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Start. 2

A -follow up of last chat – 4 assessments com project reports available. 3

Coming soon : Babels, wsftv, dakar tech group reports. 3

tech report – what group is it ¿. 4

B-moving to point 2 – participant evaluation – 5 questions. 4

comments on question 2. 5

deadline for common comcom report drawn from Project reports. 6

comment on question 6. 7

suggestion on question 5. 7

C-convergence assemblies- 10 out of 38 in wsf2011 website. 8

the declarations video – what to do with it ¿ is it complete. 9

How to help sao Paulo office?. 9

assemblies shoud be sending their material 10

reviewing proposal inviting assemblies to create online spaces. 10

agregar un mensaje de comcom pidiendo los 38 textos. 10

who sends the message to 38 + IC ¿. 11

draft and send a message on comcom list. 12

who sends the message( 2) ¿. 12

jason and Pierre to draft and send the message ?. 13

D- communication strategy discussion  in may meeting 22 beforeIC 25during IC  26 after IC ?. 13

a full day  in IC agenda 25 or after IC 26?. 13

Dan statement about communication –political culture - methodology. 14

Two different needs before and during IC in may. 14

one day after but included in IC agenda?. 15

Need for intercommission work. 15

skype before  then after ?. 15

before and after ?. 15

it was agreed before IC in Dakar meeting ?. 16

next meeting date 21 22 23march ? confirm on list. 16

log of today chat. 17

ciao!. 17



 [10:49:22] *** Jason a modifié le thème en "WSF COM COM - Online meeting: march 09 @  21 CET" ***

[18:59:13] Hilde: Hello/hola everyone, I can't make the chat tonight but wish you a productive meeting, will catch up later
[21:00:59] Pepe : Hi Hola
[21:03:04] Jason: Hola / hello everyone!
[21:04:43] Tidiane: Bonsoir
[21:04:53] Mallory: hola
[21:05:11] Jason: Bonsoir Tidiane!  Pepe! Mallory! (and Hilde, briefly!)
[21:05:43] Perla: ya estoy en esta ventana hola a todo el mundo
[21:06:41] Sonia: hola a todos
[21:08:37] Jason: Anyone else? 
Shall we start the meeting?  We can recap from the last one and confirm our agenda for today
[21:08:51] Tidiane: ok
[21:08:55] Pepe : ok
[21:09:37] Perla: bien
[21:10:23] Jason: Is it ok if I continue in English -- està bien si continuo en Ingles?
[21:10:45] Perla: algo de castellano por fa
[21:11:01] Pierre: o+
[21:11:11] Jason: ok
[21:13:05] Dan: Hi everyone, oi todos!

[21:47:09] Norma: Hola a todos, disculpen la tardanza
 [21:47:28] Sonia: hola norma
[21:48:05] Pepe : hola norma
[21:48:19] Dan: hola norma
[21:48:27] Tidiane: y+


[21:13:19] Pierre: find last meeting log here  - http://openfsm.net/projects/communication-commission/weekly-chats
[21:13:29] Jason: 1. Evaluation comcom, confirmed 1st of march deadline.  Reports to the mailing list.
(evaluation de la comcom - fecha de report el 1/3)
2. Evaluation participatns, proposal to methodology commission.  We discuss questions in mailing list. Also deadline 1st of march
(Evaluation partecipantes - proposta para la com. metodologia.  Discusion en lista sobre las preguntas a poner.  Fecha: 1/3)

Agenda: 1. conv. assemblies and 2. strategy/may meeting
[21:13:53] Dan: How are you all? I am on standby, available.
Thanks Pierre
[21:14:59] Tidiane: y+   Can I speak ?
[21:15:13] Jason: (Hi Sonia, Pierre, Dan -- is Mallory who proposed the agenda for today also here?)
Yes Tidiane, go ahead.
[21:15:20] Mallory: yes
[21:15:54] Tidiane: I did not do the second poinf of the agenda
[21:16:00] Dan: hi Mallory! couldn't get back to you yet...
[21:16:11] Tidiane: Did yu circulate something ?
[21:16:47] Mallory:  i think the agenda should be on 1. assemblies and 2. strategy/may meeting.
[21:17:32] Mallory: creo que la agenda: 1. asambleas y 2. estrategia / reunión de mayo.
[21:18:23] Jason: Yes Mallory, but we need to see where we are with the previous activities, just a few minutes to agree on how to stimulate / go ahead with those.
[Sí Mallory, pero tenemos que ver dónde estamos con las actividades anteriores, a sólo unos minutos para ponerse de acuerdo sobre cómo estimular / seguir adelante con ellos.]
[21:18:25] Pepe : @ Mallory yes  -si
[21:19:21] Mallory: ok everyone, i was only replying to the proposal i made last time. it's okay to have everything else, too
[21:20:23] Sonia: Yes Mallory I think is important to have a look on previous "homework" (sorry for my english for the rest of the chat)
[21:20:31] Sonia: Perla voy a intentar traducirte lo q pueda
[21:20:54] Mallory: todo bien, yo estoy respondiendo a la propuesta de ultima reunion

follow up of last chat – 4 assessments com project reports available

[21:21:00] Sonia: Jason is right to say that we have 4 evaluations on com?
[21:21:17] Jason: So as of now we have eval reports from (pls correct if missing):
- Ciranda
- Dakar comcom
- Radio
- Caravanes
- Dakar Extended (Daket)
[21:21:21] Sonia: Jason es correcto decir que ya tenemos 4 evaluaciones de la comcom
[21:21:54] Sonia: I think you're right jason
[21:22:13] Sonia: Creo q es correcto jason, tenemos 5 evaluaciones , olvide una
[21:22:26] Sonia: Perla, necesitas esta traduccion?

