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ComCom Working group

 Next Six months Goals with this budget support

Intercommunication (support-promotion of connections)mailing list of intercommunication GT intercommunication GT wiki

fsm2009 interconexoes- Belém expandida  

Experience and promote on large scale the potentialities of remote intercommunication
Create on openfsm a community of people having  organized wsf activities locally and having gained experience of  remote live connections



WSF09S1 item 1B- intercommunication – belem expanded

Develop intercommunications / 
one of the 5 share communication  projects oriented toward intercommunication

organisation in charge of budget 

 Caritas france

Past experience

40 interconnections on skype during GDA – notably  from Paris - Barcelona

Activities in the group

 ( both funded and contributed voluntarily or by otherwise  paid staff)


1) Stimulate contact , help people express their intentions of connectio help them express it in openfsm-

2) Facilitate communication among the WSF Communication Commission and the Belem GF on infrastructure and the logistics in Belem

3) develop web pages and texts to spread information about Belem Expanded within social movements and CSOs: what it is and how to participate

3) Coordinatewith the press pool team to add information about Belem Expanded in all materials sent to the press

4) prepare and run the space for  standard logistics of remote intercommunication  in  Belem Expanded during the days of WSF2009 ( see project relatd to this in fsm2009 interconnexoes spac : 5 to 10 rooms  )

5) monitor the work of volunteers and facom students organize the volunteers ( facom and wsf volunteers)  in belem to bring service to people in the belem expanded space

6) facilitate an activity about potential of intercommunication with wsf participants

7) collect ad  make visible outcomes and reports publish by the connected activities  reporting phase of Belem Expanded after the WSF2009

Results expected


1) All participants in Belem Expanded using a common web space on OpenFSM (http://openfsm.net/projects/club-belemexpanded/project-home) to interact and exchange information on their activities

2) At least 50 groups organizing decentralized activities ourside Belem, and connecting by phone or internet with 50 activities in Belem

3) At least other 100 activities in Belem that will connect with somebody outside Belem through phone or internet, or be transmitted in radio/video streaming

4) at least 300 people involved in Belexp common space

5) indexes and directories of spaces , reports , outcomes linked to belem expanded

Support of Networking space in openfsm

Belem expanded common space – BE belem cidade( for people in belem wishing to connect with outside)  - - create spaces for decentralize  activities – space for  FACOM support team and volunteers 

Core team

Alencar( IPF)- antonio (acesso)- Hilde- Martina( unponte per) Pierre (caritas)  Thiago (wsf office)

Website policy 

Use Openfsm for preparation   - use skype and telephone for connection

Work funded by wsf comcom budget

Funding a person half-time in December, January and February  funding 2500 EUR and counting on volunteer  work of others  -or contribution in time from people funded in another group  / 

Volume of Other spendings then personal

budget for outside  telephone calls ?  cost to give to GF –1000 euros

budget for  light equipment for the intercommunication kits  belem expanded rooms located in the comm. Area of belem territory : 1000 euros

ticket to belem 1000  euros

stimulate translations of basic material in non-colonial languages 1000: euros