, some refer to questions that are in the declaration and need to be made explicit here. 

Suggestions on how to procede (as well as other points on the agenda today - about organising the discussion and preparation towards Paris meeting).
[ 21:30:03] Jason: [ok - Creo que hay muchos temas aquí, y que tenemos que dar una orden a la forma y al momento de hablar de ellos. Algunos se refieren a la IC conjunto y la gobernanza, algunos acerca de la metodología de comunicación, algunos se refieren a cuestiones que están en la declaración y es necesario explícitarlos aquí.

Sugerencias sobre cómo proceder (así como otros puntos del orden del día de hoy - sobre la organización de la discusión y la preparación hacia la reunión de París)?]
[ 21:31:18] Perla: jason no te preocupes yo voy traduciendo en google
[ 21:32:15] dan: jason, tenho uma dificuldade com google translate hoje, entao escreverei em portugues, ok
[ 21:32:37] sonia-ros: Perla, resumiendo, dan en su email de esta mañana a la lista comentaba como avanzar hacia una metodologia de comunicacion para construir una politica de dialogo aprticipativa más transparente y participativa y como construir una cultura de comunicacion más creativa integrande arte.Y las coorespondientes consecuencias internas (entre los miembros del CI) y las externas (FSM y sociedad civil)
[ 21:38:02] dan: estou no aeroporto em sao paulo pq acabei de voltar de 5 dias de congresso internacional sobre cultura e transformacao social (e uma reuniao da plataforma ponte latinoamericana) em argentina, com representantes de 9 paises, construindo uma campanha continental para criar uma politica publica de cultura viva comunitaria. pretendemos impulsionar a mesma campanha, lentamente, na africa. sao acoes na declaracao...
tudo isso esta relacionando cultura com a construcao e comunicacao de novas politicas publicas e culturas politicas
vou tentar compartilhar um relato nessa semana para ComCom

[ 21:44:21] Pepe: there are 2 proposed point:
a) the methodology of communication, using diverse forms/formats to  develop a more participatory, transparent and dialogic political methodology which is appropriate to participatory democracy

b) the culture of communication, integrating the arts to develop a more creative, dynamic and motivating multi-dimensional political culture

Agenda for today chat ?


 [ 21:34:22] sonia-ros: @jason. Siguiendo tu consejo de ordenar temas y priorizar. Crees (disculpa que te lo pida a ti) que podemos decir todos los temas a tratar en este chat.,Yo lo haria desordenado e incompleto ; )
[ 21:35:24] Perla: @sonia gracias
 [ 21:40:04] Pepe: Can we set the agenda for today? podemos decidir los puntos a tratar hoy?
[ 21:40:23] dan: sim, gracias pepe!
@todos - me parece que el tema CET es uno entre los que se pueden tocar hoy relativamente a  antes - durante - despues del CI
[ 21:42:44] sonia-ros: @todos. insisto en lo que le planteaba a jason, podemos resumir que debemos habalr hoy
[ 21:43:16] dan: i understood the item today as strategic discussion about communication, and my contribution (above) is the political interface between communication, culture and methodology
[ 21:43:56] Pierre: first we may review the follow ups of last time
[ 21:44:15] dan: ok


Documentation of issues on culture
[ 21:44:21] Pepe: there are 3 proposed point:
a) the methodology of communication, using diverse forms/formats to  develop a more participatory, transparent and dialogic political methodology which is appropriate to participatory democracy

b) the culture of communication, integrating the arts to develop a more creative, dynamic and motivating multi-dimensional political culture

c) a point left from previous meeting about when to meet in relation to Paris and the IC (before during or after) can we decide which one for today as I think 3 are too many
[ 21:45:07] Pepe: someone please translate with gooogle

[ 21:45:37] Jason: I don't have a particular order to propose, I just think there's a lot already on the plate and that chats are not that easy for discussions of this sort.  We're also very few today,

so I suggest that we try to formulate the questions and examples that can help this discussion take place, both inside the comcom and towards the IC.

