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starting. 1

Examining the plan. 1

A what plan. 2

On the How.. 2

Alessandra : about translating the bulleting in 6 languages?. 3

Giuseppe /Jason On moderation. 3

on Cronogram.. 3

Anotnio’s problem.. 3

News from Dakar 4

taking notes - whiteboard idea. 4

part one. 5

Languages of bulletin – Giuseppe contacting India and morroco. 5

next point – 1.2 1.3 websites. 6

Alessandra : need for several websites. 6

duration modality of work for portal – a one year work toward dakar– progressive approach on portal-  migration of wsf office site - Have a space where to see portal specs and other proposals. 6

call a tech meeting 25th November – Mallory drafting a message and looking for feedbacks. 7

leaving. 9

chapter two – finalizing the review of plan on the list deadline 15th november 9

Rita on  Memory project 9

Next time agenda ?. 10



[21:19:59] Mallory : ola?

[21:21:14] Jason: Hi Mallory!

[21:21:19] Mallory : hey hey

[21:21:58] Pierre: hello

[21:22:02] bettina: hi, mallory

[21:22:03] Jason: We're running late...

[21:22:09] Mallory : ok

[21:22:10] bettina: hi jason, pierre

[21:25:47] Jason: Anybody else?  Quien està aqui?

[21:27:39] maipoy: Hi all

[21:30:41] Jason: Hi Claudia!

[21:31:23] Jason: Igor, Philip, Alessandra are you there?

[21:36:18] Jason: Well, I guess it will be an "Intimate" meeting...

[21:37:43] Alessandra : hi everybody, I am here but having to rush to finalize things here; will be following just a little bit

[21:38:04] Mallory : hi alessandra

[21:38:21] bettina: c'è alessandra

[21:38:23] bettina: ciao alessandra

[21:38:40] Alessandra : Hi Mallory, hi Bettina!

Examining the plan

[21:38:40] Jason: I think we should start - the idea is to try and finalize the basic plan so we can then start detailing it, making the time schedule (chronogram) and maybe starting to work on it!

[21:39:12] Jason: Here is the last version (with many suggestions from who commented being incorporated):



[21:39:56] Mallory : without ample time to read it before hand, can you highlight some of the changes since it was last sent out?

[21:40:21] Jason: Sure - we should go through it.

[21:41:03] Jason: The intro has not been changed.  But the structure has been reduced to 3 parts and the titles changed accordingly:






[21:42:15] Jason: This is simply an attempt to make it more "readable".

 A what plan

[21:43:22] Mallory : how are "projects" or "working groups" defined?

[21:45:07] pacofocuspuller: hi

[21:45:53] Jason: Well, this is the main difference with the previous version, which was organised around the working groups.  After the discussions last week and Bettina and Antonio's proposal, the plan is more oriented to illustrated WHAT we intend to do, not HOW.  This of course must be clearly defined in the Comcom (and we have been doing this all along).

[21:45:58] giuseppe : hello hello everyone am i too late?

[21:46:13] Mallory : hey giu!

[21:46:21] giuseppe : hi mallory and all

[21:47:12] bettina: antonio has problems, ha doesnt see us

[21:47:38] Rita Freire: Hi friends

[21:47:44] pacofocuspuller: hi I'm here but I dont see anyone

[21:48:20] Jason: (Hi Giuseppe - we started only some minutes ago, you can read the log)

The existing active working groups have not been changed.

On the How

[21:48:24] Alessandra : Jason, I have a doubt: today, what is to be decided/discussed? I agree with the general design of the plan is ok, it is much more clear. But I guess the "how" to execute and priorities must be defined as well as what is to be done by the WSF office people and what is to be done by the other people/org sin commissions

[21:48:30] Rita Freire: I am here, but in deadline to finish an article

[21:49:01] Mallory : i agree with alessandra and that last week's discussion was mostly about "how" which *did* change the current working groups

[21:49:06] Mallory : so what about that discussion?

 [21:49:38] Alessandra : so my suggestion is that people divide on the commission to work on the last part of the working plan, the "chronogram" detailing what means each activity...then it is possible to think easily on how to deal with distinct issues

 [21:51:41] Jason: Alessandra, yes - as soon as we have consensus on WHAT to do, we can go ahead and discuss the rest.