Coming soon : Babels, wsftv, dakar tech group reports

[21:22:50] Jason: Babels should be coming soon, international press as well (we're almost done) and wsftv (Antonio is not here).  Anyone else?
[21:23:05] Pepe : 5? cual es la quinta/ which one is the 5th?
[21:23:09] Dan: Our declaration for Assembly for Culture and Education for Transformation will be set tonight.
The final elements are being ntegrated and approved.

Nuestra declaración de la Asamblea para la Cultura y la Educación para la Transformación se establecerá esta noche.
Los últimos elementos se han integrado y aprobado.
[21:24:01] Jason: @Dan - great, but we're talking about the evaluation reports.  We'll be addressing assemblies shortly.
[21:24:04] Paco: ola
[21:24:07] Paco: ciao
[21:24:11] Dan: Ok
[21:24:34] Perla: no esta bien
[21:24:36] Paco: I'm still in a meeting but I will arrive soon
[21:24:40] Mallory: yo tengo el reporte de tech, pero se esta revisando
[21:24:43] Mallory: i have the tech report but it is being revised
[21:25:07] Jason: Ciao Antonio!  We're counting the eval reports... are you ready with the one for wsftv?
[21:25:28] Paco: not yet
[21:25:51] Tidiane: Am back in 5 minutes
[21:26:22] Dan: Our evaluation report will take a little more time
[21:27:02] Dan: Nuestro informe de evaluación tendrá un poco más de tiempo
[21:27:23] Jason: ok - so those should be all (right?).  I we could have them by the end of the week (Sunday) it would be great, so Sonia and I can start assembling them.
[21:27:59] Jason: bueno - por lo que los debería ser todo (justo?). Si podríamos tenerlos al finale de la semana (domingo)  sería genial, así que Sonia y yo podemos comenzar a ensamblar los
[21:28:34] Paco: yes jason
[21:28:34] Dan: but we have integrated some evaluation into the declaration document which will arrive tonight

pero tenemos algún tipo de evaluación integrada en el documento de declaración, que llegará esta noche
[21:28:55] Jason: Ah - Abdullah said he would send the one for Terraviva.

tech report – what group is it ¿

[21:29:23] Mallory: bueno, esta noche para el report de tech // ok, tonight for the tech report
[21:30:02] Pierre: please Mallory could you qualify what is this tech report ?
[21:32:20] Mallory: @pierre maybe you and i can discuss off of the main chat since they are moving to point 2
[21:33:57] Pierre: (@ Mallory and all  - i am not aware that a  "com com tech group" has operated in dakar ... and welcome more info  on what is this group)

moving to point 2 – participant evaluation – 5 questions

 [21:29:45] Jason: Can we go to the second point quickly?
Podemos ir al secundo punto rapidamente?
[21:29:45] Tidiane: back
[21:29:57] Dan: yes/sim
[21:30:07] Mallory: y+
[21:30:34] Tidiane: y+
[21:30:56] Monica Di Sisto - FAIR: Hi all! Following your discussion :)
[21:31:03] Sonia: y+
[21:31:48] Sonia: @pepe.
Aún necesitas qué te expliquecuá es el 5º report que ha llegado?
[21:31:59] Pepe : si gracias
[21:32:10] Pepe : no lo je visto
[21:32:40] Paco: ciao pepe e iao a tutte e tutti

[21:33:17] Jason: From the email I sent on Feb 26:

As far as the proposal for evaluation by participants, here is the initial set of questions - open for discussion:

1. Have you been to previous WSFs?  Which ones?
2. Where you alone or with a delegation? From which country?
3. What is your evaluation? [What went well, what didn't work]
4. What do you recommend for the next WSF? [What are the needs that need to be addressed]
5. After 10 years of the WSF, how do you see it's future?

There was also a suggestion to add a question about communication (something like: what could improve the communication of the WSF?).
[21:33:46] Pepe : ciao Paco
[21:34:24] Jason: Desde el correo electrónico que envió el 26 de febrero:

En cuanto a la propuesta de evaluación por los participantes, esta es la primera serie de preguntas - abierta a la discusión:

1. Ha estado en FSM anteriores? ¿Cuáles?
2. En caso de que viaje solo o con una delegación? ¿De qué país?
3. ¿Cuál es su evaluación? [¿Qué ha ido bien, lo que no funcionó]
4. ¿Qué recomienda usted para el próximo FSM? [¿Cuáles son las necesidades que deben ser abordados]
5. Después de 10 años de la FSM, ¿cómo lo ves el futuro?