So Dan, a more explicit set of concrete ways to address these issues would be really appreciated ;)
[ 21:50:56] dan: ok jason, i think i could take that as an action from this meeting, especially as these are substantial questions which will need time for discussion, inside ComCom and inside the IC, and we dont have that kind of time here.

Could we simply agree that this is an issue we want to dedicate time to, in paris? And can we decide whether ComCom will take a collective position before Paris to support the formation of a Commission of Culture within the IC?

[ 21:53:32] sonia-ros: @dan. I completely agree with dedicating time in Paris to discuss about this. About building another comission, I can't say anything useful, so i Think it will be more usefull to discuss how to make more "useful" the existing comu comision ones
[ 21:53:35] Pepe: @dan can we propose that for the next meeting agenda and move forward with previous unresolved points?
[ 21:53:47] dan: sure
 [ 21:54:14] dan: can we agree here that these are key issues for ComCom to address:and that we will dedicate time to a prepared discussion?
[ 21:55:34] Pepe: I think there are important and perhaps Paris will be the best setting to develop them in a more structured way in relation to culture com, I thake same point as Sonia, I can't really comment on a new one yet
[ 21:56:13] sonia-ros: @dan. Yes, I think we should keep them in mind for the next comu strategy we want to have for the upcoming paris meeting and also (I ssuggest to Jason) to keep this points in mind in order to highlight them in our evaluation summarize
[ 21:56:35] dan: gracias
[ 21:56:50] dan: tranquilo
[ 21:56:54] Pepe: @ sonia y+
[ 21:57:02] dan: vamos passar pra as questoes practicas
[ 21:57:24] Jason: ok - thanks Dan!  Don't lose your flight!

Agenda for today chat  : assembly collection  assessement  strategy meeting


 [ 21:45:37] Jason Besides this, we need to:
a) answer methodology commission about their proposal (and decide who participates on behalf of the comcom)
b) decide on how to move forward, while we discuss our long term strategy (eg. for the convergence assemblies dissemination)
c) decide about logistics in Paris (dates are not fixed yet)
[ 21:46:16] mallory: @pepe (C) es el mas importante
[ 21:46:54] Pepe: @ si yo creo que deberiamos de solucionarlo antes que los otros dos...

[ 21:46:54] Pierre: some follow ups  i recall are

1- advancement of collection of 38 assemblies  and sending by helio in the name of comcom of a message to 38 assembly contact and ic

2- jason and sonia to draft a sinthesis of comcom projects reports

3- also there is the methdology assessement group asking for participation of 2 (+? ) people from each commisison
[ 21:48:25] Pepe: @Pierre yes those are still to resolve too... and I tink with some priority ( at leats the point 3)
[ 21:50:03] Jason: n.1 and n.2 are decided but not yet done, but will advance this week.

Listing issues we would like to progress on inside comcom

[ 21:57:46] Pierre: if we list issues we would like to progress on 
1- before  among comcom
2- during with IC
3- after with interested ic members
[ 21:59:30] Pepe: @ Pierre which are the strong and weak points of each possibility? cuales son los puntos fuertes de cada una de las posibilidades?
[ 22:00:33] mallory: @pepe i think pierre means that we will need to address issues at all of those levels in some way
[ 22:00:55] sonia-ros: perdonad mi imprudencia/valentia/ignorancia.
¿es posible reunirse un dia antes con todas sus ventajas y un dia despues con todas sus ventajas? y darle un impulso maravilloso a todo lo necesario????
[ 22:01:28] Pepe: @ mallory I though they were exclusive, but of course it doesn't have to be right?is that possible to do?
[ 22:02:24] mallory: @sonia nosotros podemos hacer antes en linea, tal vez?@todos maybe we can do the meeting before online?
[ 22:04:02] sonia-ros: mallory. disculpa mi honestidad. pero en los ultimos 3 chats que he estado no me han parecido verdaderas reuniones de trabajo productivas. como si estuvieramos todos juntos en una sala con papel y lapiz u ordenador ; )
[ 22:04:13] Pepe: So if we do it online before what will be do during? try to influence the IC?
[ 22:04:27] mallory: but i think pierre's approach is better to decide, list the issues first
[ 22:04:32] thaís: @sonia pienso que es una buena idea un encuentro uno o dos días antes en paris para la preparación de la com com en el CI y uno después para organización
[ 22:04:49] Pierre: based on experience, in other ICs   i think that online pre iC meeting is not enough-  the last real meeting we had was in rabat in june 2009
[ 22:05:34] thaís: @pierre de acuerdo.
[ 22:05:48] Pepe: Perhaps we coud outline a basic agenda online and bring ideas to exchange and work on before the IC
[ 22:07:11] Pierre: on the other hand i agree that having a meeting "after" incorporating newcomers is also very valuable - depending the dynamics "during", and consolidate a 2011-12 agenda

