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Here are description of activities and result  -

guideline for one line participation working group project   - presented in a budgetary package  from WSF ressource commission


Note : the proposal for openfsmindex was made initiallly here  and has now  to be assessed in the wsf ssc space   group - in relation with webteam working group for a later on implementation

results depends on activity  and dynamics in result and report spaces and in geographical spaces


initial version to novib mid december
post belem assessment ( end of february)
later assessment

1) Stimulate  wsf webteam activity  - Stimulate free software spirit around openfsm – run an improvement agenda for openfsm -  organize meeting of openfsm users and developers  in belem wsf2009- establish links with brasilian free software groups

Progress made towards strenghtening a collective

SSC went official through a statement read in  assembly impuls*FSM

  see space here and identity scope statement 

workshop held see space here containing the report

some links established with casa brasil -


2) organize openfsm training session in the shared communication project areas network about wsf training program  -

 Was attempted - no results so far - was meant as an occation to listed to  user perception  -  could be re attempted  permanently as a skype training modality

3) propose spaces and methodologies and  support facilitators working  towards belem on line in openfsm for assisting self agglutination and joint initaitives of wsf participants

 Too late too few people to do it, too little expereince of users

4 ) set up openfsmIndex or a event site to offer a protocol for  memory through publishing outcomes and reports in belem 2009  placed on OpenfsmIndex site– with links to associated openfsm spaces – develop links with video and radio site

 This is an idea in line with the need of wsf process beyond events - described here  and better described here  - openfsmindex is basically a directory for a permanent process  that will be developing in 2009 2010  and can have a database of participant organsiations 

to be assessed inside the ssc group that emerges from belem and in comcom webteam

5) support users of openfsm on line – edit user guides – stimulate users to createspaces  and use openfsm for their initiatives and activities- develop and approach by region or country groups ( amazonia or africa)

Some thing has been done not satisfactory - this needs to be taken up with more energy

geographical spaces are starting -

6)hold an activity about wsf training initiative and lobby  with organisations and donors for setting up a project in Amazonian and African context

 Could not be help in the logistical turmoil .. (bad indication in the program , and high pressure in the belem expanded work , but contact taken and can be follow up in that same space , and traingin on skype can be offered

7) support bazaar/outcome operation on line and physically during wsf 2009  as a volunteer by wsf office in belem– contribute to monitoring the” bazaar for outcomes and initiative” and collect outcome of assemblies

 The bazaar  renamed convergence square emerge too late to be  known by participant and be effective ,

a result space has been created to collect both final assemblies and smaller results

8) stimulate and make visible on openfsmindex  reporting  and outcomes after belem without editorializing – interact with comcom initiatives of wsf actors in this field to maintain clear accountability and protocols

 a Report directory space has been created ,

reporting referenced in this directory  can be done anywhere and also in three places in openfsm,  to be seen how this gets known and practiced

Related spaces

Software support community  -openfsm user community -  wsf training initiatives - openfsminfo   - result- fsm  ( bazaar and sixth day)  - many spaces region in WSF2009 – spaces of activities held in belem

 Those spaces next colum are "active" , and added report link fsm2009 and openpagesfsm2009 have been added

for the moment very few follow up spaces

Expected results

1) satisfactory performance of volunteer perceived by wsf office in belem, in the task entrusted in the office  to her regarding results

Context of late improvisation  around convergence square , treated aside from assemblies  did not allow to get good results independtly of perceived performance

2) 3%=60 activities registered in belem WSF2009 having an associated space in openfsm and publishin their reports in it

A strong communication stimulation  is needed to reach this figure will not occur , although  35 belem expanded space is a basis of work - experience shows that  when this is done by ear mouth and personalized communication  ownership gets build

3)-200 outcomes published  in  result –FSM space with 100 having an associated space in openfsm  -(this figure can overlap with figure in §2)

 Figures will be lower for reason explained above  - this figure was reached in 2005 and 2007  ( see the 2007 list here )

4) reasonably high traffic accumulated  on mailing list of those 100 + 60 spaces  by end of march

 let us see what can be consolidated in term of traffic in  the existing spaces ( geographical - self organized and belem expanded until end of march - need personalized stimulation

5) report on  personal activity  and results obtained  on openfsm usage in the different concrete situation ( preparation of activities – mutual contacts for joint initiative- outcome development etc.. wsf training)

 to come later

6) have two project of internet training presented by organisations to interested donors contacted while in belem

Contact have been taken and  need to be  concretized

7) new features in openfsm  by end of april

 ssc group is building itself

8) 2000 registered users in openfsm participating in several of  400 spaces  and 1000 accesses per day  by end of february ( this result is outcome of everyone)

 Currently 1200 users and 270 spaces  - traffic probably lower  -

9) 500 organisations registered in openfsm using new features or index features by end of june

 Is related to agreement/ capacity to implement the concept of openfsm index 

described here  -

- associated site with collective signature next to openfsm