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Plan 1

October 20 chat 2

Participation 2

start 2

screening the plan – evolving an agenda for tomorrow comcom chat 2

Plan and projects 3

Two moments 3

Synthesis protocol? 4

language issue? 4

Montreal minutes 5

other issues – governance issues? 5

Call to Wednesday meeting – short notice- time- synthesis protocol 5

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wednesday chat october 22nd 6

Participation 6

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start- completing the weekly comcom meeting skype list 6

IPS contribution for 2010 7

Meeting in Ghana? African videos 7

Alessandra views on com plan– Jason ‘s reply 8

Including “who does what when how” in the scanning of the plan? 8

Two layers in the plan 8

Comcom rabat mandate 8

scanning with three questions 9

Comcom seminar 9

Alternate media – plan paragraph 10

Alternate media part first round of comments 11

alternate media : who is doing what ? 12

rita vision 12

looking for a common frame in alternate media part 12

discussion on “team directing local support in events” 13

reframing the paragraph 14

Who does what ? 14

our challenge in 2010 and in the future: work mostly on line to sustain openspace wsf facilitating communities 14

what is the “target” of alternate media com plan –media activists or event organizers? 15

experience transfer : policy and tools two sides of the same coin 15

project oriented to policy oriented 16

Rest of the plan ?–who does what 16

scan it together for vision and synergies ? 16

Who is “we” ? 16

what are comcom working groups for ? how to include ? 17

montreal report progress 17

Minutes and Report of this chat -next monday - 17

Dakar seminar participation 18

resources com request – summarizing form 18

ciao 19

October 20 chat


Antonio, Bettina Jason Pierre Rita


[21:31:00] Bettina: hallo everybody,anybody there?it's 9:30 here

[21:36:49] Antonio: non lo vedoo forse perche ero invisibile, hi

[21:38:53] Pierre: hello

[21:38:59] Jason: Hi Bettina - I'm here

[21:39:24] Bettina: ciao jason, ciao pierre!

[21:40:24] Bettina: antonio?rita?others?

[21:45:21] Antonio: ola, are you around ?

[21:46:33] Bettina: antonio has some problems with skype, does not see us in this chat, how to invite him?

[21:49:46] Antonio: hi

[21:50:16] Jason: hmmm - it seems like it's only a few of us.

[21:50:28] Bettina: as usual, antonio is still not seeing us

[21:50:51] Antonio: okey: ciao

screening the plan – evolving an agenda for tomorrow comcom chat

[21:51:05] Bettina: ciao, it's only 4 of us, what can we do? shall we go on with what we agreed yesterday?

[21:54:26] Pierre: can you reword what we agreed?

[21:55:13] Bettina: didn't we say we wanted to take the plan and go through it as a beginning?,the draft that was to be presented in montreal

[21:56:57] Pierre: ok like a rehearsal ...the text of jason http://openfsm.net/projects/communication-commission/communication-plan-2010-11-draft

[21:56:24] Rita : what? temos chat hoje?

[22:00:02] Jason: I was thinking just of discussing and deciding together the agenda of tomorrow's meeting - agreeing time (start and end) and what we should cover. So we can send a message with it and maybe tomorrow try to contact some people directly to make sure they can participate

[22:00:36] Antonio: ok

[22:01:18] Bettina: ok jason . didn't we say that inviting new people at this point it wouldn't be a good idea? or are you saying to invite comcom people to review together the plan?

[22:07:04] Jason: This chat and the meetings are visible already to 64 people and in Montreal the request in the meetings we had was to be more inclusive and transparent. The plan needs to be revised by who made it plus input and suggestions from who is participating in the commission. We need first to agree on the activities for 2010, as we said yesterday.

[22:08:00] Bettina: yes, it is what i intended

[22:08:53] Pierre: yesterday it was observed that we had no opportunity to cover the whole plan in one shot yet, in the previous chats throughout the summer i mean, but whatever you want to do today is fine

[22:10:41] Antonio: well

[22:12:41] Jason: I think we should organise a good agenda for tomorrow's meeting - so we can really go through the whole plan in a few hours (not more!).

[22:12:57] Pierre: i have put the link above to the plan draft released by jason which is the origin of the charts in Montréal, so if the agenda is to go through the charts , we are all set , or is there more to say ;) or jason do you imagine to approach the plan in successive ways, not just scanning it?

[22:14:01] Bettina: i suggest we take the necessary time, if in one shot or more

[22:14:49] Rita : Is the draft above the Jason sent to the mailing list last week? the same? because, I suggest invite the list to comment and improve that plan. This could be the agenda

[22:15:52] Jason: yes

Plan and projects

[22:17:00] Rita : And we have task-home (to fill the form and to send it to Jason)

[22:17:59] Bettina: the plan is one thing , the projects another, they are the detail of the plan, arent they?

[22:18:07] Jason: yesterday I suggested a two parts approach: communicating to mobilize people for the events in 2010 (and 2011); facilitating the communication about the events - or, as Pierre put it - communication inside and outside the wsf.

[22:20:38] Rita : ok, I could include mobilize to communicate (not about but as part of the process)

[22:20:58] Pierre: so that would mean scanning the plan twice , one with question about participation inside wsf, and one about mobilization /communication towards newparticipants

[22:24:53] Jason: Rita - were would you see the work of alternative media: inside or outside or both? And what would mobilize to communicate in 2010 mean in practice?

[22:26:36] Rita : Alternative media is inside and ouside (cover e inform about)n And the concept of shared com is mobilize a collective media action Inviting, informing and facilitating : exchanges between alternative media and social communicators interested in .I think all of we do the shared com, because of this I think the local aproach is such important than virtual

[22:30:37] Bettina: sorry, when we talk about alternative media, is that independent media? is ti the same or another concept?

[22:30:38] Rita : In few words... that is it, yes, but the concept is larger than professional media, professional alternative media is larger than it

[22:32:26] Bettina: why?