Date and space uncertainty in paris

[ 22:08:27] Jason: There are two practical issues that are difficult to resolve now because information is not available (ie. decision has not been taken yet): the exact date of the IC meeting and the availability of the space for the meeting (of course we could self-organise the latter, but it would be better to have everything in the same place, so that it is not considered an external initiative and has the same "dignity" as the rest. 

In at least one of the meetings, I strongly think we should involve IC members from other commissions. 

One week to dedicate 24 to 28th Tuesday- saturday?

That said - does everyone have 1 week time to dedicate?  travel+1 day pre-meeting+3 days IC+1 day post meeting+travel ?   Helio and Raffaella told me that probably the IC would start on Wednesday the 25th of May.
[ 22:09:32] Pierre: so we are talking tuesday-W T F -saturday
[ 22:11:34] sonia-ros: @jason. I don't know. maybe you're right with the availability. It was just a suggestion, even I'm not IC member and I don't know (yet) if my small and poor organisation will be able to afford my travel to paris and I'm still waiting to know if does have any sense for you all to have me there :
[ 22:11:47] Pepe: I don't know where I got this from but I have written down from 23rd to 25th the IC meeting! Are those not the dates yet?
[ 22:13:39] Jason: Those were the dates which were sent out - but they are chainging them because that week there will be demonstrations and meetings in Paris before the G8 summit.
[ 22:14:03] Pepe: ok thanks!
[ 22:15:05] Pepe: @ Jason you are right but perhaps not everyone needs to be there all the time!
[ 22:15:10] sonia-ros: thanks jason. me pasaba lo mismo pepe
[ 22:15:22] Jason: Thais, do you have any news about this?
[ 22:16:39] thaís: del CI?  no.
[ 22:26:22] thaís: confirmé ahora con andré. la propuesta es que la reunión del ci sea del 25 al 27 miesmo. pero todavía no está cerrada la fecha.
 [ 22:17:46] Pepe: Actually perhpas is not that bad that the IC takes place during G8 protest....!

[ 22:19:29] Jason: so... in the best of worlds we would have a meeting before, meeting(s) during (I asked the some LG members if possible to replicate the Mexican IC experiment of having mixed-sessions between commissions), and a meeting after. 
On my side - I had planned to be in Paris from the 23rd to the 26th.  I have to be back on Saturday 28th.

Replicate mexico experiment during IC?

[ 22:19:29] Jason: (I asked the some LG members if possible to replicate the Mexican IC experiment of having mixed-sessions between commissions)

