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Plan  chat dec 9



[20:19:58] Norma: Avisen cuando comienza el chat

Rita : events in brasil

[21:17:23] Rita : Dear friends. We are closing the Free Media Forum in Brasil and following to the National Conference on Communication. I am one of reprentatives of São Paulo Social Movements. Then, I have to go to the meeting of the Working Group that are debating the priorities and strategies for the Conference. Hope you have a good chat. I follow you later.

[21:19:38] Rita : Queridos, estamos encerrando o Fórum de Mídia Livre no Brasil e seguindo para a Conferencia Nacional de Comunicação. Sou uma das delegadas pelos movimentos sociais de São Paulo. Assim, devo ir ao encontro do Grupo de Trabalho que está debatendo as prioridades e estratégias para a Conferencia. Espero que tenham um ótimo chat.  Acompanho vocês depois.

[21:21:43] maipoy: bom travalho rita

Paco – Claudia – Copenhagen - ips

[21:21:48] Paco: ciao Rita, tem los contactos por copenhagen? esta uma delgacao brasilera muito grande

[21:23:26] Rita : Olá Cláudia, oi Paco. Só tenho contato de uma  brasileira, vc precisa de contatos ou quer me passar algum?

[21:24:10] Paco: hi to everybodies I'm just passing few second , I'm busy on copenhagen, us, focuspuller tomorrow we will go there . you can see and download the video from different web site like ww.wsftv www.arcoiris.tv and others that I will send to you, Yes rita aspetta un sec

[21:25:52] maipoy: antonio, ips is doing a TerraViva in CPH, our contacts are as follow: Contact the IPS TerraViva team in Copenhagen

Please send all your press releases and statements to IPS at cop15@ips.org which we will be reading continuously. 

Send direct emails to the Editor-in-Charge (working from Uruguay) Diana Cariboni  dcariboni + ipslatam.net

Or contact our lead co-ordinator in Copenhagen, Stephen Leahy writersteve+gmail.com or on his Danish mobile + 45 41 56 90 89 , skype name "writersteve".

[21:26:23] Paco: cjn+lists.riseup.net      cop15media+lists.riseup.net    http://www.klimaforum09.org/?lang=en

[21:26:32] Paco: grazie Claudia, also on web site of www.viacampesina.org, focus south and wwm

[21:27:42] Rita : Gracias Claudia e Paco. Ciranda estará atenta ao trabalho de vcs e de gente boa em Copenhagen, agora preciso ir, bjsss

[21:27:57] Paco: send a mail to alessandra e nicola bullard n.bullard+focusweb.org

[21:28:19] maipoy: i already sent info to everyone in the wsf info lists

[21:28:22] Paco: entra nelle liste Rita esta anche Jason, claudia I'm not in the wsf ic list ..........

[21:30:12] Rita : Paco, alguém me incluiu antes de eu pedir, mas depois meu email saiu da lista cop-15. Espero entrar novamente

[21:30:49] maipoy: anrtonio i will add you when i send messages

 [21:31:14] Paco: grazie claudia

  [21:32:17] maipoy: antonio, you can find all terraviva info here http://www.ips.org/TV/copenhagen/

[21:34:00] Paco: Claudia put the banner of www.wsftv.net ....please

 [21:30:33] Jason: Ciao everybody - I just got back from Brussels, sorry for being late.

 [21:30:55] maipoy: ciao jason

[21:31:03] Paco: ciao jason

[21:31:03] Pierre: hello

 [21:32:17] Jason: ciao.  People from Amarc are also in Copenaghen - contact Francesco Diasio (fdiasio+amisnet.org)

 [21:34:10] Paco: Jason do you come?

[21:34:39] Jason: Not sure yet - if so, it will be 14-16.  I'm deciding last minute.

[21:35:02] Mallory Knodel: ola

[21:35:36] Jason: Hi Mallory!

Who else is online?  English or Espanol?

[21:36:05] Pierre: (*)

[21:37:57] Jason: Rita already left? Maria Pia?

Jason : agenda ?

[21:39:08] Jason: Should be start anyway?  I have a few items for agenda - but other proposals welcome.