[22:32:29] Antonio: i think that this one is not the point,for me

[22:32:43] Bettina: surely it is linguistic issue but it needs to be understood,

[22:32:51] Antonio: we have to elaborate

[22:33:43] Rita : social communicators are the principal protagonist, most of them are journalists, but not only

[22:34:04] Antonio: a strong whole concept based on what we do for belem .

[22:34:17] Rita : yes Paco

[22:34:32] Antonio: but including different aspect because,of course for us alternative has a meaning; so, but anyways, the concept for me must be focus on sharing, sharing contacts between forum between organization, individual, and out the process to involve people, and how to involve ? also with press radio tv etc etc

[22:37:19] Rita : agree: sharing is the top secret

[22:38:33] Bettina: all this is already written in the plan draft, isn'it?: why dont we take than the first bit where this is written and start the work?

Two moments

[22:40:02] Pierre: trying to get back to discuss in general " how this whole draft plan review would this be done tomorrow" ...... i mean the practical protocol for the chat discussion

moment 1 (one hour) " assess how the presented draft plan cover concern 1 : stimulating/facilitating communication processes "inside wsf" in 2010 context ( supporting event organising committees, and connection processes between activities in different event and having in view an accumulative process of expression of alternatives to crisis culminating in Dakar)

moment 2 ( one hour) " assess how the presented draft plan cover concern 2 : stimulating/facilitating communication processes "outside wsf" in 2010 context( i-e worldwide , and supporting event organizing committees to mobilize for their event , which is inserted in a bigger "story")

assess how = assess whether draft com plan includes most of main aspect of what can be facilitated, and what is necessary to develop wsf content relevancy and expansion

one hour comment time for each question - people send question/suggestions in the whole plan mentioning the part they are in , and give opinion on what should be added, or reinforced, or what is unimportant

rain of comments and ideas, not necessarily making consensus or coherent ...

then a reformulation of proposed modification to each part of plan

How to do it ?

trying to focus on the method for tomorrow : how to formulate modifications to be brought to the plan from the inputs collected in the first two moments : who when how ? proposing then the amended plan to the list

[22:43:37] Rita : is seems good

[22:44:08] Jason: Sounds good to me - this could be the premise. Realistically we maybe need 2 sessions of 2 hours, depending on how many people participate. But it would also be very useful if people could contribute in the mailing list - and then we use the wiki to amend the draft.

[22:45:35] Jason: We also need to have a part on the build up and event of 2011 - there is very little now.

Synthesis protocol?

[22:45:02] Pierre: do we define who when how will amend the draft ? based on the input?

or do we leave this to spontaneity and self discipline

[22:45:26] Antonio: ahah

[22:46:02] Pierre: in the ic in those kind of situation , there is a working group entrusted to do the synthetical work and then proposing a amended draft to plenary that may not be the only method around, but it is a practiced one

language issue?

[22:46:01] Rita : On methodoly: we can'not speak only in english, because - minimal spanish should be used. How to do it?

[22:47:17] Pierre: Rita: the plan can be translated in spanish (?) and people can make their input in spanish, during the collection phase

[22:48:28] Pierre: is it translated now? , we can have an automatic translation with some touch up

[22:48:56] Rita : But during the chat, all of us can talk another Latin language. It would be useful, try to write synthesis each part of the chat : Some people doesn't know or doesn't like speaking English. They don’t come here

[22:51:02] Pierre: if we do a collection of ideas/input there is no real discussion , there are inputs coming in English or Spanish - there can be people translating those inputs

making a synthesis will be the work of the final synthesis group if this way of operation is agreed

[22:51:06] Rita : but we can solve this just to make the chats more inclusive

[22:52:36] Pierre: am ok for this ... just asking who translate the plan by tomorrow ?

[22:54:24] Rita : I can do this, but just tomorrow I have a lot of work to do now Into Portuguese, not Spanish

[22:56:48] Pierre: i have put a goggle translation in the page here : http://openfsm.net/projects/communication-commission/propuesta-de-proyecto-proceso-2010

[22:59:12] Rita : It would be good some Spanish speaker could review

[22:59:37] Pierre: sure

Montreal minutes

[22:59:41] Jason: There's also another thing - I have not been able to work on the minutes of our meetings, but I obtained the notes on the comcom meeting by Alternatives volunteer in Montreal. Together with Pierre's notes, a 2 page memo of the meeting could be done. Is anyone available to do it?

[23:00:13] Pierre: i can work on it ..... if you send the alternative notes

[23:00:57] Rita : I can translate the Pierre job tomorrow too (just 2 pages, ok/)

[23:01:09] Jason: great

[23:02:19] Rita : well, Now I need to finish the task I am doing here. May I leave?

[23:02:51] Pierre: we have not decided about how the rain of ideas would be transformed into version 2 of plan (assuming people accept this rain of idea protocol)

[23:05:21] Jason: It's not just a rain of ideas - it's suggestions and comments based on the plan we have to make it a better one. It also implies that more people need to be involved at various levels - since there are 20 events (+ Dakar) and there needs to be a much bigger group to deal with it.

[23:05:48] Antonio: exactly Jason for me in the lane there are some concept or action that needs to be valorised but the basic draft , the skeleton we have

[23:06:34] Pierre: agree it is focused on the plan,

other issues – governance issues?

but comments/input will be coming in no order (this is assuming people will not want first to discuss comcom governance issues ...)

[23:08:21] Bettina: i don’t understand Pierre lets start from the plan which needs to be reviewed: point after point, scanning it what ever

[23:09:27] Pierre: Bettina : i agree - we are calling for a meeting on the assessment of the com plan , now there has been inputs on the mailing list calling for first a discussion on governance issues, i guess addressing the plan first is more action oriented and productive and trustful to existing comcom group

[23:11:02] Antonio: okey for me pierre

[23:14:14] Bettina: as long as the process we are having in these chats are being summarized, translated, published and easily found in open.net , sent in mailing list,asked people to participate reminding the appointments etc, or not?

