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Communication Commission



Com Com Working group(s)  [see Com Com Groups: http://openfsm.net/projects/communication-commission/project-home ]


Reference person(s) 

Salete, Pierre

Core team (list people)

People to facilitate the actions listed (eg - could be among Martina, Dan, Hilde, Ethan, Dimitris , Mallory, Jason, other WSF SSC people, new comers in the participation group)

Organisation managing budget

Insituto Paulo Freire, Caritas France, and others if agreed inside the group

Past experience in WSF communication activities

Experiences present in this group : Buletim wsf website ( since beginning ) memory outcomes in events (ESF2003, WSF2005, WSF2006,WSF2007, GDA2008,ESF2008, Belem 2009 )- participation on line ( wsfprocess.net openfsm.net ) social forum expanded ( Intercom 2008, Belem expanded 2009)- participatory activities( assembly education for transformation in belem)  –cooperation with ASF ( Nairobi 2007)

Other organisations involved




List the main objective /activities (Both funded and contributed voluntarily or by otherwise paid staff)

Bring to 2010 participants

wherever they are , through relay of event organisation commitees WSF general websites and  comcom bulletin -

1.-efficient content of practical info with concrete links allowing them to become and stay an informed and proactive participants in the process , (through one relevant bulletin twice a month and WSF info site collecting  news from all over the world process) and can send relevant news to the bulletin group

2.  awareness that they can  expand the forum process  locally and concrete how to’s,  trough expanded activities which they can organize using  invitation made by event organising  committees and that they can find advice in sfex groups about setting up these activities and establishing a moment of video chat with another activity

3.  awareness that they can participate and prepare activities on line and not depend only on  the event dynamics  to be active in WSF process, and concrete how to’s , and make their  crises related  activity visible worldwide and connected to others and find support on line in those sites

4.  awareness that they can  produce their own accountable information about organisations and activities and outcome and make themselves visible using common protocols and tools , in complement to media coverage mainstream or alternate , and find support in  a memory documentation groups related to each event

5.  awareness that they can  find advice about organizing participatory activities adapted to various audiences, and an efficient service in a participatory activity support group


Correspondingly , bring to 2010 event organisers,

 wherever they are, through focused initiative groups

1.  efficient promotion of their event  through balanced bulletin and site coverage, inasmuch the committees produce news and send them to bulletin team, or get associated to the bulletin drafting group

2. support and stimulation, and transfer of practical experience for deepening and enlarging mobilization around their event and expanding it with many expanded activities

3. stimulation and training in  a  free software community where web-oriented activists of their committee can cooperate to common usage tools such as event site or openfsm and a common website where to make visible activities related to global crises that are taking place in their event

4.  awareness and training about using autonomous virtual spaces for their build up process as committee or for their participants activities during  pre-event and post event period , as a generic tool  for  raising the quality of their event  and where to stimulate decentralized production of memory of the event , and develop participatory format ideas for the event activities and connection of crises related activities

5. Cross-stimulation in  trans- event  focus groups on the how to enhance participation in co organized and self organised activities


Develop cooperation with WSF2011 communication team,

 Mainly by including some of its member in the above mentioned  activities

1. include key communicators from wsf2011 process in the bulletin drafting group

2 participate in the initiative for expanding events and derive a plan for expanding wsf2011

3. participate in the event website group  and  benefit from 2010 efforts in event sites

4. participate and  benefit in the online preparation follow up stimulation  group, and take stock of the accumulated memory of 2010 and connection of activities  to draw dynamics into wsf2011

5. benefit from experience transfer in   trans- event  focus groups on the above  subjects


Work funded by wsf comcom budget: describe n. people / time / period; related costs / overhead

Web development and maintenance inside wsf ssc 

Some travel or moderation time in related to some of the group mentioned


Contribution by the Organisation(in terms of volunteer work, expenses not covered by the budget, etc.)

Personal competence, experience, and contacts of facilitator

volunteer working time in all the workgroups involved  (activities 1 to 9 )

GT info practical group (comcom) – GT wsf portal  -Sfex group( initiative) –Event/Process site group( initiative)  – (on line) participation group(comcom)  -  WSF SSC  projects around openfsm.net( initiative)  – event memory group( initiative),  participatory activity group( initiative)  -

Several of these group can be in comcom and stimulate an initiative include event organizers 


Expected results (describe n. of people/organisations involved,  n. of  targets reached, n. of outputs of the activity, other evaluation parameters)


1- Publish WSF bulletin  as a team twice a mo nth, and update  receive 20 news per month from a network of 10 + contributors ,  increase by x%  number of bulletin subscribers  - obtain  a good image of overhauled forumsocialmundial site , and an increased flux of contribution links on it ? promote other comcom experiences projects there in, communicate spirit of 2010 process


