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Element on group scope

Since WSF2006,  various tasks related to technology and websites have been performed by several of you that are on this "webteam"  list ., but we have not had the opportunity to build up a common vision and a team of people working in technology group and also in different “partner groups” that technology group will be supporting

Now  we are given a 2 year perspective  2009-2011  and this oportunity has come.
Building an effective technology community  will require  dedication and participation from each of us to address short term technology needs, form  policy-based inclusion processes together with the partner groups we, and progress towards goals with the 2010 and 2011 process

Technology group is expected to  provide a "space" where participants from partner  groups can work together on common technology related issues that need to be tackled  ( infrastrcuture during event ,  usability and coherence of websites,  free software community development policy etc.)