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POST WSF2009-BELEM Newsletter - final version


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1) World Social Forum 2009: converging of networks to face the global crisis

During six days at the end of January, citizens, movements and organizations from 142 countries gathered in the city of Belem for the IX World Social Forum. More than 2300 activities involved 113 thousands participants in panels, debates, seminars, cultural events, marches, demonstrations, and open spaces for direct interactions in this edition of the event in the heart of the Amazon region.

A stronger convergence of social movements and civil society networks emerged at the end, leading to new alliances to face the multiple crisis and global issues in the world.

Participants came from the five continents. Among the 5808 organizations, 489 came from Africa,155 from North America, 119 from Central Americal, 334 from Asia, 4193 from South America and 27 from Oceania. Over 1300 indigenous people coming from 50 countries attended, representing the most significant participation of indigenous peoples in the whole WSF history.

2) Results in  WSF 2009

2-a) Sixth day: a collective expression of another possible world

In the sixth day of the WSF 2009, the central stage of UFRA (Universidade Federal Rural do Amazonas, part of WSF territory) gathered thousands of activists and representatives coming from thematic assemblies to the final Assembly, where results and declarations of the WSF activities and meetings were presented.

Visit this link to read the results of the assemblies: http://www.fsm2009amazonia.org.br/programme/alliance-day/results-of-assemblies

A  list of links to each assembly is also available here : http://openfsm.net/projects/resultfsm2009/lista-de-asambleas

2-b) Mobilisations and calls for the next months

Together with the delarations of the thematic assemlies, calls for action and mobilisation where announced in the final assembly:

* March 16th - 22nd – Mobilization and parallel forum to the World Water Forum in Istanbul, with a Global Day of Action on the 19th
* March 28th to April 4th – Global Mobilization and Week of Action Against Capitalism and War (G20, Palestinian Solidarity and NATO)
* March 28th, April 1st and 2nd - Days of Action on G20 meeting in London (UK) and many other cities
* March 30th – Global Mobilization Against War and Crisis / Solidarity Day to the Palestinian People
* April 4th – Global Day of Action: NATO's 60th anniversary in Strasburg, France
* April 17th – Global Day for Land's Struggle and for Food Sovereignty
* May 1st – International Worker's Day
* May 17th – Global Day of Action Against Homophoby
* July 8th to 10th – Global Days of Action on G8 meeting in Italy
* October 7th: World Day for Decent Work (WDDW)
* October 8th to 15th - Week of Mobilization and Action Against Debt and Global Financial Institutions
* October 12th - Global Mobilisation of Struggle for Mother Earth, against colonisation and commodification of life.
* December 9th - World March Against Corruption
* December 12th - Global Day of Action on Climate Justice during Copenhagen climate summit

2-c) Other results in  WSF

You are very welcome to send your results, initiatives and declarations from seminars and other activities the World social forum 2009 in Belém to allow the public to take part of your advancements. Please send your text to: resultfsm2009-discussion(at)lists.openfsm.net.

The results will be posted on: openfsm.net/projects/resultfsm2009/project-home

3) Beyond results:  reporting on what happened in Belem

There were around 1500 activities held in belem, and also youth camp and streets with many things going on

Reporting on what happened there can be in from of text, photos, audios, videos, either collective reports or notes of workshops,  or personal testimonies
In all case reporting is a contribution to the richness of the social forum process and will help making contacts inside this process during the years to come

So.....Mobilize to report ..... and Report to communicate the Forum experience !

You may have already reported somewhere in internet , or you would like indication about where to report using: www.openfsm.net
In both case , gather your links and materials and send them to: reportfsm2009-discussion(at)lists.openfsm.net

4) Media coverage and reports

The World Social Forum in Belem received a massive media coverage worldwide. 800 newspapers from 30 countries were accredited to the Forum. 4500 journalists, communication professionals and freelances (2500 who worked in Belem and 2000 at distance), have been in touch with the Communication team of the WSF.

To have some sense of this coverage you can read the clips that are being collected in the space http://openfsm.net/projects/fsm2009-info/blog/

You can also view the mainstream media clipping in http://openfsm.net/projects/wsf09-pressclips/blog/

Please, contribute to this collective press report adding missing media clips from your country and/or international media that you found. You can send them to imprensa(at)forumsocialmundial.org.br.

Belem hosted also an in-progress and participatory workshop for independent media. You'll find the results of this important experience checking the following links:
- Ciranda - http://www.ciranda.net/spip/rubrique37.html
- Wsftv - http://www.wsftv.net/
- Foro de radios - http://www.foroderadios.org/index.php

5) WSF 2009 participation certificates

Participants on WSF 2009 can visit the link http://www.fsm2009amazonia.org.br/noticias/certificados_participantes-2009 , download and print the certificate.

6) And the process moves forward

During two days after the WSF 2009, the International Council gathered in Belem. The discussions highlighted the importance of a constant process of mobilization in the following period, not only to face all the different crisis arising from the decay of neoliberal policies, but also to strenght the ties and connections between WSF organizations and movements.

Considering the WSF Expansion proccess and the emergency of arising crisis, the International Council decided to make it's next meeting in Rabat, Morroco, from May 6th to 9th.

More details about the meeting venue, agenda and solidairty fund requests in the next newsletter.