[21:51:41] Jason: And yes, Mallory, there was the proposal of adding the internet/technology group with Mallory as one of the facilitators.  My understanding is that there is consensus on that.so there has been an alteration of "how", we just haven't written it up yet. and this is mostly based on history of the com com, that is, unchanged ok

[21:54:12] Jason: I'm not sure I understand what you are saying Mallory - but this is an additional group to the existing ones.

[21:55:17] Mallory : ok yes, i was just narrating how things progressed from last week to this week

 [21:56:38] Jason: ok - so should we go through the main parts of the plan so we can finalize it and then start working on Alessandra's proposal?

Alessandra : about translating the bulleting in 6 languages?

[21:48:56] Alessandra : About the translation: I honestly doubt that people on the organisations mentioned will be commiting to translate newsletter into the other languages, it is quite difficult to keep it in 4 languages...

 [21:49:12] giuseppe : (jason done reading both log and new version of project so i'm in syn now)

 [21:50:03] Alessandra : finally, on the visual identity, from the letter Liaison Group sent on 2010, I understood tha the office will do a proposal for common logo...for 2010//

Giuseppe /Jason On moderation

[21:57:11] giuseppe : jason are you moderating? or do i get to jump in at any time? or anyone else moderating?

[21:58:34] Jason: we usually try to have a very "relaxed" moderation (I cannot see if you raise your hand...) - so that we don't get in dialogues between 2 people.  For the rest, you can jump in making sure you allow others to finish what they are writing //

on Cronogram

 [21:58:12] Rita Freire: Hi: following the Alessandra suggestion for the chronogram, it should be good insert the events and what to do for connecting them with our different projects

[21:59:30] Rita Freire: Following the Mallory info: what about the infra and techno group? It is not the same?

[22:00:50] Mallory : rita: it's still existing, just we're not speaking of "how" this time

[22:08:35] Rita Freire: Ok Mallory (I think internet and techno group should be the same, but maybe I am wrong. I, d like to clarify it later because all of us will need support from these areas. ;))

 [22:00:03] giuseppe : may i?: register my appreciation for the structure of the project as it is (i might want to comment on the specifics but that perhaps later): and one further thing on the chronogram, it could be possible that each box for each activity can be filled by each group "autonomously": so to create a compound of activities coherent with the general framework?

[22:03:15] Jason: Thanks Giuseppe.  Actually, many of the activities have already been detailed since June/July by each working group (in the form of "projects"), and this is how the previous version of this plan came into being...  but work still needs to be done - both in the How and in the Who does what....//

Anotnio’s problem

[21:55:19] pacofocuspuller: oi  you can see my text ? and now you can see me

 [21:58:36] bettina: excuse, can we halp antonio to get in?

[21:58:45] bettina: i do not know how

[21:59:13] Jason: [he is in, Bettina - at least I see him]

[21:59:27] Mallory : bettina: the moderator of the chat room must remove him and then any of us can add him

[22:00:45] bettina: we see him but he does not

[22:13:52] pacofocuspuller: ola

[22:24:11] pacofocuspuller: you can see my text

[23:09:20] *** Jason a invité pacofocuspuller ***


News from Dakar

[22:04:52] Igor : hello everyone, Im very very late. I come from the 1st com meet wsf 2011 com meeting

[22:06:06] giuseppe : well it might be great to hear what happened at the first com meeting fro 2011!

[22:06:28] Igor : :D

[22:06:35] giuseppe : :)

[22:06:58] Igor : they are all here in the process of the ASF / IC meeting and waiting for those coming for this meeting jason asked me yesterday to know if we are going to have a time to discuss on com during the meeting

[22:08:21] giuseppe : i hope so i'm sure so!

 [22:08:41] Igor : but as the agenda is already done, Tao said to find time when we'll can meet maybe monday or tuesday

[22:09:52] giuseppe : any chances to have an internet link? so taht most or all of us can be there in virtual spirit?

[22:10:14] Igor : excuse me let the meeting go one, i'll communicate later I'll already set up a wireless in the area

[22:10:14] Rita Freire: What link Giu?

