• proposal 2009S1 from Ciranda

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Com Com Working group(s) where the activities are discussed
[see Com Com Groups: http://openfsm.net/projects/communication-commission/project-home ]


Reference person(s) 

Rita Freire

Core team (list people)

Rita Casaro, Fernanda Estima, Thais Chita, Salete Camba

Organisation managing budget

Instituto Paulo Freire - Ciranda

Networking space in openfsm.net


Past experience in WSF communication activities

Shared communication buildings with altyernative media, since 1st. WSF, 2001


List the activities in the group

(Both funded and contributed voluntarily or by otherwise paid staff)

1)  Contacts with alternative media in order to get them involved with the shared communication projects of WSF


2) Contact social mouvements communiations areas ( p. Ex, indigenas, women, african people to get them envolved too)

2)  Pre-Lab – Oppening of a Shared Communication Lab in Belém for previous work of WSF alternative media in january, with workshops, treining and coverage activities


3) Colective and Shared coverage on WSF, interconnecting Ciranda and radio and tv alternative coverages

4)  Edition and updates of the Initiative Ciranda platform, according the 10 WSF objectives


5) Reinforce the WSF shared projects as an experimental alternative model of communication for another possible world, promoting meetings  to discuss the communication issues, as the Shared Communication Seminary inside the World Free Media Forum – before and during the WSF



Work funded by wsf comcom budget: describe n. people / time / period; related costs / overhead

1)  fee - 1 person for six months, starting November , supporting alternative media articulations – 1.350 Euros/month


2)  telephone costs 6 months

3) travel expenses, including transportation, hotel/hospedage, food

4) Essencial services of translations, photocopias or office services


Expected results (describe n. of people/organisations involved,  n. of  targets reached, n. of outputs of the activity, other evaluation parameters)

1)       Copy left coverage of the WSF 2009,  with articles, photos and links on each objectives of WSF, inside the ciranda.net

2)       4 languages email bulletim  before and during the WSF mobilizing to communicate e communicating to mobilize


Contribution by the Organisation
(in terms of volunteer work, expenses not covered by the budget, etc.)

All activities of Ciranda  described above, (but 1 person to articulate alternative média/social comunicator to participate)  participation)