How many comcom people in Paris– as much as possible

[ 22:20:39] Pepe: I could be there as lectures are fininsh and could take time off work but not sure if I'll of help there (or whether I should be there at all) for the whole duration that is
[ 22:21:06] Perla: @jason tengo que preguntar a Pia si podrá asistir a la reunión de CI en Paris te confirmo
 [ 22:23:09] Jason: The answer to all of you saying if you would be useful there is... yes.  If we're just a few, it really makes no sense.  As for the problem of costs, that is an open issue.
[ 22:25:01] sonia-ros: @pepe. me pasa exactamente lo mismo que a ti.
Si puedo ser util, me lo pago y voy pero es dificil de valorar
[ 22:25:58] Pepe: @ sonia claro, pero yo aun estoy pagando al banco el credito que pedi para Dakar... no es facil
[ 22:30:04] dan: hi all, i'm about to board, but am following your discussion, and agree there should be a meeting before and after, if possible. if they change the dates to the 25-27, i wont be at the IC. i organised my diary around 23-25, thinking we would meet on the 22.
[ 22:33:06] Jason: I'm afraid you won't be the only one Dan -- and that makes it even more difficult, since you're issues are fundamental!

Comcom budget visibility ?

[ 22:24:24] Pierre: btw , jason - is there any visiblity regarding comcom budget 2011-12 which has been suspended in dakar IC, as other process budget items i understand?
[ 22:29:01] Jason: @Pierre - the 2011-2012 budget proposals have not been processes at all... after all the work done last year... and I think we will need to re-do them at the meeting in Paris, once we have a workplan following the revised/new strategy.  But it is not at all clear who and how will follow up the fund raising.

Update on three points – assessment group – ongoing work – dates of paris

 [ 22:31:16] sonia-ros: A todos. lo siento, pero necesito acabar con el skype. Recuperando lo que jason y otros planteaban para resolver.

1. responder a la comision de metodologia y ver quien participa de la comcom. (sea bueno o malo, los de siempre, debeis saber quien está preparado para estar.

2. como continuamos con nuestro trabajo mientras se decide la estrategia a largo plazo, especialmente para difundir la asamblea de convergencias y

 3. quizas podemos cerrar fechas de paris en el proximo skype pero reservando lo qeu ahora es probable.
[ 22:46:22] sonia: bueno, de los 3 puntos que jason recuperaba la principio del chat no hemos resuelto ninguno. estoy equivocada?

Organize the discussion towards paris

[ 22:35:19] sonia: @jason. Crees que tiene sentido cerrar fechas de la comcom sin q el IC meeting esté cerrado'
[ 22:38:18] Jason: No... pero sin duda necesitamos de poner los temas de discusion y el tiempo necessario para discutir. 
Y preparar antes lo mas posible con quien no puede ir a Paris.
[ 22:41:00] Jason: I'm quite busy in this period + lots of emergencies and meetings (Libia and the rest -- we are at war :(   as well as the campaigns/battles we have on public water, nuclear power, Berlusconi government...) as well as my "normal" work.  So if someone is willing to facilitate this discussion, I would be more than happy.
[ 22:41:27] Pepe: si y parte de esto se puede hacer a traves de la lista de email
[ 22:44:02] thaís: @jason. si, todos podremos ayudar. no lo comprendí ... blush+

[ 22:45:34] sonia: @pepe. no entiendo que quieres decir que se puede hacer en la lista de email?
[ 22:50:42] Pepe: @ sonia the developme of the strategy could be develloped not only during meeting on skype but through emails
[ 22:52:13] sonia: @pepe. sí entiendo pero quizás siendo honesta, no confio lo suficiente en la dinámica ; )


Listar las propuestas de cada informe – list the proposals contained in the report

[ 22:42:46] Perla: jason y si tomamos las prpuestas contenidas en cada informe , creo que ahi estan las pistas y las posibilidades reales de llevar adelante
[ 22:44:41] sonia: @perla. sí tienes razon de que ahi estan las pistas (es el trabajo que vamos a intentar tener preparado pronto con jason de resumir las evaluaci0nes) pero a partir de ahi noe s tan facil concretar y decidir cómo
[ 22:47:03] Perla: @sonia en cada informe tienen que venir propuestas de las cuales sus autores se hagan cargo para poder implementarlas , al menos eso hicimos nosotras en el inf del FORO SOCIAL DE RADIOS
[ 22:47:57] sonia: 2. como avanzamos mientras se construye/construimos una estrategia a largo plazo
[ 22:48:32] sonia: @perla. tienes razon, así deberia ser, supongo que aun desconozco ciertas dinamicas y las confundo