[22:10:30] giuseppe : yes yes absolutely sorry rita it was a parallel conversation about the communication meeting during the dakar seminar next week

[22:11:10] Igor : no problem for that

[22:11:53] Pierre: giuseppe : there is also a space here :


[22:11:55] Jason: ok, thanks Igor.  Let's go on.

[22:12:05] Igor : ok

[22:12:36] Rita Freire: It would be great! We have two paralel meeting in Brazil. Maybe the Expanded WSF could help us to say help watch each other all of them are occupied in shared communication issues (Santarém, for the PanAmazonian Social Forum, and Curitiba, for the Porto Alegre meeting) if Pierre can help, maybe we make a simbolical contact  (nothing for now, sorry)

[22:16:10] giuseppe : i'd love a symbolical contact but even more if possible

[22:17:12] maipoy: sorry but can we return to the agenda...

taking notes - whiteboard idea

[22:17:51] Jason: Claudia is right - and I'd like to add that we should have the good practice of taking notes (and not just the log) of the meeting and set the agenda for the next one before we finish (thanks Mallory for bringing this up on side meeting).  I think the "note taker" should be a rotating responsability, so we can share it equally ;)

[22:20:21] Jason: [and Pierre has been publishing the logs of the chats here: http://openfsm.net/projects/communication-commission/weekly-chats]

 [22:18:31] Mallory : there is a board that we can use for every meeting and collaborate simultaneously

[22:19:42] Mallory : back to the agenda...

[22:20:54] giuseppe : (where is the agenda for today guys?)


[23:24:40] Mallory : ciao. oh, and ideas for note taking, we can use this http://whiteboard.debian.net/comcom.wb

[23:24:43] Mallory : maybe next week

[23:24:50] Mallory : ciao!

[23:25:00] Alessandra : ciao!! bye!!

[23:25:20] bettina: ciao mallory

[23:25:21] giuseppe : i like the whiteboard just left a message :)


part one

[22:21:16] Jason: Agenda for today is... finalizing the communication plan!


[22:22:41] giuseppe : (communication between organisers and participants and among paritcipants right?)

[22:23:27] Rita Freire: Does it mean virtual and local activities?

Languages of bulletin – Giuseppe contacting India and morroco

[22:23:57] Alessandra : point 1 - ok . point 1.1 - I suggest to keep it in 4 languages

 [22:24:57] giuseppe : Ale once the text is written it should be easy to trasnlate it in a couple more languages (it would mean a lot for expansion... but also symbolically)

[22:25:52] maipoy: what languages are we talking about??

[22:26:07] Alessandra : what would be the 2 extra languages? who does that translation, who coordinates that work: while we don't have concrete names of committed people who will do those tasks, I would not add as a goal

[22:26:13] giuseppe : ( i have in mind arabic and chinese for starters)

[22:26:35] maipoy: in the sense, what other two languages do we want to add, and do we have teh capacity, ale already mentioned that it is not easy and she has the experience having worked on this

[22:26:36] giuseppe : fair enough then

[22:26:48] Jason: The effort here, Alessandra, is to try to include at least other 2 languages if not 3 - I'm thinking of Arabic and Hindi (given the geographic expansion of the wsf process)

[22:27:49] Alessandra : it is quite difficult to assure translation into EN-FR-ES, if this is a proposition, names of the people committed to it must come as well... in 2008 we made the call in more than 10 languages but it tooks quite a long...

[22:28:03] Alessandra : (and it was only the call... not a regular newsletter)

[22:29:02] Jason: This would involve Alternatives (Morocco) and some Palestinian organisations + Focus on the global south and People's Health Movement (Amit's organisation).

[22:30:11] Alessandra : so, as a suggestion, can someone formally consult those organisations asking if they can take this responsibility?

[22:31:31] giuseppe : this is a good suggestion i can offer to contact meena and amit if this helps

[22:32:22] Alessandra : good! and ask them to indicate the person who will be in charge (or if they will be doing by themselves)

[22:32:27] Jason: Yes - contacts have already been done (see point 3.4) and now we need to follow up with a more formal request from the Commission. Excellent Giuseppe, that would be great!