Call to Wednesday meeting – short notice- time- synthesis protocol

[23:15:25] Pierre: ah.. who makes the call to the meeting ? btw...is 20h notice acceptable?) as long as there is not instant decision making it is acceptable... and might lead to a second session

[23:16:24] Jason: I can do it, but let's make the (short) text together. I liked how pierre phrased the two "moments" before. it is our Wednesday meeting, we haven't called it off yet... so it is acceptable.

[23:23:19] Bettina: in this step there cannot be a instant decision; after discussion there must be a time of post discussion, of new comments and ideas to be reviewed after, taking the time needed, only this way we are sure to come up with a common shared discussed plan

[23:24:49] Pierre: Bettina : agree in principle, just wanting to know how much time we have

[23:25:18] Bettina: i dont know untill we start, lets see, what time tomorrow?

[23:25:49] Antonio: 9 pm cet?

[23:26:06] Antonio: 9.30 ?

[23:26:21] Pierre: usually the chat is at 7pm, but we can change for me later is fine

[23:26:45] Bettina: 7pm i will not be there: 9 i will be there

[23:27:56] Jason: 9 ok for me too.

[23:28:06] Pierre: we have not defined the proposal for making the synthesis

[23:28:45] Bettina: you mean who make the synthesis and in which language? of this chat?and all others i guess

[23:29:39] Pierre: the synthesis can be done in two languages , the point is who when how

[23:30:07] Pierre: no, Bettina synthesis of the whole inputs collection of tomorrow and the next session to come: maybe it is good to suggest also a synthesis protocol in the call, being understood that this can be discussed


[23:31:59] Bettina: yes

[23:32:03] Antonio: ok

[23:32:46] Jason: Guys, I need to go - pls go ahead... Talk to you tomorrow! Buona notte!

[23:32:59] Antonio: ciao jason

[23:33:00] Pierre: well you are to draft this call jason !no call no meeting

[23:35:20] Bettina: i also have to go in a moment, good nite jason

[23:35:29] Antonio: un saluto ciao

[23:36:45] Pierre: ciao....

[23:36:52] Bettina: buonanotte

[23:37:51] Antonio: bye bye

wednesday chat october 21/22nd


Alessandra Antonio, Bettina Jason Mariana monica, Pierre Rita Zoul

before start

[ 18:32:27] *** Jason a invité susan ***

[ 19:42:21] normafer: Hola amigos, si el chat de hoy va a ser a las 4 de acá ( o sea dentro de casi dos horas) no podré estar porque a la tarde se realiza el acto de puesta en marcha de la nueva Ley de Servicios de Comunicación Audiovisual, que fue una larga lucha. Yo estoy en la organización, de modo que estoy saliendo para allá, seguiré el debate luego. He estado tan ocupada con esto que no me enteré que hubo un chat ayer...

[ 20:03:40] Rita : oi, estou por aqui, trabalhando na janela ao lado

[ 20:04:18] Mariana: I'm here too!

[ 20:16:45] *** Pierre a invité Alessandra ***

start- completing the weekly comcom meeting skype list

[ 21:11:39] Jason: Hola

[ 21:11:52] Rita : And...

[ 21:11:55] Antonio: ola compas !

[ 21:14:48] Bettina: anybody there?

[ 21:15:42] Pierre: hello

[ 21:16:12] Jason: Mariana, RIta - sabes si Salete puedes estart en el chat?

[ 21:17:53] Rita : Jason, Salete disse que tentaria, entre as reuniões agendadas, mas não tinha se dado conta do novo horário. No Brasil agora são 5h20 pm (horário de verão).Só falei com ela pela manhã.: Aguém já inseriu Giuseppi neste chat? Dan também disse que não nos encontrou. E Zul também mostrou muito interesse em Montreal. Alguém tem notícias?

[ 21:21:53] Alessandra: hola!

[ 21:22:00] Mariana: yo no tengo noticia de Salete... puedo llamarle

[ 21:22:04] Bettina: Hallo everybody

[ 21:22:06] Monica: hi guys, here I ambusy with FAO events and running to Wt but I'm following the process reading all

[ 21:22:20] Pierre: hello monica , long time we understand :) : there is quite a bit to read

[ 21:25:28] Jason: Does anyone have Giuseppe's skype id? Otherwise I'd say we can start...

[ 21:25:57] Alessandra: Jason, add Zoul as well:

[ 21:26:18] Antonio: Ciao Alessandra how are you?

[ 21:26:34] Alessandra: fine: very busy

[ 21:26:56] Jason: Alessandra, if you have Zoul among your contacts, you can add him directly - its faster

[ 21:27:12] Alessandra: One thing: now in Brazil is summer time, so here in Sao Paulo is 17h26 (5h26 pm) : I only have 30 minutes, but will let my skype on and send comments after, by email

[ 21:27:32] *** Antonio a invité giu. ***

[ 21:27:41] *** Mariana a invité Zoul ***

[ 21:28:58] Jason: Ok, anyone else? Shall we start?

[ 21:29:24] Pierre: (marcello from amarc anyone knows his skype? )

[ 21:33:10] *** Alessandra a invité marcelo***

[ 21:29:50] Zoul: i'm here without being here - as always

[ 21:30:37] Pierre: (zoul: you said that also in montreal meeting...)

[ 21:30:57] Zoul: i always say this - ans this is true

[ 21:31:37] Pierre: at least it is consistent

[ 21:31:48] Zoul: :)

IPS contribution for 2010

[ 21:32:42] Jason: Susan (IPS) is here in the background - she sent me this to share about IPS plans for 2010:

To accompany the process in 2010 IPS is planning a permanent TerraViva online window on the World Social Forum, providing ongoing reporting in many languages from as many of the events as possible. This continues the IPS and TerraViva engagement with the WSF since its inception in Porto Alegre in 2001. With the 10th anniversary, emphasis is being put on collecting and sharing the memory of the process to date, with the TerraViva newspaper archive providing a rich contribution.