[21:41:11] Paco: So I whish you a good chat , i have a meeting about cop15 and pack all the equipment, i did not know that was an agenda made because i did not recive any mail ciao folks

[21:42:28] Jason: My proposal for agenda is:

- Continue discussion to detail activities for next 2 months

- Setting a calendar for comcom meetings and working groups so we can post it online... for the next 2 months

- Agree to send letter in reply to Liason Group

[21:42:37] Jason: Hi Igor!

[21:44:22] Pierre: (there is not enough people to adress those points am afraid....) we can comment on them though

 [21:45:44] maipoy: i agree with Pierre, we're few here after rita and antonio left

[21:49:16] Jason:.We are really late with the definition of the activities for the plan - if we cannot get enough people on a weekly chat, then let's discuss on the mailing list.  But we cannot let another week pass by.  And the working groups should be starting to meet separately, with a clear calendar that we should post in the comcom space on openfsm so who wants can join. 


Igor on Dakar follow up

[21:48:23] Igor Georges Destsh. Palakot: hi everybody

[21:49:16] Jason: Hi Igor!  Maybe you can give an update of what is going on in the Dakar planning.  And about the website, etc.

 [21:50:55] Norma: Hola amigos, ya estoy

[21:51:10] Pierre: (hello igor ! ...may be we can talk about the outcomes of dakar seminar

http://openfsm.net/projects/communication-commission/minutes-cs-18-nov-09 )

[21:51:20] Igor Georges Destsh. Palakot: hi pierre

[21:52:08] Igor Georges Destsh. Palakot: i uploading reports (draft) for the meeting

[21:52:22] Igor Georges Destsh. Palakot: and some jobs for the office

[21:52:42] Igor Georges Destsh. Palakot: but i can follow whar happens on your side

[21:52:57] Igor Georges Destsh. Palakot: I see there isn't enough peopole today

Mallory wsfssc /Tech group meeting  exact starting time

[21:49:16] Jason:.Mallory, has the tech group agreed on a date for this or next week?

 [21:53:53] Mallory Knodel: the tech group is meeting on Friday at 10 new york // 17 paris

it was the only time where 4 of 5 responders were available. although not many people completed the "doodle"

[21:55:36] Jason: Fine Mallory - can you send just a few lines on how to connect / what to use?  And maybe post them on openfsm and on the whiteboard http://whiteboard.debian.net/comcom.wb

[21:56:13] Mallory Knodel: i don't know how to use xmpp, jean-bernard suggested it and was going to send it out.

[21:56:31] Pierre: ( mallory i think there is only 6 hours difference NYC /europe)

[21:56:52] Mallory Knodel: maybe if we don't hear from him, i will send it out a few hours before the connection with irc directions

[21:57:07] Pierre: (could we shift one hour later 11NYC 17pm europe )

[21:57:59] Pierre: jean bernard told me only one person had tested xmpp so far

[21:58:02] Mallory Knodel: ok, pierre, my mistake. 10 am new york is correct.

[21:58:11] Jason: ok - maybe better if you send already a "plan B" suggestion, so if people are not online a few hours before, they already know what to do.

[21:58:16] Pierre: so i guess is it wiser to stay on skype for friday

[21:58:17] Mallory Knodel: i do not even know how to test it, it was not explained

[21:58:45] Mallory Knodel: no, i think not, pierre. i hoped to talk to jean-bernard today on this chat

[21:59:03] Mallory Knodel: we will go for more than 1 hour, so if you arrive at 11 you may still be involved of course - i am only trying to do what the group decides

[22:00:31] Pierre: (well the hour was not decided by the group .... is it possible for hyou to move to 11pm )

[22:01:34] Jason: It would be 4pm Paris and 3pm Dakar if I'm not mistaken - or one hour later if Pierre's suggestion is ok (better for me too, actually)

[22:02:38] Mallory Knodel: i cannot find the doodle page. look and tell me if the group did not decide on an hour? sorry i can't locate it in my history

[22:02:44] Pierre: actually the meeting is at 11pm NYC i just checked your message  :) so i can cope with this 17pm  - although would prefer one hour later

[22:04:01] Pierre: Friday 11 December 2009 11:00am New York // 14:00 Sao Paulo // 17:00

Paris // 20:00 Dubai

[22:04:27] Pierre: (we have friends in Dubai ? )

[22:05:26] Igor Georges Destsh. Palakot: http://doodle.com/augzh5rnuda3amna

[22:05:54] Pierre: yes friday 17pm was the best time for those who answered ....