[22:32:55] giuseppe : yes indeed jason i should have said that if you guys think it is useful i can follow up on that ok then i will follow up with them i will offer the text in english and they will rpovide trnslation in hindi right? (rather the office will send the text in english right?)

i will write tomorrow who will write to alternatives?  ((although i guess i can write to firoz as well while i'm at it

[22:34:23] Jason: They would be included in the Practical info group assisting the office on the newsletters.

[22:34:38] giuseppe : ok i understand

[22:36:11] Jason: Firoz is the person I spoke to in Montreal - he says Alternatives could put this as part of their volunteers programme, we need to define what kind of things could be useful for a volunteer.

[22:38:29] Alessandra : Another thing in consulting: it is good to mention that the newsletter has a monthly periodicity and the intention is to have it each 15 days; the texts are short (you can count the number of characters); usually office gives an week end to translate it. In the case of Arabic and Hindi, is good to set up a system to review the translation (this means: an IC member reading the text in that specific language)

[22:39:29] giuseppe : great ale i think this protocol makes sense i will mention it in my emails

next point – 1.2 1.3 websites

[22:40:56] Jason: Good.  Next point?  Should be go through them all or maybe we can look at those that might be more problematic?

[22:41:26] giuseppe : well point 1.2? not quite strianghford is it? ehm i meant straightforward

[22:42:24] Jason: In the wording or in how to do it?

[22:42:52] giuseppe : well the wording is not more than a very generic outline that could simply read "let's redo the website" but i agree that WHO he is the most important thing then the group can produce a proposal and liaising with the office put it together eventually i guess i'm wondering if there is a working group for this

Alessandra : need for several websites

[22:44:47] Alessandra : 1.2  I think it is a very important issue BUT I don't think that all that is described in the item can be done in the same website...

[22:45:03] giuseppe : of course ale that's why it should be left to the group to assess what needs to be done and what is possible etc

[22:45:46] Alessandra : for instance, I imagine the participants registration is a different website and that will be under responsibility of Senegal but hte main responsibility is, of course, WSF office in Sao paulo

[22:46:09] bettina: [11/11/09 22:45:56] pacofocuspuller: during the last chat we agreed to set up again the group with some professional technicians involve the people that are working on wsftv and has the idea for the memory are available

duration modality of work for portal – a one year work toward dakar– progressive approach on portal-  migration of wsf office site - Have a space where to see portal specs and other proposals

[22:47:33] Alessandra : I know the office presented a proposal of structure for the portal already, I think it is important that the commission check with them if they are doing, what is their plan of developing (deadlines to send suggestions on the structure etc.)

[22:47:56] maipoy: there is very little time left until 2010, we should try to be realistic in terms of what can be done. the re

[22:48:20] Alessandra : agree with Claudia, I guess to redefine WSF portal is a one year work at least: //

[22:48:32] maipoy: redesign of the web is not simple and we already experienced the problems we had in past let's try to use as much as we can the official website linking to other webtools constructed and which we already use

[22:49:07] Mallory : the idea of this internet work is that it must be ongoing, coming from a place of history of working together and decision making. : it is always useful to define short and long term tasks, of course

[22:51:12] maipoy: correct, but we're in November, we still need to set up a team and identify professional techs??

[22:51:40] Mallory : yes, hopefully once we talk about "how" we can start building this group. maybe next week, jason?

[22:52:25] giuseppe : hey mallory why next week?

[22:52:41] Jason: Certainly - the idea (having discussed this with the office, especially Mariana who worked on the proposal, and with Salete) is to do this work gradually, discussing it in the comcom together with the people in the office (the "management" responsibility - especially content management is theirs).

[22:52:46] giuseppe : what needs to be discussed before a group is set to discuss the specs and liaise with the office?

[22:52:49] Mallory : just at the next opportunity, not today, based on the agenda

 [22:53:19] Mallory : yes, jason, but that's relevant only after lots of development on a site

[22:54:48] Jason: I think we can start by circulating the proposals that already exist as far as specs go.

