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Video coverage and distribution FSM 2009

TV Forum is an internal area of the Media Center of the WSF 2009 in
Belem where the different groups of video, videoactivists, filmakers
and webTVs can edit and distribute their films in a  collaborative
This projects is part of Comunication Sharing Project proposed for the
Belem's forum that is involving four different main  topics of
Communication , Radio, TV , Free Media, Internet News and video
The idea it is to  continuing the similar initiatives already
experienced during previous forums, as Florence, Mumbai, TV Forum in
Porto Alegre, from manaus during the Pan-Amazonic Forum 2005 and many
others, where groups of international videoactiviests have realized
and distributed images of the WSF and in some cases produced the
audiovisual memory.

In the days of the WSF TVForum propose the creation of a team of
different production units to that will take care of the production of
daily  short-Highlights lenght 15/20 minute  to distribute through the
Internet site wsftv and other web sites, and by public and independent
TV satellite daily.

Production highlights daily. to distribute by the World Feed of
Eurovision and to the tv .
The Video Production can be divided into two groups for similar
registration system. Pal or Ntsc. Ntsc (the broadcasting Pal-M) for
Brazil, Ntsc for Soth Americas Countries and US, J,.
PAL system for the others Broadcaster.
The proposal is to produce highlights of 15/20 minutes daily.
We believe that for Highlights should, however, contain materials made
in both registration systems.
The important thing is that everyone can work with the video
productions and share  his experience and videos, and that the two
systems will be integrated in the right way to maintain a good image
quality in all systems of the broadcasting schedule. The best should
be HDdv.
We propose to up-load the video in Hard disk so the videoactiviest are
facilitate to download or up load  the video easly.

Production Unit Up-satellite link.
For the distribution of Eurovision and other television stations
outside South America and Brazil will propose to use a satellite
uplink. The system, equipped with parable, distributes both video
images with the system, DVB digital video bradcasting and also via IP,
BUT THE IP IS to expencive.
We have alredy contact a service company that will be provide for the
equipment if in Brasil should not avaible a service.
I think that it is better to raize the fund to organize our sistem,
then if we have any affermative answer from the GF in Belem and from
the istitutional support we can use the technology proposed if are
compatible for the service that we need

The distribution:
Forum wsftv and Expandido.
The material should be avaible on wsftv.net like during the GDA, in
one FTP folder  also to reinforce the Forum Expandido and to give a
chance to the people that will joint the initiative in the different
cities around the world  to have also images daily from Belem.

Eurovision World Feed
In addition to all alternative channels Internet, streaming, internet
tv, we believe that the system of Eurovision World Feed should be used
as in previous forums in Porto Alegre, Manaus, in india, Bamako and
Nairobi and for the Global Day of Action 2008.

On the occasion of World Day of mobilization on January 26, 2008, the
Commission Communication of CI the World Social Forum formulated a
draft communication which also included the construction of a website
where the world social forum could make and share videos taken during
the that day.
The result was that a group of 26 groups of videomakers sent their
video to an ftp folder and to wsftv.net , following the project to
produce and highlights for the World Feed Eurovision distribution and
sharing project .
The editorial policy adopted, but say more precisely, the distribution
policy, was to have an open space where people could put his video on
respect and acceptance of the charter of principles of the World
Social Forum and recognizing the concept of Commons Rights.
All the collectives, associations, individual videoactiivists  and
filmaker who until now have put their videos available on the site
have agreed and signed at the time of enrolment of their videos to
WSFTV, the charter of principles of he WSF.
In this way, the basic concept of WSFTV is to share the videos made
around the world, using them for activities related to social forum.
Upload and download your videos and : send them on large screens,
reedit, make DVD,  distribute to television in the event of contacts
with broadcasters.
The site has no pretension of becoming a portal of hard news but to be
a free and useful tool for those who realized  video and agree the
need to create days by days new channel of distribution manage by the
After this premise we need to reastablish the working group set up in
january and start again  reinforcing the collaboration with the
members of wsftv and involve more videoactivists in order to address
the World Social Forum in Belem Amazon 2009 in the best possible way.
Mobilising to communicate-communicate to mobilize!

Installation of the various documentaries and organization and memory
audiovisual edition of the World Social Forum, loading the material on
WSFTV and all other other platforms available.

Job to be completed by april.


Reference person: Antonio Pacor