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On line participation

On line participation is  a comcom working group about  facititation comuncacion processes between participants  and betwen facilitators and participants

empowering wsf participants to use colaborative tools, contact and dialgue, organize, outreach,  and make their initiatives progress 

The working mailing list for this group is here

One main task of the group is participating into WSF Software Support Community  that is where practical work on website is done , in a spirit of free software project

  • the current informacion tool is forumsocialmundial.org.br
  • the current basic colaborative  tool is openfsm.net  , it will completed with other sites for action  ( wsf action ) ,   social network, event /index site 


  • there is a connection with " inter/com" team which focuses on organized collective  intercommunication ,
  • there is aconnection with a " buletin " team which focuses on drafting the wsf buletin 

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Mailing list  for this group

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