[22:55:14] bettina: jason, please, antonio asks ( i am coping and sending to him) to see the portal proposal from brazil which we did not find

[22:57:15] Jason: We can ask Mariana to circulate the office proposal and have a space on openfsm (Pierre probably already created it...)

[22:58:05] giuseppe : great idea let's ask mariana i would love to see that proposal

[23:00:18] Alessandra : so as far as I understood: on point 1.2 decision is..to put it as a long term aim but starting to work on it since now, from the first proposal Mariana already designed right?

[23:01:26] giuseppe : i'm fine with it but if we define long term (i guess dakar should have us ready with a great new website) or am i unrealistic?

[23:02:00] Alessandra : yes, I agree with Giuseppe: maybe put as an aim to have it ready by October 2010?

but it is a really big task for the WSF office: and the existing structure of people is not enough...

[23:02:13] giuseppe : i'm for it (perhaps we should say September to hope for October right? :)

[23:03:09] Alessandra : (when we just migrated from .asp to .php we had at least 7 people working in the office... now there is only 3...) (part time...)

[23:03:50] maipoy: this sounds more realistic but we should see the plan to be sure what we're talking about

[23:04:14] Pierre: about the portal, agree with a progressive approach

Minimally a first version of WSF  portal  is a simple webpage linking to various  existing relevant WSF related websites, and including a renovated sao paulo IC information site.This would be already very useful for users  and some design and functional issues could be addressed in that step

[23:04:58] Alessandra : +new layout for the website, the problem is exactly how to process and include the information that is already in the website thousands of pages...which are important memory of previous forums that we don't want to lose, right?

[23:06:31] giuseppe : absolutely ale is there a consensus on this point then?

 [23:06:49] Jason: There are other proposals, less detailed, but existing -- they should all be put in a space.  And we should define, with the office, a basic schedule.  In any case, Alessandra, the idea is that we have a community of developers working on it and maybe a number of volunteers helping to transfer the data.  There is an issue of budget as well.

We certainly need to discuss all this in detail, but should do it after the whole plan is approved.  In the meantime, Mallory you can start to stimulate / build the internet group on this.

[23:07:04] giuseppe : long term October 2010 but we start from now circulating the plan from the office plus the collection of other proposals that the working group might decide to conflate together etc

call a tech meeting 25th November – Mallory drafting a message and looking for feedbacks

[23:09:28] Mallory : i would like to call a tech meeting. this hasn't worked well in the past. can we afford to use the entire comcom meeting next week for this stimulation. or perhaps the following week? i want to avoid stretching participants' time

[23:09:46] pacofocuspuller: ola gente

[23:10:41] giuseppe : mallory this would be great , sorry i should say: mallory i find this idea absolutely great! sentences in chats have an altogether different flavour...)

[23:12:23] Mallory : so my question is whether we can dedicate a com com meeting to tech?

[23:12:38] pacofocuspuller: test

[23:12:40] Alessandra : I guess it is good, but my suggestion is to prepare it maybe mallory you can forward a proposal on how to do the discussion to the com-com list?

[23:12:52] Mallory : hey paco

[23:12:55] pacofocuspuller: well good evening

 [23:13:14] Jason: Why don't you write a message to the comcom discussion list and to the wsf software support community inviting who is interested to participate and then we could have a the next meeting dedicated principally to discussing this.

[23:13:19] Alessandra : like an initial proposal free ideas sent to the people who can react either by email or in the chat?

[23:14:04] Jason: (sorry, the "you" in my msg is Mallory)

[23:14:26] Mallory : ok, so the next meeting. that is what i needed was a date. thanks, i will

would anyone like for me to send a draft to them for comments?

[23:16:14] Pierre: Sure Mallory , pls send it

[23:16:36] Mallory : to pierre. anyone else? i'd like more than just one comment ;) alessandra?jason?

[23:17:10] Alessandra : you can send a draft to me mallory

[23:17:12] Mallory : thanks

[23:17:13] Jason: Mallory, I think you should send it to the comcom list with invitation to react - together with the link to a space on openfsm where the documents can be collected and discussion can take place.  This might stimulate some more people

[23:17:30] Jason: (We are just a few here in the chat)

[23:17:39] Alessandra : can be by skype; I guess one thing to put in the message

[23:17:41] Mallory : jason, i was meaning a draft of my email to the com com. i never send things without feedback!