Meeting in Ghana? African videos

[ 21:33:45] Zoul: tonight i say bye bye to my friends in Paris... i fly for a long time to Ghana... just one point i will be from 2 to 7th of November at filep.org in Ouagadougou > 200 journalists from all Africa... if you prepare it i can do a message, a print to show in there...

: i have lots of memory from the social forum in Africa but i need long time to work on it - how to do this with IPS ?

example : the website of Bamako, we contribute to build it, but the domain name was lost, because nobody in Bamako wanted to pay for it

[ 21:36:33] Jason: Zoul - sounds great. I'll be in Accra next week for Social Watch assembly - maybe we can meet if you're there.

[ 21:36:49] Antonio: It is very interesting Zoul, nice to meet you, we also have a big video archive on AFS process in Africa that we made with the African social forum secretariat .

[ 21:38:10] susanex: The IPS Bamakao archive is here http://www.ipsterraviva.net/TV/WSF2006/default.asp

[ 21:39:00] Pierre: paco - http://www.wsftv.net/search?SearchableText=africa

[ 21:35:19] Jason: [Norma - usted puede seguir en Inglés ?

[ 21:41:35] Zoul: jason : i won't be in accra - i'll go from togo to cotonou to burkina, then ghana around the 15 of november

Alessandra views on com plan– Jason ‘s reply

[ 21:39:16] Alessandra: Well, this has to do with question: who does what? I guess some kind of coordination must exist. For instance: the renew of the forumsocialmundial.org.br is made by the organizations responsible by managing WSF office. Since before it was Abong and now I guess it continues to be. So going to the point on the com com plan...

As I mentioned, i guess it is necessary to have a concrete picture on who is proposing to to what in each point of the plan...

...but we also need to think on what are the minimum necessary; that is, what really needs to be assured from all that plan, what are the minimum resources (finance, human resources) required

: ... I guess a lot can be done only by using our resources, for instance: if WSF office prepares a newsletter, what is our role? At least, forwarding that to our contacts

[ 21:44:02] Jason: Alessandra - there are a number of working groups which already have tasks (described in the plan) with some people in each who have worked during the summer drafting specific activities. The working groups are open, but that doesn't mean that the work done up to now has to start from zero.

Including “who does what when how” in the scanning of the plan?

[ 21:47:51] Rita : Hi friends, What Ale asks is not conflicting with the agenda for today: who do what is part of it, isn, t? (Hi everybody, great to meet you again. Is Giuseppi here too?)

[ 21:49:52] Alessandra: I guess this in fact needs to be presented together with the com com plan: a column on the concrete task / another one on the calendar (when to do that) / another one on who will be doing

[ 21:51:01] Mariana: Why don't we review the plan point by point and fill it with those info?

[ 21:51:07] Antonio: Dear alessandra , yesterday we try to resume and relaunch a common methodology to work together.the plan is not finished and have many poin for my opinion to check, unfortunately i was not in Montréal so I can just work like the other time by internet.What we propose was to check point by point all with all that wont participate //

Two layers in the plan

[ 21:51:57] Pierre: alessandra, there are two layers to the plan,

1/ the text presented here: http://openfsm.net/projects/communication-commission/communication-plan-2010-11-draft

2/ a series of tasks/result description with actors in charge

this is how we have worked for belem (documentation is on line)

and this is how we are preparing 2010 (documentation is mostly on line too)

Comcom rabat mandate

[ 21:56:20] Jason: And just to be clear - in Rabat we decided the following, presented to the IC and got mandate for it:

1. Promote the call to participate in the 2009-2010 process, including those who cannot come to big events

2. Make visible proposals from Belem assemblies and followup

3. Create a visual identity (logo, slogan ..) for the 2009-2010 process

4. Open a process of communication enlargement that allows - in addition to the events planned in the progress of WSF - to contemplate the participation of many actors of civil society organizations and individuals [SFEX: Social Forum Expanded]

5. Identify in the organizing committees of the forums from now till the end of 2010 a person responsible for communication acting in a coordinated way with communication commission of IC

6. Organize in a functional and multilingual way the websites that will be used in 2009-2011 process for information and participation

7. Promote shared practice of communication, based on the accumulated experience of the forum

8. Strengthen operational capacity of the Commission with contributors employed by organizations of the IC

9. Update and contact the list of participants, journalists and media in preceeding global and regional forums

10. Process jointly WSF 2011 communication aspects between Organizing Committee and IC communication commission

11. Develop a global campaign for self-sustainability of WSF (in term of time dedicated to process and economic resources)

[ 21:56:41] Jason: (this text is at the end of the draft plan - as reference)

[ 21:56:43] Jason: //

scanning with three questions

[ 21:57:25] Rita : Please, let's go to the plan, answering the 3 questions each project: the two ones Jason propose for the agenda and the question Ale propose: who does?

[ 21:57:50] Alessandra: [I read all the plan and it seems too much activities and no clue on who does what; people are necessary to execute the plan - are these people paid? is it service providers, volunteers? so, my suggestions is that we try to discuss here what is the minimum to assure. Is that possible?]

[ 22:01:17] Jason: Sure, Alessandra, it is possible. But I think we should also maintain the logic of the approach: facilitating "inside" wsf communication on one side, and "outside" (i.e. public opinion) on the other.

Comcom seminar

So I would start with the first...

[ 22:06:54] Jason: "1. Commission Strategy seminar

A two-day meeting to discuss in depth communication strategy issues related to the mid- and long- term WSF process, networking, promotion as well as to the work on the detailed plan for 2010 and 2011, stemming from the experience in the Global day of action and in Belem. This meeting could involve Methodology commission members as well as the ad hoc 2010 IC working group. Date to be defined (depending also on resources), possibly by January 2010."

Since 2007 the Commission hasn't had the possibility to have a meeting to discuss at length all the issues raised in Montreal and a longer term strategy and we can all feel this is missing. That is why there is this proposal, but the resources needed for it probably cannot be in process budget -- Roberto Savio is trying to see if there is the possibility to raise them elsewhere.

