• sugerencias de tareas - tasks suggestions

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Ideas , among many possible things to be discussed with you


Ideas about Modalities  / suggestions



All the tasks here are meant to be facilitating tasks -

The wording is indicative , new ideas can come up

They are done as a contribution to wsf process , of course clearly separated from those common good tasks, involved people can also promote and visibilize their contents, and apply to themselves potentialities that are promoted


Interns, regular staff, volunteers provided through a cooperation program

Have regular availability

 Start working before end of 2009 – cover parts of 2010

Have awareness and interest in wsf process


Approach organisation about their possible involvement in mobilizing to communicate , and communicate to mobilize

Translate material produced in ComCom or contents circulated through ComCom channels



0 –relations  with 2010 event organizing committees 

Liaise with ComCom and implement adapt interpret ComCom policies

Circulate in the event zone materials received – package local material for export to word level


We need two liaising person per event – with clear mandate from their organizing committee

1 Communication Strategy and policies

Contribute in com general policy group, and stimulate interlinking between working groups ( based on effective contribution in working groups

Stimulate drafting of policies by working groups?

Express needs of organisations participant in IC and WSF



2 WSF Languages - cultural artistic symbolic dimensions

Contribute to working group :

Gather experiences and materials illustrating use and impact of those dimensions in social forum situations make suggestions to all other groups




3 Information to WSF participants

Contribute to the wsf bulleting drafting and translating working groups

Promote WSF bulletin with link and extracts in our own newsletter

Contribute in wsf comrespondent space to bring news to communication commission space for usage by bulletin and share those infos between comrespondents  in name of their organisations

Contribute to packaging documents issued by IC and commissions towards linguistic and


4 Intercommunication and participation  via internet

Contribute to supporting participants projects on openfsm.net

Contribute to developing how to documents about website use

Contribute to setting up an expanded format for an event that you will be in - participate in sfex initiative

Contribute to stimulating organisation within your reach to have video chats on occasion of 2010

Wsf internet Training programs




5 WSF collective memory

Contribute in defining a memory policy /protocol for openspace  notion of memory policy /protocols can be discussed , based on existing practices

Contribute Define specs for a socialforumpedia site




6 Websites

Maintain a global view on Contribute to design of global website policy ( based on contributions)

Contribute to linking software activists collectives into wsf software support community space

Contribute in animating webteam working group

Host and operate/maintain existing sites for free with high commitment,

Contribute to maintenance of site

Build the directory of participants and instal

Gather lists of participants to past social forums




7 Sharing Videos & television

Contribute to articulation between video activists

Contribute to wsftv.net site design , development, animation

Stimulate upload and download of videos in your outreach zone




8 Cooperacion between radios

Contribute in wsf com respondent so stimulate organisation to give info about radio s

Contribute in foro de radio facilitation

Stimulate shared broadcasting

Stimulate expanded cross broadcast between radios ( sfex)




9 Cooperation between Alternative media

Contribute in wsf com respondent to circulate content s, outreach to

Stimulate shared editing , and contribution to common repositories




10 Relation to Mainstream international media – press pool

Contribute to cense journalists

Contribute to feed journalists with contents and ideas on behalf of whole WSF

Contribute to animate network of journalists

Contribute to a permanent 2009-11 wsf press pool