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[21:07] <pierre>  :-) hello

[21:08] <mallory> hi, pierre luca and jason are out

[21:08] <pierre> yes ...

[21:10] <mallory> paco is coming so, pierre, what time is it in paris?

[21:11] <pierre> 21 11

[21:13] <mallory> thanks, the time changed here over the weekend, so i want to double-check my in'l appointments

Mallory -Pierre – about Osaka Detroit expanded

21:15] <mallory> yes, pierre, we can begin i don't have a microphone. let's just talk here

[21:16] <pierre> ( i see that a high proportion of techies do not carry microphone  ;-) )

[21:18] <mallory> pierre, what was it we could discuss?

[21:20] <pierre> miscellanea .. osaka, mexico, dex .

[21:21] <mallory> i have talked with yoshihide and we have set up an event in detroit, with a backup event in nyc if necessary , there is nothign to discuss with mexico because the organizers are still working , dex is moving along just fine

[21:22] <pierre> how long might be the connection with osaka ? i understand there is a  short "message", might there be something else 

[21:23] <mallory> 5 minutes,  probably not , it's 3 in the morning or something ridiculous , do you have anything to add?

[21:24] <pierre> by your tone , i'd rather not :-)

[21:24] <mallory> i appreciate that you were able to put yoshihide in touch with us. that was very good.

[21:27] <pierre> thanks for your appreciation.. i am doing sfex job . facilitating 

Arrival of paco  - sharing contacts for osaka

[21:24] <paco> hi

[21:24] <mallory> hello, paco!

[21:24] <mallory> welcome

[21:24] <paco> ciao to all

[21:24] <pierre> hello paco welcome to irc

[21:24] <mallory> pierre and i were just talking about the osaka forum, but let us start now, are we expecting anyone else? luca and jason are away today

[21:27] <paco> pierre why you dont share this contact, yesterday i asked you some contact on Osaka, we wish to do the streaming embed on wsftv ,and we need some contact please

[21:28] <mallory> here's some info with the streaming url, paco: http://abc.ussf2010.org/dex-events/osaka , also a skype name. all info public also here: http://openfsm.net/projects/osaka-expanded

[21:28] <pierre> no problem paco ...

[21:28] <paco> is a streaming without any advertising ?

[21:28] <pierre> it is ustream

[21:29] <paco> thanks mallory i will pass to Edo

streaming on wsftv.net

[21:29] <pierre> paco : what is the exact capability of wsftv.net at the moment  regarding

[21:31] <mallory> pierre asked you: paco : what is the exact capability of wsftv.net at the moment   regarding streaming

[21:31] <paco> we only embed for the moment

[21:32] <mallory> do you then archive?

[21:32] <paco> i dont know is edo doing and watching it, is no my sector i just open the contact

Sharing contacts for rio

[21:34] <paco> and about rio pierre any news , did you listen gabriele from habita and someone in brasil about the internet connection?

[21:35] <pierre> no ...  i have some contact with rio com group , still having to find the good person ;something may happen though last minute

[21:36] <paco> could you send me a mail please because i'm looking for people that are shooting some videos, there are the italians from habita, but contact we have is better

[21:37] <pierre> i can send you my contacts mails... 

Ussf and video

[21:38] <paco> during the first forum i was always on the web to pushing the people..... but at the end we got 24 videos

[21:40] <paco> mallory one question, I tried yesterday to contact the ussf video channel on youtube , do you know them?

[21:40] <mallory> yes, i know there is a channel. but who are you looking for? we have a media center meeting tonight

[21:41] <paco> i invite them also to use the distribution with wsftv but till no no replay, trough you tube is not always easy to catch the people Just who coordinating the videos so we can start to work togheter

[21:41] <mallory> i can influence that they use wsftv.net. we were waiting to influence this discussion until we had our own site, but this has been pending for over one year now ;0

[21:41] <mallory> yes, paco, i agree we should be working together

[21:42] <paco> i think that is important to use all the chance that we have to distribute and publish, like always

[21:43] <paco> we did this job from many years now also before wsftv, from the 2002 when we open a tv, infact i'm honestly quite repress that we always not advancing, we have to open a webtv during the events , if you do a steraming you can make your programming schedule and put on the net , and the video on demand

[21:45] <paco> I whish to come in detroit a work togheter with you

[21:47] <mallory> great! paco. we would love your help. have you registered acoiris yet? i can add you to our mailing list now

[21:49] <paco> i'm not from arcoiris

[21:49] <mallory> oh, sorry, i guess the first step is to register yourself as an individual then

[21:50] <paco> oky i will do soon

How to make contacts- how to share them

[21:37] <paco> i think we have to make a common file and then share the duties so maybe we can try to work in group , may be ?

[21:38] <mallory> pierre, is it that you are finding your contacts through the openfsm site? or we can all be more collaborative and give up contacts when they're needed

[21:39] <pierre> i find my contacts following pathes of contact  ( rio) or just writing to the organizers early ( osaka ) and find good feedback or not depending the local situation

[21:41] <mallory> pierre, what do you mean?

[21:42] <pierre> to share contacts, we have first to be more in contact ;-)

[21:42] <mallory> pierre, what do you mean in very specific terms?

[21:44] <pierre> i mean that finding good contacts,  willing to engage in practical work , is always  uncertain  and that we as comcom have not organized our own getting together to share what we do since the beginning of 2010

Luciano and Pierre possible dex volunteers

[21:50] <pierre> mallory, did you hear from luciano from sao paulo ?  (i think i will also "apply" to dex organizing list too..) 

[21:51] <mallory> i didn't hear from him, no