[ 22:08:08] Jason: //

[ 22:08:48] Antonio: Okey I will agree this point, but I think that in the points, must be put not at the top pf the plan Bettina also give us the availability of one house in Italy Thanks//

[ 22:12:15] Jason: It was there only for "chronological reasons" - i.e. to have the meeting as soon as possible... - in any case I think we should keep it in the plan, even if as last point, and have a few of us help Savio to try and organise it

[ 22:12:41] Antonio: okey Jason//

[ 22:13:26] Rita : It would be a part of IC activities? Does we need to define it with another commission, or only invite them?

[ 22:19:37] Jason: I guess we need to define it better also speaking with some people of methodology and 2010 working group. But I wouldn't discuss this now - we can do it next time especially if someone volunteers to follow it up.

[ 22:19:53] Rita : ok

[ 22:19:57] Antonio: ok

[ 22:20:01] Pierre: indeed , some pending discussions which have been identified inside comcom prove delicate to discuss on line, and converge on a consensus basis , there is progress but slow

experience of several past ic meeting is frustrating , did not allow to take the necessary time to focus on those issues and progress ,

and memories of Florence seminar in may 2007 are good : necessary time was given to discuss the first draft of communication plan, and amend it a lot with in depth discussions, in a next seminar i guess progress could be made about guidelines/terms of reference , lexicon , organization , policy making scope of comcom , etc...

yes i think it is useful now because there are a lot accumulated practices and experience in the background or appearing in the 2010 horizon and there is a need to replace this in a common frame, and systematize , progress in these fields probably allow a greater expansion of comcom

[ 22:26:39] Jason: ok - let's go on.

Alternate media – plan paragraph

Now this is a tricky one... alternative media: internal or external communication? or both? Who is the main target? Who is working on it?

2. Shared communication and alternative media

The following tasks are a summary of the proposals:

2.1 Facilitating shared communication between 2010 events and build-up to WSF 2011

Interact with the Organizing Committee of events to stimulate the formation of nuclei of shared communication and their integration with the existing projects that promote exchange and collaboration in covering the WSF (before and during each event); promote the copyleft coverage by indipendent/alternative media through Ciranda and involvement of other networks; use the celebration of 10 years of the WSF as occasion to reflect and build on the experience fo shared communication.

2.2 Forum de Radios

A campaign in 6 languages to promote the Forums and their coverage to radios in the Americas, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia. Facilitation of coordinated programming, spots, in different languages (Portuguese, Spanish, French, German, Dutch, English, Arabic, Swahili). Special involvement of community radios worldwide.

2.3 Fórum de Tv and video exchange system – wsftv.net

Building of a online video community that can be able to cover each forum in the path to reach Dakar in the 2011 in relation of the plan made by the IC in Rabat; opening for each forum a specific channel in the website related to and linked with the other forum websites. Developing the Video Memory archive of wsftv (existing and working since the Global Day of Action 2008), in terms of mapping, cataloguing and uploading all available past video material and consolidating an updating the video database.

Alternate media part first round of comments

[ 22:27:45] Jason: Should we go through this one by one? Should we also look at the synergies with the mainstream press activities?: //

[ 22:28:20] Antonio: Just one first comment for the the heading of point 2 is Share Communication .

[ 22:28:59] Rita : Well, here we have three great projects very summarized Ciranda has a lot of activities to do

[ 22:30:05] Antonio: we have to harmonize the different proposal in one //

[ 22:30:18] Bettina: i agree with antonio, i think that Shared communication could be the heading of : 1internal communication, 2. external : because we all do shared communication it can be treated as the main concept

[ 22:31:23] Rita : Shared comm is a concept, all of we work in this way, is it?

[ 22:31:58] Antonio: yessss

[ 22:32:36] Rita : But we have some projects linked with share coverages from alternative media, social communicators, community radio, video activists, etc not private media

[ 22:33:46] Bettina: i would write shorter: interact with the Organizing Committee of events to stimulate the formation of nuclei of shared communication and their integration with the existing projects that promote exchange and collaboration in covering the WSF (before and during each event); promote the copyleft coverage by independent/alternative media and involvement of other networks.

[ 22:33:51] Rita : Then: we have this project too much summarized

[ 22:33:58] Bettina: than we decline the different ideas that still have to be harmonized ( i think)

[ 22:34:52] Rita : I agree with this resume, if the other ones are resumed in one paragraph too nor actions, not specific activities

[ 22:34:54] Bettina: of course the heading can be enriched in the concept,: decline into internal / external communication for example, than press, radio, tv, ecc

[ 22:36:41] Pierre: i guess "shared coverage/communication" schemes /spaces in each 2010 event and globally are both relevant

-as internal to the process ( organisation are communicating their actions mutually by themselves or through alternate media and are outreaching for wsf participants in those actions,

-also alternate media who are process participants and the organisation they cover have a direct communication inside wsf process

- as external towards people organisation not included in the process, within the outreach area of each alternate media

[ 22:37:35] Antonio: Pierre sorry what is alternate media ? independent media ?

[ 22:39:42] Rita : (answering the Paco question: no merchandized media: all free, independent, social, alternative, community coverage you can imagine that could work together

alternate media : who is doing what ?

[ 22:37:46] Jason: Rita, Antonio - could you specify the main tasks and who is involved?