Había también una propuesta de añadir una pregunta acerca de la comunicación (algo así como: lo que podría mejorar la comunicación del FSM?).
[21:35:25] Jason: I don't want to discuss these now (we have other 2 points in agenda), but are people ok with these basic questions and can we send them to the methodology commission to start working so that maybe they will be sent out in a few weeks?

comments on question 2

[21:35:28] Tidiane: I remember. What is the new deadline for this evaluation  ?
[21:36:19] Dan: fine/tranquilo
[21:36:27] Perla Wilson: La pregunta sobre comunicaciones debería ser cerrada
[21:36:32] Pepe : @Jason point 2 should say problems, results, evaluation
punto 2 deberia de decir problemas, resultados y evaluacion no?
[21:37:05] Perla Wilson: Indique 3 o 5 estrategias para mejorar la comunicación del FSM
[21:37:36] Pepe : @ perla me parece bien
[21:38:35] Sonia: De acuerdo con Perla, cuando la propuse pensé en algo como: ¿Qué crees que puede mejorar de la comunicación del Foro? pero tambien ¿Ha sido al web util para ti? ¿qué le falta?
[21:38:59] Pepe : alguna sugerencia sobre como mejorar la comunicacion del WSF?
any suggestion about how to better the WSF commnuincation?
[21:40:02] Sonia: @pepe, quizás es muy genérica, no lo sé
[21:40:06] Jason: I would keep the questions open and not too detailed (website, etc.).  Indicating a number of suggestions (3 or 5... better 3) is concrete enough.
[21:40:30] Sonia: @pepe, maybe it's too general to have a specific answer and useful for the comcom!
[21:40:32] Perla Wilson: si es mejor sin detalles
[21:40:57] Sonia: @perla and jason. ok, I agree then
[21:41:06] Pepe : si, sin detalles creo que funcionara mejor permitiendo libre expresion de ideas
[21:41:10] Sonia: de acuerdo entonces, con la propuesta de perla
[21:42:11] Jason: y+

deadline for common comcom report drawn from Project reports

[21:42:31] Sonia: Antes de ir a los siguientes puntos (asamblea y estrategia)... ¿marcamos deadline para evaluacion conjunta que debemos preparar con jason?
[21:43:09] Sonia: Should we decide a deadline for evaluation doc before go ahead with the next 2 points (assemblies and strategy for next meet)
[21:44:05] Tidiane: yes
[21:44:35] Jason: I think we can make it in 1 week if we have everything by Sunday (so by the 20/3)
[21:44:46] Jason: Creo que podemos hacerlo en una semana si tenemos todo el proximo domingo (para el 20 / 3)
[21:45:04] Jason: Sonia?
[21:45:56] Sonia: Ok with the deadline, next step would be to have it available on the site or is just a internal working document for the next meeting?
[21:46:58] Jason: This is an internal document to be sent to the IC... after circulating it again for consensus.
[21:47:16] Sonia: thanks jason
[21:48:43] Jason: (hola norma!)
For the questions to participants, is it ok if we send them on Friday to the methodology commission?
[21:49:04] Tidiane: Do we still answer the 5 question ?
[21:49:05] Jason: Para las preguntas para los participantes, ¿está bien si se lo enviamos el viernes a la comisión de metodología?
[21:49:29] Sonia: It is for me, Do you need any help with the spanush trans? I could do it
[21:49:36] Dan: Fine/tranquilo

comment on question 6

[21:49:39] Sonia: @tidiane we have six
[21:50:16] Tidiane: I have 5. Can you send the six questions ?
 [21:51:17] Sonia: The sixth is the one we have discussed about comunication. As far as I know the last porposal was "Can you purpose 3 or 5 startegies to improve wsf communication?
[21:51:32] Tidiane: Merci
[21:51:44] Pepe : @ tidiane the 6th is regarding suggestions
[21:51:45] Jason: correct - yes, better translation in Spanish is needed... and in French as well...
[21:52:56] Sonia: ok, when is the spanish version needed? for friday is ok?
[21:53:11] Jason: y

suggestion on question 5

[21:54:10] Pierre: i would suggest to reword the last question
 Después de 10 años de la FSM, ¿cómo lo ves su futureo   Y TU PARTICIPATION EN EL?

[21:54:44] Pierre: question 5  after 10 years of wsf how do you see its future and your partiocipation in it
[21:55:19] Perla Wilson: @pierre yo cerraría las preguntas , por ejemplo nombra 3 retos futuros del FSM
[21:55:46] Sonia: @pierre no comprendo qué propones?
[21:55:52] Perla Wilson: o nombra tres compromisos de tu organizacion con el FSM
[21:56:19] Pierre: @sonia  agegar  al final " y como ves tu participacion en el proceso del fsm?"
[21:56:33] Pierre: no solo com ves el futuro del fsm
[21:56:37] Sonia: ok pierre, gracias, disculpa
[21:56:56] Sonia: @perla. Disculpa estamos volviendo a las preguntas ya aprobadas
[21:57:11] Pepe : @ pierre no estoy seguro esto es lo mejor, si acaso deberia de preguntar por goles futuros y comoe acercarse/incorporar a otros grupos pero no a nivel personal
[21:57:13] Sonia: @sorry perla, we're going back to the questions already aproved?
[21:57:28] Perla Wilson: @sonia esta bien disculpa
[22:00:01] Pepe : @ pierre better to ask for future goals but at group level (outreach too) but not so much at the  individual level
[22:00:52] Pierre: @pepe no problem  agree the idea is that the question is not only asking for an analysis but also for some concrete statments
[22:01:25] Perla Wilson: me parece bien
[22:01:41] Dan: concordo, pierre

end of meeting ?

