• proposal 2009S1 from Fcre

last modified December 1, 2008 by jnardi

The Fondazione culturale responsabilità etica (Ethical bank Foundation - Italy) has been entrusted by Novib and the Resources commission of the WSF IC to manage the general budget for the Communication commission.

This includes:

1. Making sure the resources allocation is correct and balanced, according to the approved com.com plan
2. Promoting a participative and transparent budgeting process
3. Facilitating the coordination of working groups on communication
4. Sending the funds and monitoring activities
5. Collecting all necessary documentation (expenses, reports, etc.)
6. Reporting back financially - preparing consolidated budget for auditing
7. Stimulating a general assessment and develoment of mid-long term planning for the WSF process


1 Part time x 6 months (incl.tax) - 4000 euro
1 Administrative support for financial reporting - 1000 euro

All bank fund transfer costs, office costs, etc. are contributed by FCRE and Banca Etica