[23:18:08] Alessandra : is a list of WSF sites and the idea of linking everything through the main officila website

[23:18:09] Jason: ah, sure.  ok.  me too if possible.

[23:18:11] giuseppe : i agree for com com message

[23:18:27] pacofocuspuller: com com message

[23:18:38] giuseppe : i mean straight to the list unless mallory "you" prefer otherwise

[23:18:46] Alessandra : you can send draft direct to the com com and we can react there as well

[23:18:59] giuseppe : as you are drafting this and doing the job you should get all the support you neeed of course or desire

[23:19:01] Rita Freire: Sugestion of date: the wednesday after the seminary in dacar

 [23:19:18] giuseppe : date would be what rita? 25th november? escuse me - day for the chat

[23:19:34] Mallory : ok, rita, i think it shouldn't  be so soon either

[23:19:43] Rita Freire: ok

[23:19:56] giuseppe : mallory when do you think it would be a good date?

[23:20:04] Jason: fine.

[23:20:07] Mallory : nov 25 is fine

[23:20:17] giuseppe : i'm fine with nov 25th

[23:20:33] Alessandra : for me 25th nov is difficult, it would be better on 23; but I can also send I my suggestions by email, don't fix my dates

[23:20:58] Mallory : best to have on wednesday as usual

[23:21:22] Alessandra : (25th is the International Day to End Violence against Women and we are preparing a lot of things to launch on the 25th, including the website on the 2010 international action of WMW, lets see if it will be ready.....)

[23:21:24] giuseppe : ok bingo you people we got another decision here right?

[23:21:40] Jason: ;) Good.  Can we proceed with the plan?  Are there any other points in 1 that you want to discuss?

[23:21:48] giuseppe : the beginning of the process for the website!

[23:21:54] Mallory : hooray!

[23:22:03] giuseppe : hooray it is indeed!thank mallory for facilitating this process!from now on :)As for Jason's question


[23:23:38] Mallory : i must go for the evening. happy talking to you. i will be in touch

[23:24:05] giuseppe : ciao mallory

[23:24:14] pacofocuspuller: ciao mallory e grazie//

[23:24:25] Rita Freire: tchau Mallory

[23:25:29] bettina: me too have to go very soon

[23:25:43] giuseppe : ok same here so it seems as many of us need to go shall we do point 2 and 3 next time?

[23:27:04] Rita Freire: Next week i'll in Dacar

[23:27:33] giuseppe : wonderful rita please please do report for those who can't be there even short notes of one paragraph for the comcom to feel there

[23:27:50] Rita Freire: Of course

[23:27:56] giuseppe : THANKS!


chapter two – finalizing the review of plan on the list deadline 15th november

[23:23:03] giuseppe : i think one is pretty straigghtforward now we could move to two if you people think

 [23:28:37] Jason: ok - I don't want to rush this, but we do have to finalize the plan.  Not just to move on, but also because we are supposed to send it to the IC with the other commission's reports. The office is pressing on this because they have to send the report on the IC by mid November.  So maybe can we send it around by email and have reactions until the weekend?

[23:28:55] Alessandra : yes, ok

[23:28:57] giuseppe : agreed maybe we can just circulate points 2 and 3 as the rest has been agreed?setting a deadline for comments afer which is finalisation time

 [23:30:00] Jason: ok, so is deadline 15th of November (included) ok?

[23:30:11] giuseppe : 15ht of november it is!

[23:30:16] maipoy: fine for me

[23:30:34] maipoy: ok, good night or good proceedings of the day!

[23:30:36] pacofocuspuller: ok I 'm in rome for the food sovereignity but i'm trying

[23:30:56] Rita Freire: Well, maybe I can'not be here for the next

[23:31:26] giuseppe : ok then who will send the points 2 and 3 to th elist?

[23:31:48] Jason: I will do that, simply sending the link to text And summarizing the decisions that have been taken here

[23:32:16] giuseppe : jason wouldn't it be nice to only separate the points 2 and 3 and send them as appended to an email  (thanks for summarising the decisoins taken here!) so people can comment inteline if they feel interlline

[23:32:55] Jason: Unless someone else wants to do that...!