Looking for contributions /support on comcom assessment

[ 22:49:02] Jason: Does anyone else, for instance, want to help with finalising the work on comcom evaluation, which is useful in the sense Perla is saying?  I have committed, but really I can dedicate very little time.
For the methodology evaluation as well -- who volunteers for that group?  I can be a backup (since I proposed it -- actually I proposed questions for participants, while Chico and Gina's proposal is only for activity organisers).
[ 22:50:00] sonia: @jason. ¿te refieres a nuestra evaluacion?
[ 22:51:50] Pierre: @ if i can help in those two areas mentionned by jason  am ready to contribute
[ 22:54:13] sonia: @jason.
A lo mejor deberiamos marcar un deadline para la evaluacion que estamos haciendo? para ponerla en comun
[ 22:54:38] Pierre: @jason-sonia  esto entendimos  :)
[ 22:55:28] Jason: @sonia. 
yes - the earliest as possible.  by the end of the month would be great
[ 22:56:01] sonia: @pierre. tienes razon, nuestro deadline era el 20 de marzo. Jason? pero necesitaremos como minimo una semana más.
[ 22:56:10] sonia: @jason. ¿que opinas?
[ 22:56:44] sonia: @pierre. te debo una cerveza virtual por el retraso ; )
[ 22:58:41] Pierre: @sonia  - a la orden

[ 22:57:12] Jason: si - faltan 3 relatos (Terraviva, Babels, Tech local) pero necessitamos cerrar.
[ 22:59:03] thaís: creo que podemos elegir un grupo ahora para cerrar la avaluación, un grupo para hacer una propuesta del plán y decidirmos fechas para eso.

[ 23:27:37] Pepe: @sonia and if you need help with evaluation let me know too I could give a hand.

[ 23:34:30] sonia: @pepe. ok te dire si con jason necesitamos ayuda. gracias
[ 23:36:31] Pepe: @Sonia thanks

Longterm  strategy – meaning 2011-12 working plan?

@ todos hablando de estrategia a largo plazo, pienso que es realista dar se una agenda 2011-12 , revisando lo que paso en 2007-2008 y lo que paso en 2009-10
[ 22:52:21] Perla: @pierre no solo es realista es URGENTE
[ 22:53:20] Pepe: si pierre creo que es necesario pero evaluacion tiene que acabarse antes no?
[ 22:54:08] Pierre: @ perla la propuesta es basarse en la periodizacion 2011-12 con el calendario FSM - resulta mas concreto
[ 22:58:41] Pierre: @pepe  el conocimiento del pasado de la comcom puede tambien ayudar a pensar el futuro  concretamente ,y  no solo la evaluacion de 2011

38 assembly collection status – wsf office sending comcom message
[ 22:59:02] Jason: Thais, how many assembly declarations have been received?  Any hope to receive the rest?  I think we need a special newsletter for the declarations, since in the last one there was only a link.
[ 22:59:48] thaís: @jason. 13
[ 23:00:27] thaís: la oficina hará un llamado para las personas responsables pela organización de las asambleas.
[ 23:01:49] Jason: @thais - 13 out of... 38?  That's pretty low...  [by the way, I need to ask you to correct the title of the solidarity economy assembly, since the word "solidarity" is missing... ;) ]
[ 23:02:30] thaís: @jason. si.
 [ 23:01:55] Pierre: thais -  hay  una carta de comcom  lista  para mandar
la idea es mandar la a la lista de 38  y copia al CI  (donde hay mucha gente envolvida en las asembleas )
[ 23:05:07] thaís: creo que esta tarea puede ser de la oficina. la com com deve poner energía en otros temas.,andré y yo podemos hacer eso
[ 23:05:25] Pierre: @thais  - justamente  pueden ustedes, desde la oficina, mandarla .. a nombre de comcom - certo ?
[ 23:05:41] thaís: si, si.