[ 22:39:59] Antonio: right Rita

[ 22:40:19] Pierre: ok rita

[ 22:39:57] Rita : Now, anwsering Jason: a moment, the activities are not translated, but ...

rita vision


1) Mobilize participation of communicators / and the alternative media coverage of the shared celebration of 10 years of the WSF, the WSF process mark 2010-11

2) Mobilize the participation of communicators / alternative media and the upcoming events calendar in 2010-11 shared coverage of the debates, actions and proposals on the international crisis, it also marks the WSF process in 2010

3) To motivate young players and new communication WSF 2010-11 the participation of the permanent shared communication WSF and construction proposals, demonstrations and actions in defense of the right to communication and democratic world media

Specific Actions

1) Direct Mailing (email, phone, chat in Portuguese and English) of the proposed 2010-11 shared coverage with alternative ways of coming events calendar 2010-1011 (

2) Disclosure indirect (release, exchange of articles and use of lists in Portuguese, English, Spanish and French) of the proposed 2010-11 coverage shared with the international alternative

3) Provision of person or team to direct local support (participation in events where the presence is requested and made possible) the construction of shared coverage of the event

4) Study on the guidelines for the event and at least 4 goals of the WSF, for the event - debate the crisis, for the event - FSM 10 years, for event-shared communication

5) Redesign of graphic and editorial Ciranda to cover the visibility of shared coverage of each of the calendar events of the WSF, and highlights updated regularly (daily or weekly, depending on the source), with cover versions in 4 languages

[ 22:43:50] Rita : The actions above is in charge of Ciranda, Ciranda works in coordianate way with tv forum and radio forum

looking for a common frame in alternate media part

[ 22:40:45] Antonio: Jason and all I think that that the indy-alternatetc media : must be mobilize like in belem and during the GDA this is a practise that we have done mostly of us from the start of the forum process.

me for example in florence I made a indy tv....global tv were work more then 100 people .this a practise that we did for a long time and also we do in Belem , but must be develop because the potentiality has not been reach at all

[ 22:45:21] Antonio: sorry but in the way put by rita it is very complicated

[ 22:47:11] Rita : Paco, it is complicated bus we need to see the project clearly. The only thing we ask for (Pia told me the same), is that the activities that we need to do event by event should be considered and listed in the project draft

[ 22:48:57] Bettina: i thought we would discuss in a different way....

[ 22:49:07] Rita : We don't need to list all the activities in this chat, but me and she, and you Paco, concerning the TV Forum, would work together do fill the draft with those activities

[ 22:49:19] Bettina: like this it gets very confusing

[ 22:51:24] Rita : bhe another items of the draft are too long, so detailed,

[ 22:53:56] Antonio: i tough to do an overall and conceptual discussion here and not present each project in detail, also because I do not agree some point like to speak about the 10 years or putting a date. or tv forum for example . I'm here like i was in this last years to try to facilitate the participation and communication in general first . then

we can speak about ciranda - wsftv or what ever .I say this because analizing the different project there are many points that are common in the different proposal

[ 22:54:29] Rita : Yes TV Forum is no 10 years long is part of the shared com history

[ 22:56:14] Antonio: so for me what we have to do is to join the same thinghs that are presents in the different project.: video, radio , web indipendent press are all doing the same thinghs are only change the support : I guess

[ 22:57:49] Bettina: i totally agree, this is what i meant by saying to make a common general plan,

[ 22:58:07] Antonio: our role is to facilitate the overall comm process with suggestion and also with some experience accumulated in this years and may be also find out the critics point to improve the result

[ 22:58:41] Jason: Any input from the rest of you, so it doesn't become a meeting between Antonio, Rita and Bettina :) ?

discussion on “team directing local support in events”

Rita, I have a problem with point:

3) Provision of person or team to direct local support (participation in events where the presence is requested and made possible) the construction of shared coverage of the event

Isn't it the responsibility of the local organising committees and media working groups? Is this coverage of the event? If not, how does it work? Also what about social media and bloggers - how can they be included in the shared communication?

[ 22:58:43] Bettina: than we can decline the specificity of the different tools

[ 22:58:47] Antonio: that for me is to involve more people is possible.//

[ 22:59:58] Bettina: what do we want to do, look at each project, or

[ 23:00:38] Rita : I understand what you say. The conceptual difference is: for us is really important to express the conceptual proposal (the principal role of this commission) in practices inside the several WSF events.

[ 23:00:40] Bettina: as Antonio was saying yes but the practice is one that can reproduce in different places and this practice has to be more united it doesn make sense that in different projects we find some identical action for instance

supporting local [ 23:02:33] Rita : Yes, but most of you disagree that it is really important - because of this Ciranda is stressing that it want to do it not for work, but to transfer what is built until now - to be appropriated

[ 23:03:37] Bettina: i do not disagree the local interaction are important

[ 23:04:03] Antonio: Rita nobodies say that the local: is not important process for me is the base we have discussed many times about them but is impossible to follow all. and first of all we can give just an indication on the local process, base mostly on the tools //

[ 23:05:30] Rita : Yes, I would like you to thinking how the project could be made by the local protagonists, not just offering tools for them mobilize to communicate first

reframing the paragraph

[ 23:06:46] Bettina: can we agree by saying the heading of the plan can be shared communication and alternative/independent media? if yes, can we see in the 2 different communication internal/external as the starting point for declining the actions to be done?

[ 23:07:40] Rita : sure: Internal: the alternative/radio/video projects have to act mobilizing people to work together each event external: these project have to work in way to stimulate contents productions for the WSF coverage involving external media/social communicators/community radio, video activists

[ 23:09:47] Bettina: so why dont we get back to this.... ?

[ 23:08:53] Mariana: (dear, I have to leave now.. I'll read the end of the chat latter.. If you need any help from me, send me email, ok? Bye!)

Who does what ?

