• proposal 2009S1 from Fair

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1st phase: Building the map (December)
a. Mapping networks and activities
We have to build an effective international press pool mapping, with the Fair support:
- events in Belem
- "enlarging" Belem events
- organizations involved
- press officer available to a network strategy
- independent media involved and committed to realize materials to communicate WSF 2009
b. Regularly chat and work as press pool
We must:
-  enlarge the working press pool
- engage each organization available to offer their contribution to contents and issues to raise
- isolate and deepen a common range of issues more sensitive for the media  
- share a common press release and materials
- contribute to offer media tools in the media section of the WSF website (if any)
2d phase: Building the tools (2d half of December)
We must:
- create a WFS map with organizations, referents, issues and websites
- create a Media map, with the contacts organized by countries and press people from the organizations
involved  in charge to contact them
- create an effective media pack with an enriched press release, photos, videos
- check the media events of the different organizations in Belem trying to build up a map for media
- program some media events round the planet with the "enlarge Belem" group
- organize some media events in Belem (reality tours, possibility of interviews, leaders speaker corners…)
3d phase: Activate, motivate, invite and recall (2d half of December -1st half of January)
We must:
-  activate and motivate our networks
- activate and invite press people from the organizations involved in WSF2009/Belem to raise
awareness through their mailing lists
- support the Belem press officer to coordinate the press conferences in Belem and round the "enlarging
Belem" network
- invite and recall the media at national and international media, directly or through the press pool
- build a map of the media which will follow the event
- organize how to work on Belem events (local press pool, facilitate the press officers presents in Belem,
having a volunteer press pool able to support almost a daily official press release, press facilities,
4th phase: Finalize (until WSF 2009/Belem)
We must:
- complete the mapping of our presences in Belem
- complete the media mailing for Belem
- finalize the events we organized for the media
- do the global invitation of media and launch the website and final WSF program
- do the press conferences (in Belem and in the "Enlarged Belem")
5th phase in Belem (from 20th of January to the end of WSF)
We must:
- help local press pool working
- facilitate activities for journalists
- help them to approach the WFS issues
- support an almost daily press release
- raising awareness and give visibility to independent media products
- recall and spread WSF 2009 message round the globe
5th phase in Belem (from February to March)
We must:
- coordinate several press pool chat to evaluate our shared efforts
- coordinate a media issues collection
- analyze our strengths and weakness  
- report our activities
- collect and analyze the organization's press officers issues and reports
- give indications about the best practices we can support in the next WSF events.