Close the chat ?

[ 23:03:56] Pepe: @Thais can we talk off the list after this meeting?
[ 23:06:08] thaís: @pepe. ;)
[ 23:07:42] thaís: que horas vamos a cerrar este chat?
[ 23:07:47] Jason: y+

Participation in assessment group

[ 22:46:56] sonia: 1. quien de vosotros participa en la comision de metodologia representando a comunicacion
[ 22:49:45] thaís: todavía no sabemos cuántas personas de la com com pueden participar. podemos decidir que más tarde. estoy un poco confusa. no se puede dividir ahora quién puede hacer qué?
 [ 23:08:07] Pierre: entonces como hacemos para el grupo de evaluacion /metodolgia ?
[ 23:09:08] sonia: Yo ya he preguntados veces los 3 asuntos pendientes de este chat... ahora estoy compaginando con otra reunion
[ 23:09:42] Perla: nosotras no podemos tomar esa responsabilidad , lo siento
[ 23:09:52] Pierre: ... yo acompagne la comission metodologia en mexico y estoy listo a contribuir(cuando hubo el contacto- coomcom con otras comisisones ) en mayo pasado
[ 23:10:32] sonia: Desde Quepo no representamos a ninguna red, lo siento.
[ 23:12:14] Pepe: Lo siento me perdi un poco que paso?
[ 23:13:22] Pierre: @pepe estamos hablando de contribuir a un grupo de evaluacion de fsm2011  que pide dos personas de cada comisison
[ 23:13:57] sonia: @pepe. estan decidiendo quién de la comcom puede representarla en la comision de metodologia pero como tu y yo no somos miembros del CI.
[ 23:14:07] Pepe: algun voluntario?
[ 23:14:28] Pierre
<<< ... yo acompagne la comission metodologia en mexico y estoy listo a contribuir
[ 23:15:21] sonia: Yo creo (todos os lo imaginais) que van a acabr siendo jason y pierre. pierre ya se ofreció y jason (a aparte de toda la implicacion) está haciendo la evaluacion desde la com com.....
[ 23:15:22] Pepe: @ sonia pero debes de ser miembro del CI? o miembro de la Com com?
[ 23:15:34] Pierre: de la comcom por lo que entiendo
[ 23:16:06] Pepe: entonces, si es asi, sonia tu o yo tambien podemos no?
[ 23:16:08] sonia: @pierre y jason. ¿Es correcto decir que la unica comision abierta a miembros no pertenecientes al Ci es la de comunicacion?
[ 23:17:11] Pierre: no creo ... la comisisones fueron creadas justamente para compensar el hecho que el CI era cerrado
[ 23:17:37] sonia: @pierre. ok.
[ 23:18:09] Pierre: esto fue en miami 2003
[ 23:16:11] Jason: [disculpe, necesito de ir - anything you decide is fine for me.]

Next chat ?

 [ 23:16:41] sonia: yo tambien necesito dejarlo. next skype meeting?
[ 23:16:52] thaís: yo tambíen.
[ 23:18:14] Pepe: 6th of april? same time?  can we then talk about next meeting date?
[ 23:29:52] Pepe: 6th of april? same time?
[ 23:30:09] Pierre: es un miercoles...
[ 23:30:32] thaís: podemos terminar los puntos 2 y 3 en el próximo chat, es eso?
[ 23:30:43] thaís: de acuedo 6 abril
[ 23:31:3
3] Pierre: yo no tengo problemas pero creo que jason si por esto propuso los martes
[ 23:32:09] Pepe: creo que Jason solo tuvo problemas este miercoles

Open points for next meeting
[ 23:18:31] sonia: Temas pendientes para el siguiente chat:



[ 23:19:07] sonia: 6TH APRIL SAME TIME WOULD BE OK FOR ME.