[21:53:39] Jason: Before we go to the next point -- what time will we end this meeting?
 [21:54:59] Sonia: I suggest 20 minuts from now
[21:55:18] Pepe : whn we finsh all points?
 [21:59:45] Jason: Can we go ahead for another 30 min.? 
¿Podemos ir por delante de otros 30 minutos.?
We can do point 1 of the agenda (convergence) in 20 minutes, and start the second point (strategy/may meeting) - how to discuss it and when, ok?
[21:59:56] Mallory: y+
[22:00:05] Pepe : y+
[22:00:20] Sonia: @jason. ok. 10 minutes extra gift
[22:00:25] Dan: y+
[22:00:45] Jason: [Podemos hacer el punto 1 del orden del día (convergencia) en 20 minutos, e iniciar el segundo punto (estrategia / reunión mayo) - la forma de hablar de ello y cuando, ok?]
[22:01:33] Jason: And for the questions - any other comment/suggestion in the mailing list by tomorrow (thursday) evening.

convergence assemblies- 10 out of 38 in wsf2011 website

[22:04:31] Jason: Thais is missing - but from the website there are now... 10 on the fsm2011 website.
[22:05:15] Mallory: that's great! how is the translation for those listed?
[22:06:11] Jason: Thais falta - pero a partir de la página web en la actualidad hay ... 10 en la página web fsm2011.
[22:06:57] Pierre: there are 38 assemblies , there is a maling list of contacts
[22:07:08] Jason: [The one on solidarity economy is missing...
I have sent it 3 times... ]
[22:07:43] Norma: Yo ofrecí traducir del portugués al español, y puede ser también algunas del francés, como hice con la de comunicación. Avisen
[22:07:55] Jason: Gracias, Norma!
[22:08:26] Pepe : yo puedo ayidar con la traducciondel español al ingles
[22:08:37] Pepe : y viceversa
[22:08:38] Sonia: Norma, si es necesario porque Babels no puede, yo tambien estoy disponible para las traducciones en español
[22:09:12] Perla Wilson: @pierre si son 38 faltan 28 declaraciones
[22:09:24] Jason: There is also the complete video with all the declarations (
http://www.arcoiris.tv/modules.php?name=Flash&d_op=getit&id=14224) and Silvia Koch is helping divide them so we will have a short video for each.
[22:09:45] Pepe : good for silvia!
[22:09:45] Sonia: exacto Norma. ¿creeis que podemos animar a las otras 20 para que manden sus declaraciones'
[22:09:54] Pierre: parece que el problema no es la traduccion sino recoger una verison de las 28 faltantes - jason am not sure there decalration are complete
[22:10:02] Norma: Antonio: están filmadas todas las declaraciones finales de las asambleas? quién las tiene? hay posibilidades de desgrabar las que nos faltan?

the declarations video – what to do with it ¿ is it complete

 [22:10:05] Jason: [También está el video completo con todas las declaraciones (http://www.arcoiris.tv/modules.php?name=Flash&d_op=getit&id=14224) y Silvia Koch esta ayudando a dividirlos por lo que tendremos un breve vídeo para cada uno.]
[22:10:39] Jason: (Estoy ententando de ponerlo sobre wsftv tambien)
[22:11:44] Perla Wilson: @jason excelente
[22:12:35] Jason: Next steps?  Los próximos pasos?
[22:12:56] Tidiane: y+
[22:13:00] Sonia: Yo preguntaba si podiamos animar al resto de las 28 faltantes a participar de alguna forma?
[22:13:39] Perla Wilson: @jason me parece que con este material se puede hacer mucho trabajo en nuestras redes
[22:14:03] Tidiane: Jason, will you make a summary of the decision we have taken at the end of the skype meeting ? I am afraid miss some points

How to help sao Paulo office?

[22:15:10] Jason: [@Tidiane - yes, I will. ]
[22:14:14] Pepe : podemos hacer algo para que las manden cuanto antes? Can we do anything to get them to send them ASAP?
The wsf office is in charge of getting the declarations - but I'm sure some help would be appreciated.  Especially since a month has passed and the wsf newsletter should be out soon...
[22:15:49] Jason: La oficina del FSM es encargada de obtener las declaraciones -, pero estoy seguro que alguna ayuda se agradece. Sobre todo porque ha pasado un mes y el boletín FSM debería salir pronto ...
[22:16:12] Sonia: Jason, tu q conoces mejor los canales y los procesos, ¿sabes como podemos ayudar al wsf office a tener las declaraciones?

