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WSF COMMUNICATION CHAT - January 7th, 2009

* 1) joint press releases
* 2) more infos on WSF
* 3) local press conferences
4) facilities for journalists in Belem
5) contact list of media & journalists

--> Next chat: friday (Jan 9th), same time (6pm GMT)

1) Press releases
- need to be checked in PT and FR
- deadline for revision: Jan 8th
- Thiago will make the PT revision
- availabe in:
- http://openfsm.net/projects/communication-commission/press-gt-wiki/BELEM_WSF_2009_-EN-ES-IT-PORT-FR.pdf
- http://openfsm.net/projects/communication-commission/press-release-2009

-  hace falta una press release sexy, como decia Paco ahier, para mainstream media

-  Monica wrote to all the registered orgs (http://www.fsm2009amazonia.org.br/news/soon-the-final-list-of-activities-with-date-place-and-time-in-the-wsf-2009) of them, tomorrow I'll write back to ask again

- Some topics for research to produce media contente: native peoples gathering / countries participating / peoples strugles / "beautiful and bold" people atending ("celebrities") / Solidarity with Palestine / alternatives to economic crisis / alternatives to the ecologic crisis

- It's iportant to have info about the issues listed above listed

-  many events of Belem Expanded concentrate on that, by the way, and connect to Economia Solidaria

- marica di pierri: can write tomorrow to caoi, Onic y other organization. they already send to me a first programm with the main activities concerning indigenous people

- it's important showing there are alternatives coming from the social movements/networks of the global justice movemnts/WSF, it seemed useful to get togther a bunsch of writers who would specicifically conenctrate on collecting and syatematising all the work on alternatives and presenting them in ammedia freindly fashipn to sympathetic media

- I think it would be good to mention the international calendar for this year where the "movements" will be present and are already preparing activities, connected to the issues that will be addressed in Belem: Davos (same time) and the financial crisis; the G8 and the global governance crisis; the COP09 (Copenaghen Climate Change Summit in december).  Any other?

- Hillary: i will prepare some journalsts individuallyto be ready to recive material on the forum - the guradian especially but also indpndenat and bbc world service .. also the nation in the us.. i have begin this before xmas and now must resume this work


- confirmed: Rome (Monica), Mexico (Salvador Aguillar)

- maybe argentina (Norma), iraq (Salam), spain (Daniela), belem (Kelem/Thiago)

1. Thiago stress Kelem and collect more infos
2. martina do the same with the Belex
3. Into tomorrow we'll have the definitive press releases
4. marica and me we'll start to spam and call the intl medias&networks
5. all of us we'll go on collecting more infos and will update each others on friday