[22:08:15] Igor Georges Destsh. Palakot: ok, there are 5 peoples for friday 17pm

[22:17:13] Igor Georges Destsh. Palakot: is mallory online?

[22:17:16] maipoy: ciao everyone

[22:17:42] Mallory Knodel: hi

[22:18:41] Igor Georges Destsh. Palakot: ok, so meeting for friday is confirmed for 17h Gmt?

[22:19:01] Pierre:  16GMT i guess 17pm paris

[22:19:26] Igor Georges Destsh. Palakot: dac pour 16h alors

Participation from Dakar

[21:59:37] Jason: Igor - are you going to be able to participate to the tech group as well?  It would be very important!

[21:59:55] Igor Georges Destsh. Palakot: i think so

 [22:00:42] Mallory Knodel: fantastic igor!

[22:00:49] Igor Georges Destsh. Palakot: I'll have meeting at 18.00 but before i'll be free

[22:01:13] Igor Georges Destsh. Palakot: hi mallory

[22:09:50] Jason: Igor, maybe you can send a short note on what you plan for the website and where we can join forces.

[22:12:23] Igor Georges Destsh. Palakot: I really dont have feedback from Tao, we'll have meeting tomorrow morning, after that I'll can tell you what is planning here. All that we discuss is still stand by

[22:13:18] Jason: ok - tell him (as I did) that costs can be reduced / optimised if there is common work done... !

Other groups

[22:05:38] Jason: Norma, Maria Pia, hay encuentros online de los grupos de medios indipendientes y de memoria?  Ustedes piensan de convocarlos?

Norma : Seminar

 [22:09:14] Norma: Sí, creo que podemos convocarlos, hace un tiempo que se redujo la comunicación en el grupo. Este es el problema que veo siempre: si todo se reduce a los chats o la lista o la web nos dispersamos invariablemente. por eso insisto en una reunión presencial de dos o tres días para planificar estrategias. Yo puedo ir a Porto Alegre a fin de enero. dakar me parece muy caro y los meventos de mayo muy lejos en el tiempo. <en marzo no hay ningún foro previsto al que vayan varios de ustedes? (el europeo?)

 [22:12:00] Jason: Norma, Roberto està ententando de encontrar unos "sponsor" para una reunion presencial en Europa, puede ser en marco o abril.  Pero necessitamos de definir actividades basicas antes.  No se cuantos podrian estar en Porto Alegre - yo piense de ir, pero no soy seguro hasta ora.

 [22:15:49] Jason: Well - I guess we should end the meeting here, since there is nobody else.  Let's keep communicating on the mailing list and posting meetings on the openfsm comcom space.

 [22:18:33] Norma: Jason: como estuve un poco alejada por la sanción de la ley de medios audiovisuales no me quedó claro qué vamos a hacer respecto a la carta de la comisión de enlace. Seguiremos con nuestros planes como si no hubiera existido? la contestaremos en conjunto? Tendremos la reunión con ellos en Porto Alegre? haremos otro plan?

 [22:22:17] Jason: Norma - pienso que desde la discusion de la semana pasada, hay bastante acuerdo para contestar y para invitarlos a una chat la proxima semana.  Para la reunion en Porto Alegre, se puede discutir si hacerla o no en esta chat. ok?

[22:24:47] Jason: ciao a todos!

[22:26:01] Norma: Jason, no me contestaste. Yo no puedo el viernes, estoy todo el día en otro lugar, lo veré después y avisen si seguimos el próximo miércoles

Dan ; on the move

[23:00:11] dan baron: Greetings to all from comcom

[23:00:35] dan baron: I am about to fly to Buenos Ares after a day of flights from Belem

[23:00:54] dan baron: I'll catch up on this discussion and its outcomes later this week