[22:16:22] Perla Wilson: @jason se podrían sub titular los videos ?
[22:16:33] Pepe : otherwise the transcibing of the video could be done but that would take quite a lot of time! se puede hacer una transcripcion del video pero eso tardara mucho
[22:17:23] Sonia: Quizás desde Quepo podemos ayudar con las transcripciones o subtitulos de los videos si especificamos las necesidades. Nosotros trabajamos con voluntarios para subtitulos
[22:17:26] Pepe : @perla we need the written document
[22:17:31] Perla Wilson: @pepe creo que el video es un material comunicacional , seguramente la redacción escrita no es excatamente la misma
[22:17:54] Pepe : ok
[22:18:10] Perla Wilson: @pepe yo estoy hablando de comunicar esto como estrategia
[22:18:38] Pepe : ok
[22:19:29] Norma: Perla: creo que leían las declaraciones, por eso el video es nuestro reaseguro si no las mandan escritas!
[22:20:01] Sonia: Disculpa Norma, no comprendo
[22:20:19] Perla Wilson: @norma lo que estoy viendo es que no leen
[22:20:22] Paco: I think that is a big job suttitles all
[22:21:05] Paco: but is we find someone whynot?
[22:21:13] Jason: Si se hacen las transcripciones para los subtitulos, tendremos también los textos de las declaraciónes... pero el proceso no es realmente partecipativo: estas declaraciones deberian ser promovidas principalmente para los proponentes.
[22:21:33] Sonia: I fully agree with paco. I'm offering our collaborators just in case we decide it's important for our strategy (in case, it exists) ; )
[22:21:36] Norma: Digo que creo que la filmación que hizo Daniel es de la lectura de las declaraciones de cada asamblea (eso ví yo en las primeras) pero si Perla dice que en algunas no es así, estamos fritos!
[22:21:53] Paco: this is a smart site
[22:21:56] Paco:

assemblies shoud be sending their material

[22:22:32] Sonia: I also agree with jason, we should receive the declarations from the assenblies, if not It does not have any sense to spread them
[22:22:33] Jason: If we do the transcriptions for the captions, we will have the texts of the declarations ... but the process is not really participative: these statements should be promoted primarily by their proponents.
[22:22:49] Norma: Coincido con vos sobre el ideal de la participación, Jason, sólo quiero asegurarnos que las tendremos igual aunque no nos contesten.

reviewing proposal inviting assemblies to create online spaces

[22:23:36] Jason: Pierre sent a suggestion in the mailing list which could help "stimulate" them -- have you all read it?  Should we approve it?
[22:24:35] Norma: Sí, claro, estoy de acuerdo
[22:25:17] Pepe : No recuerdo pierre proposition
[22:25:22] Sonia: @jason.I would need to read it again , sorry.
But I'm pretty sure that it's a smart suggetsion, so I agree with the approvation. Can you sumarize it?
[22:25:33] Sonia: same as pepe
[22:25:38] Pepe : by the way abdula says Hi and sorry for not being able to participate
[22:25:53] Jason: Pierre ?
[22:25:56] Pierre: @pepe e todos esta el texto aqui  EN FR ES

[22:26:07] Norma: Mi duda es si todos quienes redactaron las declaraciones están en la mailing list
[22:27:19] Pepe : @pierre thanks @ Norma tengo la misma duda

agregar un mensaje de comcom pidiendo los 38 textos

[22:28:26] Pierre: @norma pepe  entiendo existe una lista de contactos de assembleas con 38 nombres + se peude copiar la lista del CI
[22:28:33] Sonia: exacto es mi misma duda. Estoy leyendo la propuesta de pierre en el openfsm y la invitacion es apra crear un espacio de convergencia en el openfsm no para enviar al declaraciona  a la mailing list de comcom
[22:28:38] Sonia: creo
[22:29:12] Sonia: 2 min left, nos quedan 2 min
 [22:29:13] Pierre: si sonia  el texto es concebido como un adjunto al mensaje que pide mandar las 38 textos
[22:29:15] Sonia: ;: ))
[22:29:17] Perla Wilson: propongo que nos demos un plazo para recopilar las 10 declaraciones que faltan
[22:29:31] Pierre: las 28 perla ;)
[22:29:48] Perla Wilson: yo puedo hablar con Gina Vargas para rescatar la de las mujeres que fue muy accidentada
[22:29:54] Sonia: @ pierre. ok, perfecto, mandemoslo, ¿quien debe/puede hacerlo? ¿se necesita ayuda? anu hekp?
[22:29:56] Pepe : @ pierre es este metodo rapido?
[22:30:38] Sonia: Sorry, I mean, any help is needed?
[22:30:45] Pierre: en el ultimo chat se dijo que se mandaria un mensaje a nomre de la comcom  pidiendo las declaraciones y sugeriendo crear espacios online para albergar la dinamica de cada asamblea
[22:31:19] Perla Wilson: @pierre lo digo porque ha pasado 1 mes de lo contrario se van a pasar todas las agendas sin comunicar nada