I see: Ciranda and local/regional networks, for media/ Amarc and local/regional networks, for Radio, Paco/Bettina and local/regional netorws for video

[ 23:17:01] Jason: Target = media activists at international level or local level? besides Porto Alegre - say in Mexico, what kind of activities to mobilize the alt. media projects - which the local groups need the IC to facilitate? Rita, this is a crucial point - it also of course has implications in what our role is - as well as what resources (people, finance) are needed.//

[ 23:17:31] Rita : What is the international media? My opinion: the different regional media Is not the same sense of the mainstream media, where you seek agencies, great tv channels

[ 23:19:33] Jason: Networks - eg. AMARC, IPS, INDYMEDIA, ONEWORLD, -- or simply alternative media from other countries - covering the local event (media from the USA covering Porto Alegre, etc.)Or Ciranda itself - as a multilingual, forum-centered collector.: //

[ 23:21:00] Rita : Ciranda is a kind of of interactive data-base, not more

the actions we do is: there are something happening, as last exemple, in honduras: we need to conect with them - talk with them on the WSF shared pratices, invite them to share with us

we can'not change this option,we dont do video, because this group have people to do it we don't do radio, because de same \we don't have changed our website, because this group has started to build anothers but we - yes - we articulate collective and shared job, this is the kind of work we want to do with you next year We want the commission present at the events - how? we have to solve this together

our challenge in 2010 and in the future: work mostly on line to sustain openspace wsf facilitating communities

[ 23:26:07] Pierre: (answering jason invitation to comment

am not relevant in suggesting who to outreach to in this alternate media field but ....

we face the fact that we will work essentially on line in 2010.(as for honduras) .of course relying on accumulated face to face contacts made in earlier events and in ics meetings and then make the best of any time money opportunity of each of us to travel and coordinate who can go where and support

if we can make those focus on line groups working somehow , that is a way to create sustainable trans event wsf communities on line

these can be a useful token/space/base for durable stimulation of the communication processes in the forum

[ 23:27:37] Pierre: stimulating on line community is a daily task not full time but daily

[ 23:28:40] Rita : that is okey: them, we need people working on this goal, researching, contacting, talking etc

[ 23:29:28] Antonio: I agree with Pierre, the base is a system on line like we made for the GDA possible improving first openfsm that is not user friendly.: then events by events we will seeif there are opportunity for some of the com com to go there //

[ 23:31:47] Pierre: yes paco - that is one reason for having openfsm on line as a tool to technically sustain communities .( you just created wsftv.net community space .

..in belem expanded we ended up with 150 people on line

people are mainly in contact through the mailing list and can be guided by links

[ 23:33:38] Antonio: Pierre do something on open !

[ 23:34:00] Pierre: yes Antonio: in parallel openfsm can be improved, of course, using accumulated experience of community builders/facilitators

what is the “target” of alternate media com plan –media activists or event organizers?

[ 23:35:55] Jason: I am wondering if our target is not so much the media activists, but the people who will be organising and working in the 2010 events: building their media centers and shared coverage activities, etc - how can we help them with the accumulated experience of 10 years of shared communication in the Wsf? This is not just mailing lists and spaces, but many online, phone, etc. exchanges, stimulating translation, etc. - in a word, being a reference for them and offering a few tools for international visibility / exchange.

[ 23:36:41] Rita : Great

[ 23:39:39] Bettina: agree with jason

experience transfer : policy and tools two sides of the same coin

[ 23:37:35] Pierre:

agree that "experience transfer" through written presentations (once written can be sent to many people) , and skype talks is critical , based on first contact made face to face o recommendation

[ 23:40:17] Rita : Because of this the commission could play the role to help when they ask: how to work in shared way? what kind of software and tool would be good for the WSF context? what to say to the corporate media when they aproach - and when they don't to it?

[ 23:41:53] Rita : Build a communication police, not only a communication tool or services we can offer

[ 23:42:58] Pierre: agree rita, - policy and tools are two sides of the same coin

[ 23:43:17] Antonio: certo!

[ 23:44:21] Rita : yes, but the problem is that people fell we work only providing this or that project, not a different police

[ 23:45:39] Pierre: each group need to work on this notion of policy.. up from its practices and down from comcom draft guidelines and we can systematize this in good chats like this one and in the seminar

[ 23:46:29] Bettina: yes, work of a group, not in a group if this makes sense to you

[ 23:48:33] Rita : sure Bettina, and the group is the WSF IC Com, the most inclusive we can be

project oriented to policy oriented

[ 23:49:14] Bettina: if until now the feeling of people was project oriented, it is because probably the commission worked in that way, the attempt is now to make ours a new way of working, the new policy and transfer it to others in belem my feeling was of a project oriented, each project worked for itself, there was no feeling of harmonization, even if i knew that of course there was a common discussion

[ 23:50:03] Rita : great Bettina, agree: let's go to make it different

[ 23:52:23] Pierre: agree Bettina : as commission we have done practical things no other commission have, not always having time to cross-systematize them based on this we can strengthen the vision we can convey

trying to convey a vision (objective+ policy+ practices ( how to - faq) +tools) is a good stimulation for expressing things in a clearer way, then you see how counterpart react

that is why a seminar can help, because we are ready to take this step forward

[ 23:53:10] Antonio: I think in fact that the plan has to mention the general items of the Share policy and then will be a declination on the different action and tasks to propose and do if there is the agreement . this is correct for you?//

[ 23:53:51] Bettina: to do this we have to be a strong group, and only with the attention on a shared process we can achieve it;i agree for the need of a seminar!!!!it is important, very!

[ 23:54:58] Jason: good. Now it's almost midnight here. I think we have done some progress and this is certainly good.

Rest of the plan ?–who does what

But how to move forward with the rest of the plan? Suggestion: can each re-work their part in order to fill a scheme listing the main concrete tasks for each area of activity and answer Alexandra's questions (how many people are necessary to execute each part - are these people paid? is it service providers, volunteers?).

[ 23:56:33] Rita : For when? I have a meeting with Pia the first days of november, and we could work together

scan it together for vision and synergies ?

[ 23:58:06] Bettina: yes jason, it may be an idea, but i think we should approach it together, not each its little bit, or we keep working not in a new vision....also there are synergys to look at

: jason was saying in the beginning of this chat synergy with mainstream, i say synergys with memory! synergies with memory and documentation proposal group

Bettina the memory working group can propose which are the activities where the synergies are most possible and how to implement them.

Who is “we” ?