2 - define a WSF portal to unify access ,   and support it have a satisfied users  and  move bulletin list to a more efficient less centralized tool


3 Stimulate and support development of   expanded forum teams per event that stimulate expansion in the mobilization process , not just as a technical tool ,  with participation of wsf2011 representatives - have 2% of activities expanded in average of events  ( i-e the rate of Belem 30 out of 1500)


4.      have a successful free software project producing a event/area process site tool that can be used for several purpose such as

a/  make visible activities connected to global crises  - have event committee arranging to fill it for  80% of crises related activities visible on it ? have a significant rate of connection between crises related activities- have several committee using the event site tool for their own event

b/ support some of the events to take place in 2010 and beyond

c/ expand this to supporting a steady wsf process in an area


5.    Stimulate creation of online preparation team in various events so that it propose to 80% of activity organizers by event to use a virtual space  , and obtains that  15% of activity organizers use the  online site somehow -   and stimulate that 20% of activities ,  50% in case of global activities are preparing a report and uploading it  ( approach of memory complementary from alternate media coverage) Double  the number of people registered in openFSM site

6.    set up a memory documentation group in each event , have a coming  from event participants or event organizers ( in cooperation with memory group)

7.    set up a participatory activity group in each event , have a significant number  of solicitation of the participatory activity group coming  from event participants or event organizers

Website (if specific for activity)

FORUM SOCIAL MUNDIAL( to be redesigned)

OPENFSM.NET( continuous improvement)

WSFACTION.NET( possible improvement, with Drupal communities )

WSFPROCESS.NET ( use as is  or little improvements) memory of wsf 2007, relevant for WSF2011)

Past and future EVENT/PROCESS SITES ( proposed to event organizers, based on esf 2008 experience)


all that connect to same portal system, see above *

Person(s) in charge of website development and management [name and email]

WSF software support community, working by projects with leaders ( Mike leading on event website –- Dimitris/Ethan leading on openfsm.net, possible Koumbit.org  May first involvement

Note:Overhead costs do not include: infrastructural and main equipment costs, travel expenses other than for facilitators (1 per working group), registration fees of people/organisations/activities at the WSF. Telephone costs may be covered for events up to a maximum of: 200 euro / month.


General Information

1. Name and Address (telephone, fax, etc.) of Organisation ( Paulo Freire,  Caritas france)

2. Name and Email address of person in charge of final reports ( Salete valesan, Pierre George )

3. Brief description of the items and total budget being requested. Please use the form below and include a separate page with the proposal (add lines if needed).






1- Publish WSF bulletin  as a team twice a mo nth, covering  event news, facilitation news, wsf action calendar support comcom initiatives for participation, communicate 2010 process

Volunteer work in the group, paid staff in wsf office possible contributed participation

(other budget)  0 euros

2 - define a WSF portal to unify access ,   implement and support it

Volunteer work in the design group, paid staff in wsf office,  paid or volunteered or contributed work in wsf software support community

(other budget)  0 euros 

3 - Stimulate and support development of   expanded forum teams per event

Volunteer work to stimulate sfex group, global and per event, possibility to fund time, material Contribution by event organizing committee,

4  have a successful  area event/process site tool  ( various steps) free software project producing a and support events using it

Funded work and volunteer work in WSF SSC
Contributed work and hosting maintenance cost borne by  event organizing committees- or 2010 group if the case be

5A-Stimulate creation of online preparation team in various events


Volunteer or funded  or contributed work to stimulate this  group, global and per event, possibility to fund time , contributed staff or volunteers from organisations is sought

5B - improve participation websites (openfsm.net,wsfaction.net)

Edit openfsm.net newsletter

Volunteer funded or contributed work to improve participatory websites in wsf software support community

Cost for supporting hosting and maintenance of websites

6 set up a memory documentation group in each event( in connection with memory group)

Volunteer work to stimulate sfex group, global and per event, possibility to fund time

7. set up a participatory activity group in each event

Volunteer work to stimulate sfex group, global and per event, possibility to fund time

8 Support stimulate  operation of wsf software support community

Fund for supporting travel cost at relevant time, possibility to fund time moderation time

9 Support cooperation with WSF2011

Fund for supporting travel cost at relevant time


30000 Euro  for the budget funded by WSF ressources 15 monthes

Contribution by organisation



4. Name and address, telephone, etc. of the bank to which funds should be transferred 5. Bank Account information – (SWIFT and IBAN numbers)


Signature and Title                                                     Date of Submission