who sends the message to 38 + IC ¿

[22:31:27] Pepe : quien lo mandara? is anybody delegsted that role funtion?
[22:32:39] Sonia: @pepe. This is what I was asking in my disfunctional english
[22:32:57] Pepe : ;)
[22:33:00] Perla Wilson: 2 semanas de palzo me parece realista y trabajamos con las agendas de las asambleas que nos han llegado
[22:33:18] Sonia: @pierre.
I mean the same as pepe dis. Who is able/in charge to do so? any hekp is needed?
[22:33:43] Sonia: @perla. A qué trabajo te refieres?
[22:34:09] Pierre: entiendo que  lo puede mandar cualquier persona,en la medidal mensaje esta a nombre de comcom, la gente conoce a thais/helio,  a jason ...
[22:34:13] Sonia: Las declas de las asambleas hay q publicarlas en las web del wsf y de eso se encargan en la oficina. Estoy equivoacada?
[22:34:19] Perla Wilson: a promover y difundir las agendas que cada asamblea definió
[22:34:35] Perla Wilson: es lo que nos toca hacer o no ?
[22:35:33] Jason: I think we need to coordinate with Thais and Helio on this - so that we don't send different messages to the same people.
[22:35:35] Norma: Sí, podemos ir traduciendo por ejemplo
[22:35:49] Sonia: @I fully agree with jason
[22:36:03] Pierre: @ jason ,concordo  si se hablo que el mismo mensaje mandado a nombre de la comcom pediira las declaraciones y invitaria a crear espacios online
[22:36:50] Jason: ok Pierre.
[we are out of time - can we just have 2 words on the preparation for May meeting and on the date for next online meeting?]
[22:36:50] Sonia: @norma. No comprendo todo el asunto de las traducciones. En dakar entendí que Thais le pedia a Andrea que era el contacto con babels las traducciones que se encesitaban. ¿Eso es correcto?
[22:38:03] Perla Wilson: @jason quedan 20 min de reunion
[22:38:15] Norma: Es que las cosas nunca salen como se las diseña, Sonia, por eso digo que si se van atrasando con las traducciones podemos ayudar...ovbiamente articuladamente con Thais y Helio
[22:38:35] Pepe : @sonia babels dijo que lo traduciria, si no podemos pasarlas por la lista y ver quein puede ayudar
@jason si hablemos de mayo

draft and send a message on comcom list

[22:39:07] Sonia: @jason. Yes please. I suggest to finish this point to send an email to the comcom list in order to suggest to the wsf office (I mean thais and company) that if any help is needed with the recopilation of the asssemblies text to ask for it. or also with translations if they don't ask for any help , not move then,
[22:39:43] Pepe : @sonia y+
[22:39:57] Sonia: @norma.
Ok, gracias.
[22:40:29] Pierre: entonces podemos formular que : aprobamos la invitacion y se va a agregar al correo que helio/thais circularan  a las 38 + CI con copia  acomcom ?
[22:41:10] Jason: y+

who sends the message( 2) ¿

 [22:41:36] Sonia: Ok. Who can write the mail?
[22:41:37] Norma: Sí, de acuerdo. Quién lo hace?
[22:41:41] Pepe : y+
[22:41:48] Sonia: I can do it but just in spanish
[22:41:48] Pepe : pero quien lo manda?
[22:42:05] Perla Wilson: podemos trabajar con el video mientras llegan todas las declaraciones ?
[22:42:39] Jason: Sonia, maybe better if others take the lead on this -- what about Pepe / Norma / Pierre?
[22:42:40] Norma: Me parece buena idea, Perla
[22:43:01] Pepe : @perla ya hay algunas para ir trabajando, lo del video puede ser mucho trabajo...
[22:43:37] Sonia: @jason. yes of course, It was only to go ahead.
[22:46:01] Perla Wilson: @pepe no digo para transcribir sino para comunicar con los videos editados por tema de asamblea
[22:46:04] Norma: Yo me excuso para mandar eso a la oficina, estoy comenzando las clases del primer cuatrimestre y temo no hacerlo a tiempo por la saturación de trabajo, pero las traducciones me es más fácil de a ratos

jason and Pierre to draft and send the message ?
 [22:46:15] Pierre: @jason,norma , pepe

redactar el parrafo para pedir las 38 declaraciones no sera mucho trabajo  :   se puede agregar en EN FR ES en  la pagina existente


-  y  entiendo que helio/nicolas tienen la lista de 38 contactos
[22:46:23] Pepe : @Jason yo tengo por ahora acceso muy limitado a internet (solo en la universidad) y preferiria que alguien con acceso mas estable lo pudiese hacer por el momento
[22:47:18] Norma: No sería mejor que lo hagan Jason o Pierre ya, que están más permanentemente conectados?

communication strategy discussion  in may meeting 22 beforeIC 25during IC  26 after IC ?

[22:48:36] Dan: Mis amigos, lamentablemente tengo que dejar para otra reunión.
My friends, unfortunately I have to leave for another meeting.
[22:49:01] Sonia: two words on next point before Dan needs to leave?
 [22:49:01] Jason: ok -  about the strategy discussion: actually Dan, this is where we need your input the most!
[22:49:11] Mallory: yes, dan, i agree
[22:49:30] Mallory: but perhaps we can take the point out of the chat and propose something at our next meeting regarding the may meeting
[22:51:02] Mallory: tal vez podemos hablar sobre una propuesta para la reunion de mayo a la proxima reunion

a full day  in IC agenda 25 or after IC 26?

