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 Comcom  wsf09S1 budget  item 1 à  on line wsf  participation- and reporting


Corresponding working groups  in Abuja comcom plan  or a grouping  of those

WSF09S1 item 1  Webteam   -Wsf participation on line / wsf internet training  - outcomes/ reporting  -

Develop  wsf  participation on line 

organisation in charge of budget 

Caritas france

Past experience

Launch of openFSM site end in april – 500 users connected and 125 spaces opened as of november

Activities  - in the group

( both funded and contributed voluntarily or by otherwise  paid staff)

1) Stimulate  wsf webteam activity  - Stimulate free software spirit around openfsm – run an improvement agenda for openfsm -  organize meeting of openfsm users and developers  in belem wsf2009- establish links with brasilian free software groups

2) organize openfsm training session in the shared communication project areas network about wsf training program  - have an activity about wsf training initiative and try to start projects

3) support users of openfsm on line – edit user guides – stimulate them to create and use openfsm for their intinaitives and activities

4) propose spaces and methodologies and  support facilitators working  towards belem on line in openfsm for assisting self agglutination and joint initaitives of wsf participants

5 ) set up openfsmIndex  to offer a protocol for  memory through publishing outcomes and reports in belem 2009  placed on OpenfsmIndex site– with links to associated openfsm spaces – develop links with video and radio site

6) support bazaar/outcome operation on line – contribute to monitoring the” bazaar for outcomes and initiative”

7) stimulate and make visible on openfsmindex  reporting  and outcomes after belem without editorializing – interact with comcom initiatives of wsf actors in this field to maintain clear accountability and protocols

Networking space in openfsm

Software support community  -openfsm user community -  wsf training initiatives - openfsminfo

Results and deliverables

1) 3000 to 5000 registered users in openfsm participating in several of  500 spaces  and 1000 accesses per day

2) 15% of activities registered in belem having an associated space in openfsm

3)-200 outcomes published  in OpenFsmIndex with 50% having an associated space in openfsm
4) 500 organisations registered in openfsmindex

5) reasonably high traffic on mailing list of those spaces

6) new features in openfsm  -

7) report on openfsm usage in the different concrete situation ( preparation of activities – mutual contacts for joint initiative- outcome development etc..)

Core team as of november

Dimitris  -Ethan -  Jonas  - Pierre (caritas) -  Thiago (wsf office)

Website policy  in the group

Openfsm   OpenfsmIndex

Develop Openfsm  through opencore platform – improve the  openfsm software

 Develop and openFSMindex site ( based on existing esf site experience)  to be started with outcomes and reports from wsf 2009 -

work funded by wsf comcom budget

Maintenance work and hosting for openfsm and index fsm 800e /month half time availability   6months= 5000 euros

Funding  one shot work packags  for developing Setting up OpenfsmIndex 3000

Funding  p 2500e  half time three months a person  in facilitation / promotion area  (openfsm usage,  , outcome reporting , emergence of wsf training projects)


Work on other sites

(reserve for other sites, particularly  to be monitored by  Frcre)

Volume of Other spendings than personal

Ticket for belem – 1500

Hosting the sites - 500


  more on openfsmindex