[23:33:16] giuseppe : well i guess i can cut and paste from the website

[23:33:24] Jason: ok, both link and text (it is not so long)

[23:33:26] giuseppe : shall I? right now? ok link and text

[23:34:21] pacofocuspuller: yes but from which version? because is a continuing ...elaboration.....!

[23:35:09] Rita Freire: Bye friends, I have to go now, see you by email

[23:37:52] giuseppe : Guys i sent the email with both text and link

[23:38:03] giuseppe : i need to go get some sleep now  lovely meeting you all guys albeit virtually ciao

[23:40:44] Alessandra : buona notte tutti que partono; good night all, I need to leave as well! will send comments by email Alessandra : (bow)

Rita on  Memory project

[23:29:24] Rita Freire: I have a question on the point 2, concerning the memory project

[23:29:28] maipoy:   i will have to leave too... will follow-up next chat. i agree with jason

 [23:29:55] Rita Freire: Maybe ir suggests that this role will be played by the shared com com projects

 [23:35:12] Jason: Rita - your proposal is about who should work on memory?  That is not specified in the plan and can be discussed after.

[23:35:50] Rita Freire: My suggestion is only to point it as one objective more

[23:35:51] Jason: (but the proposal came from a specific group of people, so they should decide)

[23:36:48] Jason: What do you mean, Rita?

[23:36:59] Rita Freire: (as 2.1.4) - Memory

[23:37:25] Jason: As part of alternative/independent media?

 [23:37:52] Jason: Sorry, as part of Shared Collective communication spaces?

[23:38:03] Rita Freire: Are part of the 2,1 (y)

 [23:39:23] pacofocuspuller: rita la memoria è intersecante tra tutti i processi lo abbiamo già discusso molte volte.

[23:40:13] bettina: memory is a different objective

[23:40:28] Rita Freire: I agree with you, Paco, is for all the process But it is related only with video process, as I can read

[23:41:10] bettina: no it should not we have made a project all inclusive i have to go now good nite

[23:42:05] Rita Freire: Yes, then we need only to specify it as an objective, not more

[23:42:31] Jason: I think we are closing the meeting.  Rita, you can comment this in the list.

[23:42:58] Rita Freire: I sugest insert this before sending the list. Could be?

[23:43:16] pacofocuspuller: 2.3 the obiective : But I can understand that maybe you don have the right draft

[23:44:08] Rita Freire: No, insede the 2.1 (shared colletive space), but as a subtitle (the, after video

[23:46:00] Jason: I don't think there is consensus on this - but you can discuss this separately with the people who worked on the memory proposal and write to the list what conclusion you arrived to.

[23:46:22] pacofocuspuller: Jason bettina wrote in an other way the previous draft

[23:46:37] Rita Freire: Ok, ok, I found it.

[23:46:44] pacofocuspuller: the n you change : so if we go back it is right rita said sorry Jason you change in the last version what was wrote before .so in the previous draft was wrote how rita said in chapter of memory//

[23:49:11] Rita Freire: Well, if it is solved in the last version, that's ok have a good nigth, all of you

[23:50:10] Jason: Can you write this to me Antonio, I didn't understand.

[23:50:41] pacofocuspuller: la versione precedente la memoria era inclusiva di tutto: tu la hai cambiata: e hai rimesso dove si parla wsftv la memoria cosi ora appare solo in wsftv quando invece avevamo messo sono un po stanco orascusatemi è dalle 6 che sono in pista

[23:52:07] Jason: ?  Antonio, let's talk about this tomorrow, ok?  I really have to go now.

[23:52:10] pacofocuspuller: comunque guarda il progetto prima si certo anche io ciao a tutti e grazie

[23:52:45] Jason: Buona notte!

[23:52:53] pacofocuspuller: i belive that was a good chat thanks to everybodies ciao //

[23:53:29] Rita Freire: Ok, também achei um bom chat.: agora me atrasei, estou indo, beijos


Next time agenda ?

[23:46:00] Jason: Proposed agenda for next time (wednesday 18): start defining the specific activities in the chronogram.