[22:51:28] Jason: I have just one (practical) thing to say: I've asked the organisers of the next IC meeting to reserve the space for the comcom meeting for one whole day in the same place - and I think we should invite all the IC members who are interested to participate.
[22:51:42] Mallory: brilliant, thanks jason bueno, gracias jason
[22:51:43] Pierre: that would be may 22?
[22:51:57] Dan: essential!
[22:52:07] Jason: Most probably May 25
[22:52:09] Sonia: perfect.
[22:52:19] Tidiane: A good idea !
[22:52:21] Pierre: but IC is 23-25 as i understand, i thought we were thinking of a comcm day before IC
[22:52:40] Sonia: exactly. I miss anything?
[22:52:53] Mallory: before is better - antes es mejor

[22:53:12] Pierre: are we asking to have a one day com seminar as part of IC agenda?
[22:54:57] Tidiane: Shall we have the IC members if we do it before ?

Dan statement about communication –political culture - methodology

[22:53:29] Dan: I'd love to participate in a strategic discussion where we can reflect together on where communication connects to political culture, and where both connect to methodology, because it seems to me that both relate to the future of the WSF, and for all the people I know who participated, Dakar was catastrophic.
[22:53:44] Dan: Me encantaría participar en un debate estratégico en el que podemos reflexionar juntos sobre los que la comunicación se conecta a la cultura política, y donde ambos están conectados a la metodología, porque me parece que ambos se relacionan con el futuro del FSM, y para todas las personas Sé que participaron, Dakar fue catastrófico.
[22:54:09] Pepe : better before
[22:54:26] Sonia: Estoy TOTALMENTE de acuerdo con Dan que este deberia ser el punto central de la reunion el dia antes del IC meet
[22:54:43] Sonia: Yo tambien creo que debe ser antes

Two different needs before and during IC in may  

 [22:55:16] Jason: I think it would be better a day after in order to have the input of the days before and possibly involve some of the IC members who are not in the comcom.  If it could be part of the agenda... so long that it is a whole day.
[22:55:20] Sonia: Aunque yo no soy miembro del IC, por lo tanto, solo quisiera ir al proximo reunion si vamos trabajar en com ,

[22:55:21] Pierre: digo que son dos cosas diferentes   tener un dia comcom para sentarnos y hablar mas a fondo de cosas, abierto a miembros del CI que quieren   y  luego tener un tiempo en el CI
[22:55:25] Tidiane: Can't we have it as a point of the IC agenda ?
[22:55:36] Perla Wilson: ademas quedamos de probar un modelo de estrategia a traves de la decl de la asamblea de comunicaciones
[22:56:02] Mallory: i think that it is more important to give ourselves the space to deliberate and to be prepared for the IC meeting as a united comission
[22:56:28] Dan: I think we need it by skype and before the IC meeting if possible. It's too important. I know these practical processes are needed, but where is the discussion happening inside ComCom about the form of the assembly of Assemblies, for example? Have I missed it?
[22:58:27] Dan: Creo que necesitamos este debate por skype y un día antes de la reunión del CI. Es demasiado importante. Sé que estos procesos prácticos son necesarios, pero ¿dónde está la discusión pasa dentro ComCom sobre la forma de la asamblea de asambleas, por ejemplo? Lo he echado de menos?

[22:56:42] Pierre: agree these are two different things seems to me - we lack a time  for comcom internal communication ( we have had no seminar since 2007 )  adn then we need to have time in the IC
[22:56:43] Dan: Yes
[22:56:57] Pierre: 22 is a sunday
[22:57:05] Sonia: I agree with Mallory, maybe the point is that we need to prepare as com before the IC meet but we also need to work after the IC meet to have all the inputs from the meet

one day after but included in IC agenda?

[22:57:12] Jason: Creo que sería mejor un día después con el fin de contar con la aportación de los días anteriores y, posiblemente, incluir algunos de los miembros del CI que no están en la comcom. Si pudiera ser parte de la agenda ... en tanto que se trata de un día entero.
[22:57:26] Paco: I agree with jason
[22:57:58] Jason: We can discuss this better in the next online meeting... when?
[22:57:59] Pierre: then it would be 26 ?
[22:58:07] Norma: Yo coincido
[22:58:21] Pierre: i do not see iC giving 25 full day to comcom
[22:58:29] Pepe : can we have a strategy planned beofre (via skype) Before then and meet after as a compromise?

Need for intercommission work

 [22:58:55] Dan: But maybe a day to where communication/methodology/strategy meet?
[23:00:28] Dan: Pero tal vez un día donde la comunicación y la metodología o estrategia se encuentran: tres comisiones de trabajo juntos
 [22:59:12] Dan: three commissions working together...

skype before  then after ?

