• Realocated budget proposal - Nov 27th

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After discussing the activities and budget constraints, the attached budget was agreed.

Organisation taking charge are:
FAIR coop (www.faircoop.it)  - Monica Di Sisto
CARITAS France (www.secours-catholique.org)  - Pierre George
ACCESSO coop (www.accessocoop.it)  - Antonio Pacor
CIRANDA/Paulo Freire (www.ciranda.net)  - Rita Freire
AMARC (www.amarc.org)  - Maria Pia Matta
NOVA (www.nova.cat)  - Martina Pignatti Morano
FCRE (Ethical Bank Foundation - www.bancaetica.com) - Jason Nardi

The Disbursal Form to be completed by all the organisations is also attached.