• PIC 2010 budget story

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Based on PIC agenda  an estimate has been given by Pierre , being understood that overhaul of sao paulo website  (ITEM 2A) is included in the escritorio budget


This has been somehow reflected by jason in a version 2 global budget request  26 july


2) Communication to participants and participatory intercommunication      
> Newsletters for the WSF universe, general website content in 8 languages PRACTICAL INFO   S.Paulo Office and interns
> Organising information flow from facilitators ( CI, other bodies ) and feedbacks PRACTICAL INFO     S.Paulo Office staff
> Facilitating exchange on participatory activities  and “expanded” events - INTERCOMMUNICATION 15000  
> Facilitating exchange from / between entities and participants, common event registration: ONLINE PARTICIPATION 15000  (includes website dev.)
> Participants database (civicrm used by USSF or other tested system) 2250