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Prac tical Info



Este subgrupo del grupo PIC abarca:

  •  -difusión de información practica sobre el proceso de parte del CI  (buletin FSM información en sitio forum social mundial ) ,la lista de trabajo del grupo  es aqui  
  • - lo mismo desde otras entidades facilitadoras como un comité organisador de evento, del grupo estimulador 2010 formado en rabat etc...

  • Bulletin drafts   - 

  • Other active  issues 

  • no other active  issues for the moment , but  redesign of sao paulo site , portall ,etc are in the agenda of this group see PIC group agenda  - no hay otros puntos activos por el momento , pero si hay en la agenda de este grupo  ( ver la agenda del grupo PIC)




This was a core element of the plan for wsf2008, but also started very late. Much work went into making coherent newsletters with a balance in editorial / practical content.
November '07 – March '08: 9 issues altogether, in 4 languages to approx. 200.000 people. A few went in other 8 languages.

- Focus on informative content and the empowerment of participants through the use of wsf related tools
- Create a shared database of participants contacts with language / country management (in cooperation and used by the various local, national, regional, thematic OCs)‏
- Start the monthly OC/facilitators newsletter (see Berlin communication plan)
- Languages: increase the number ensuring continuity


status:  there is no group focused on practical info in wsf2009-   in fact there was a GF group , with some lateral comunication with ic com webteam -
that is why this is being reported here  ( or  could be in webteam)
this start with the forms used for registration

the forms V5  ( attached below ) will  introduce openfsm.net and the notion of connection and the notion of belem expandida
a proposal of form for decentralized activities is made in the fsm2009 interconnexoes group