[23:00:38] Norma: Podemos discutir nuestra agenda antes por skype y reunirnos todo un día después del CI, para incluir algo también con la comisión de estrategia y de motodología. Pero eso debería planificarse antes con ellos
[23:00:39] Dan: eu tambem/me too
[23:00:50] Sonia: @dan sounds great, but how?

before and after ?

[23:01:07] Paco: i think that all the discussion have to produce a document to present and also a proposal related to the declaration and at the end we can plan the work to do and how to proceed with the other commission
[23:01:12] Dan: political articulation, with the IC too, the LG is not a decision-making body
[23:01:33] Mallory: paco, you think the meeting is before or after? it sounds like you propose before, too
[23:01:49] Paco: yes the political articulation can be done on the base of the declataration

[23:01:52] Dan: we need to meet before and after, if we are going to do anything useful
[23:02:36] Pierre: @dan agree

it was agreed before IC in Dakar meeting ?

[22:58:31] Mallory: also in the last meeting in dakar, it was agreed that we would have it before - just to say that others (not here) agreed one something else
 [23:02:22] Pierre:
[23:03:07] Jason: @Mallory, we didn't agree on a date, only on the fact that we'd have a communication strategy seminar.  But unless we know what the IC will decide (or not decide) on 2011-2013, I think it would be much less effective.  I think we should prepare well and discuss in these 2 months online among us - but depending on people's availability, I do think it would be more useful to have our meeting after.
[23:03:07] Sonia: I fully agree with Dan. Sorry to be back there. I think we need a day before for being well prepared and the day after to plan how to proceed
[23:03:57] Mallory: until now i have not been convinced that after is better. and i do feel very strongly.
[23:04:01] Mallory: i'm so sorry but i have to go now: but i'm very grateful for the debate and the meeting. thanks to everyone :)

topic for next meeting discussion?

[23:04:14] Dan: can we discuss this next meeting?
Pepe : can we propose this as a point for next meeting since many have to go and others are absent today?
[23:04:43] Pierre: our experience  in IC in the last years as comcom shows that we need some face to face moments  and possibly before  and afer .. and not too hurried because there are certain things we always postpone
[23:04:52] Mallory: if we can devote the whole meeting to this topic, i think that we will come up with great things for the time we will spend together in may

next meeting date 21 22 23march ? confirm on list

[23:01:38] Norma: Yo también me voy, por favor quedemos en el próximo chat. Creo que lo mejor es fijarlo ya para agendarlo: primer miércoles de abril a la misma hora?
[23:04:45] Jason: ok - let's fix a date for next online meeting: is march 22 same time ok?
[23:05:06] Paco: bene gente ok for 22
[23:05:09] Dan: y+
[23:05:15] Mallory: y+ !!
[23:05:18] Tidiane: Ok
[23:05:22] Pepe : y+
[23:05:31] Norma: O.K
[23:05:40] Sonia: is 23th possible?
[23:05:48] Sonia: sorry
[23:06:03] Pepe : 22 or 23 is fine with me
[23:06:07] Jason: (not for me)
[23:06:27] Paco: 21?
[23:06:34] Dan: I'm flexible
[23:06:36] Sonia: 21 would perfect for me
[23:06:40] Sonia: if it's possible
[23:06:51] Pepe : can't do 21
[23:07:01] Pepe : sorry :(
[23:08:05] Sonia: let's do it 22, I'm not essential ; )
[23:08:23] Sonia: sorry i cant' find a proper word but essential ; )
[23:09:47] Jason: Let's confirm on list
[23:32:08] Norma: Disculpen, me fui un rato.
Para mí también es mejor el 23, pero puedo adaptarme. El 21 no puedo

log of today chat

[23:13:06] Pierre: bueno -   pienso hacer la minuta  del chat como la ultima vez
[23:13:22] Sonia: @thanks pierre
[23:13:23] Pepe : Merci Pierre!
[23:13:46] Pierre: en apoyo a  nuestra memoria colectiva


[22:59:45] Perla Wilson: queridxs compañerxs me tengo que ir , si mandan el chat podre enterarmede la última parte. abrzo para todxs, perla [23:00:35] Sonia: saludos, perla
 [23:09:59] Jason: Thanks to all - gracias a tod@s.
[23:10:11] Dan: Sonia, we can chat on the 21st and you can send your contributions through me, if we can define the key questions in advance
[23:10:31] Dan: Gracias a todos/as!
[23:10:49] Pepe : Buoanotte a tutti
[23:10:54] Sonia: Ok, sounds great. Let's see what we decide on the list about topics for next chat. Many thanks Dan
[23:11:09] Dan: tranquilo/sure
[23:11:10] Dan: tchau
[23:11:18] Dan: boa noite a todos/as
[23:11:34] Sonia: jaso, thanks for the moderation (can I say "moderation?"?
[23:11:45] Pepe : yes you can
[23:12:19] Sonia: @pepe mil gracias
[23:12:57] Jason: ciao!
[23:13:00] Sonia: @Antonio. are you able to see my messages out of this caht?
[23:13:01] Pepe : ;)
[23:13:26] Paco: yes sonia ....
[23:13:38] Pepe : bye
[23:17:58] Tidiane: Bye
[23:19:12] Sonia: bye tidiane, take care