[00:00:38] Pierre: (who is "we " ? we in that case is "experienced participants" in comcom , ready to include "new" participants in the working groups and convey a common vision evolved in the overall comcom space ( this will be helped by the seminar)

Guidelines document in home page can be worked upon a a start to evolve a common refernce for this vision)

[00:02:11] Bettina:”we” is who participate to this process, whoever is there

what are comcom working groups for ? how to include ?

[00:03:25] Jason: Bettina - there is no way we will all be working on everything - that's why we created working groups in the first place: not to each have their own space, but to better detail and execute common decisions.

But to take common decisions, we need to have proposals and detailed information for each activity... I think an urgent task for all of the "older" comcom members is to involve the other ones, new or silent, to work on the various areas. It is a shared responsibility.

[00:03:31] Bettina: of course jason, but for instance now, its a few of us.... the shared responsibility is also of the others that are not participating; we cannot force others to participate, or they would be here, no?: there are already quite a number of detail information in the projects coming from the different groups,, these project have to adapt to the common shared principal concept

then we see the detail of who how when how much for instance the synergys how do we approach them? here, or in the specific groups? i do not intend to open a new group for these synergies!!!

: open.net is already not exactly an easy tool,: or it is easy, but messy

i suggest we all think about it and propose and discuss and maybe make little working groups spontaneously, updating on mailing list, trying to write what we have been saying in this chat

[00:21:27] Jason About shared responsibility: emails are not the best way to ask people to participate - there needs to be more direct contact - so if each of us could try to invite others they think could be helpful/willing to participate, I'm sure we would get a higher rate of attendance. In any case, it is important that many can follow also passively and know what the "active" people are doing, in a transparent way.

montreal report progress

[00:15:42] Rita : Ok, are there those notes from Alternatives in Montreal?

[00:21:27] Jason: RIta - the notes arrived... Pierre has worked on them and we'll put them online tomorrow.

[00:21:27] Jason Before we close - there are a few practical matters:


Minutes and Report of this chat -next monday -

[00:47:08] Jason who can make a summary of this chat with main agreed points?

[00:34:42] Pierre: about report - will put a "minute with titles " on line soon (not a report )

[00:47:08] Jason:. Thanks Pierre, that's fine, but we really need to have a short document for people to read and not get lost in the conversations!

[00:50:27] Pierre: you are welcome ! the titles help a lot to browse those chat logs though

[00:36:17] Rita : The summary is very difficult, but the results (the efforts to be clear the communication police proposal, the agreement that all the projects are supposed to based in shared com concept, this job is open - everyone can join and help us or some particular groups, and we are asked:

1), to point who do what,

2) what budget we are asking,) could be easly made and understood by everybody

se eu falar em portugues, melhor: nao é fácil resumir a conversa de hoje, mas pontuar os resultados:que vamos trabalhar para tornar mais clara a proposta da politica de comunicaçao: o acordo que os projetos devem ser baseados no conceito de com. compartilhada que esse trabalho é aberto e todos podem nos ajudar ou contribuir para um grupo em particular e que nos fomos solicitados a apontar quem fará o que no plano de trabalho: e que recursos vamos demandar isso será mais fácil de fazer e de ser compreendido por todo mundo.

[00:47:08] Jason Rita - can you elaborate a bit on that and get the more significant passages inside as well as decisions? Also - let's set a deadline for all this, so we don't keep postponing it. Next Monday?

[00:55:07] Rita : ok for next Monday

Dakar seminar participation

2. Today a message by Taoufik circulated in the WSFIC list with the program of the first Dakar meeting in preparation of WSF2011. Rita is probably going (confirm?). I might be able to go, but not sure. Any others planning to (as IC members)?

[00:26:50] Pierre: probably not coming (for info Igor has created a space for the seminar here : http://openfsm.net/projects/fsmfsa-forum-mondial-2011-de-dakar-seminaire-de/summary

[00:28:42] Rita : I cannot confirm my presence in Dakar yet, because it depends of (cash) real possibilities. But I am inclined to accept the invitation, if it is confirmed.

[00:29:45] Antonio: Jason as ou know I cannot go to Dakar because I'm following la Via Campesina in Rome at the FAO meeting,: I spoke long time yesterday with Taoufik but the date are the same.

[00:38:57] Zoul: i could probably be in Dakar - apart from me - some friends of mine from Etrange Rencontre will be, we already ask some clarifications about info that we get about the organisation of these meeting

http://openfsm.net/projects/dakar2011free/blog/ sorry it's only in french..

[00:41:37] Rita : merci zoul, podemos tentar advinhar o que está escrito,(~) bjs

[00:44:55] Pierre: Zoul : there is now greater African diversity reflected in spaces in openfsm

[00:45:13] Zoul: that's good pierre !

resources com request – summarizing form

[00:30:03] Jason 3.The resources commission is asking to send a minimal detail of the comcom budget. We have to give an answer very soon - which does not have to be detailed (only main headers). How do we deal with this - without it creating a problem in our discussion?

: Comments?: //

[00:30:11] Rita : On the budged - Me and Pia wil target some crucial activities, asking for helping for another

[00:44:55] Pierre - not clear how we do this, a single document based on the working plan? , or you expect a list of items collected from the various projects groups

Jason , can you give indications on the "form" of document we work on for point 3 -it is not clear

3. for this point I'll see if it is possible and until when we can delay... best would be to have the new versions of the activity proposals already in the form (http://openfsm.net/projects/communication-commission/comcomfunding-wiki)

[00:44:15] Antonio: gento io vou embora amanha voi a trabalhar com Rita e provo anche de falar com Alessandra , estamos en contacto via mail. um abraco paco

[00:50:03] Jason: ... but all is needed now is a general figure for each area (shared communication, press, participation/internal com, memory/documentation, etc.).

[00:44:55] Pierre: so i understand you expect summarized version activity proposals from each project


[00:45:21] Rita : boa noite a todo mundo

[00:50:21] Jason: buona notte!

[00:55:16] Rita : boa noite a todo mundo, mais uma vez

[00:55:44] Zoul: bonne nuit rita !

[00:56:20] Pierre: ciao