 Progressing on  point 1 – participation en assessment group

[ 23:19:13] Jason: 1 -  1. MIEMBROS COMCOM PARA LA METODOLOGY COM.  is decided, no?
[ 23:19:26] sonia: SORRY JASON, WHO?
[ 23:20:01] sonia: pierre as selfsuggestin and who else... you?
[ 23:21:47] Pepe: @sonia since by then the evaluation will be done perhaps we should include a reference to that too
[ 23:23:27] Jason: Best would be if someone more than Pierre and me (the usual suspect).  Since few were at this meeting, let's leave it open in the list for additional member (if 3 is not accepted, I'll step out gladly).
[ 23:23:38] Pierre: @ por otra parte .no seria  un gran problema si hay tres personas ... la communicacion es importante para el proceso fsm
[ 23:24:39] Pepe: @pierre la comunicacion es central!!
that should be our point withouth communication there's no WSF...but we can develop that in the following meetings
[ 23:25:11] Pierre: @pepe we have physically lived this experience in 2008 during global day of action, when there was no center event and  appeared 800 points on the word map in the last three weeks before  the agreed date
[ 23:25:09] sonia: Creeis que puede ser de alguna ayuda mi participacion ya que soy muy nueva como miembro en estas dinamicas???
Si es así, puedo ayudar como persona que estará con Jason haciendo la evaluacion?
 [ 23:27:37] Pepe: @sonia that makes sense 

[ 23:31:56] thaís: el punto 1: pierre y jason van a participar de la comission de metodología, es eso?
[ 23:32:19] Pepe: thais yes
[ 23:32:48] Pierre: ...participar del grupo de evaluacion organisado desde la comisison de metodologia
[ 23:32:56] thaís: ok
[ 23:33:36] Pierre: con alguien mas  entiendo
[ 23:33:56] thaís: ok

[ 23:34:50] Pepe: Creo que Sonia fue el otro nombre barajado, pero por ahora si podemos mandar dos nombres. despues si es necesario se cambian o jason steps out as he sugested
[ 23:36:11] thaís: tengo que ir

[ 23:38:04] sonia: @todos/todas. gracias por vuestro trabajo. confirmamos por la lista que el proximo skype es el 6 de abril a las 21horas, que las personas para la comision demetodologia son pierre y jason

Revising translations for comcom message to be sent

[ 23:36:52] Pierre: thais - para el mensaje comcom - merecen una revisada las traducciones ;)
[ 23:37:16] thaís: @pierre. ok
 [ 23:39:01] sonia: @pierre and thais. ¿qué traducciones necesitais para el mensaje de la comcom? ¿puedo ayudaros?
[ 23:39:31] Pierre: @sonia  solo una revisadita

[ 23:39:44] Pepe: Same hereif you need help with translations and Babels is not provinding it then count on me
[ 23:40:12] thaís: @sonia. no te preocupes. andré, de la oficina, puede hacerlas.
[ 23:40:41] sonia: @pierre. las miro para español.
[ 23:41:01] sonia: @thais, te la envio con una revision de español
[ 23:41:16] thaís: @sonia. puede ser. gracias.
 [ 23:41:15] Pierre: @sonia - puedes editarlas directamente ahi donde estan
[ 23:41:48] sonia: @pierre. eso forma parte de la convesacion pendiente del openfsm. voy a intentarlo sino te pido ayuda.


Bye !

[ 23:37:36] Pepe: ok bye group
[ 23:37:58] thaís: tchau! tchau!
[ 23:36:44] Pepe: @todos 6th of April at 21:00
[ 23:38:21] thaís: @sonia. gracias! :*
[ 23:39:24] sonia: @thais. besos bonita para ti.
[ 23:41:58] Pepe: ok need to go bye!! Buenas noches
[ 23:41:59] Pierre: :) @tod@s tchau
[ 23:42:35] sonia: bye all. besos a todos/todas
[ 23:53:59] mallory: i am sorry everyone that i missed the meeting due to a connection problem
[ 23:54:23] mallory: about the venue of our meetings tuseday/saturday in paris, it is possible maybe to meet at christophe's venue - as we did one year ago for the tech meeting