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Comcom meeting april 20th

Start. 1

First look at paris. 2

Who is in paris when ?. 2

Proposal for paris. 3

LG request to comcom.. 3

Who can answer LG request?. 4

Jason on culture commission. 5

Intercommission communication, missing. 5

 WSF internal communication levels. 5

on not enough collective practice in IC. 6

 on intercommissions. 6

 about comcom for new members. 6

A small agenda and LG interface group ?. 7

doc on culture. 7

Staffing a small meeting agenda and LG answer group?. 7

on paris 3 points dates- who works – answer LG.. 8

MST about Dakar. 8

The agenda and LG answer group can be “the methodology 4”?. 9

Methodology evaluation group info. 10

Comcom evaluation working party status. 11

sending questions to participants. 11

Byes. 12

Report on list. 12

Which  agenda LG answer group who is in ?. 13

Next on line meeting. 14

A Small group meeting  27th ?. 14



[18:02:33] *** Jason a modifié le thème en "WSF COM COM - Online meeting: april 20 @  21 CET" ***

[18:03:45] Jason: Hello - everybody.  The Comcom meeting is about to start.

[18:03:57] Pepe : Hello hola

[18:04:09] dan : Hi jason

[18:04:19] dan : All well?

[18:04:42] Pepe : anyone online?

[18:06:23] mallory: hello, pepe and everyone, i'm here

[18:06:42] Pepe : Hola Mallory

[18:07:01] dan : hi pep and mallory

[18:08:04] Igor : hello everyone!

[18:08:11] dan : hi guys!

[18:08:35 | Modifié (18:17:26)] mallory: (sorry my connection is bad)

[18:09:12] Igor : hola Jason, Mallory,  Dan et everyone, I'm in class but I try to follow the meeting with you

[18:09:56] dan : I'm also in a production meeting, but will do all I can to participate

[18:10:45] Jason: Hey Igor and all - multitasking is our speciality!So, shall we start as others join (hopefully) - it's been a while so we need to re-connect a bit.

[18:11:48] dan : sure

[18:12:06] Igor : ok

First look at paris

[18:13:45] Jason: Sonia wrote a message adding a few follow-up issues, but I suggest we first look at Paris.

[18:13:55] Pepe : Should we start with the agenda points sent by Jason?

[18:14:01] dan : ok

[18:16:17] Igor : how long will be the paris comcom meeting? 1 or 2 days?

[18:18:39] Jason: Well - we have to decide that, depending on people's availability and logistical issues.  There will be a seminar on the 23-24th (as you might have seen from the message Helio sent) on the g-20 and then the IC meeting from the 25 to the 27th.  I haven't seen an agenda for that yet.

This means that we can have a meetin before (23rd) at the same time as the other seminar, and/or after (28th).

[18:18:58] Pepe : Hi Dan, Igor

Who is in paris when ?

 [18:19:15] dan : I'm available before and up to the 27th

 [18:19:49] Jason: Personally, I won't be able to stay on the 28th, but that's my problem.  In any case, from the little signs of confirmation received, it doesn't look like it will be crowded...  Are you all coming?

[18:19:58] dan : I made plans around the dates of the IC originally agreed in Dakar

[18:20:19] dan : I'll be around from the 23rd-27th inclusive

[18:22:25] Jason: others?

[18:23:53] Igor : I can stay untill the IC depending on the logistics

[18:26:16] dan : Jason and all. Can we agreed a definite time-limite and agenda for this meeting, after we have all reconnected and come up to date?

[18:27:11] Igor : sure!

[18:28:28] Pepe : I could be there too but need to be in London on the 28th

Proposal for paris

[18:28:56] Jason: If it's just us, I think we can have a limited discussion.  Especially if you also have to follow your meetings.  So I suggest we try to agree on a proposal for Paris to present to the others and have a quick update after that on pending issues.  Maybe 1/2 hour is enough, unless others join.

[18:29:31] Pepe : sure

[18:29:55] dan : I'm fine till 5pm (10pm)

LG request to comcom

 [18:30:15] Jason: [Also - we received a message from the Liason group asking for info on the comcom... we should answer, but I prefer it's not just me doing so...]

[18:31:53] Jason: So... any proposal? Mallory?

 [18:33:31] Pepe : regarding the liaison email, this is what they requested

1. Summary of the main goals of this Commission



2. Proposal of agenda for the Commission meeting during the IC in Paris, mentioning specifically the following:

a. Points to be developed

b. Questions to be answered

c. Decisions to be taken

3. Other elements you find useful

The goal of this request is specifically to avoid a “problem” that had to be faced at several IC meetings previously, which is the fact that many commissions, due to presence of “new” members, had to start a work that has already been done before.

[18:34:10] sonia: hola?...

[18:35:00] Jason: hola Sonia!

[18:35:13] dan : I'd like to propose that part of the answers to these questions from the LG include the question of communication/culture/methodology and if ComCom would support an independent commission on culture.

[18:35:21] dan : (hi sonia!)

[18:35:28] sonia: hi all

[18:35:53] Pepe : hola Sonia

[18:35:54] sonia: i'm reading the chat

[18:36:24] dan : this is also connected to what i agreed to do at our last skype chat

[18:39:27] Pepe : For today I think we should prepare a draft content  and sort of agenda for the meeting in Paris as suggested on the email.

[18:40:19] norma: Hola, están ahí?

[18:41:11] Pepe : I think we need to stress the central point of communication at the WSF and (depending of  the pending evaluation) propose ways to make it more central and efficient (if that is the word)

[18:41:17] sonia: Ok, I feel updated for this chat ; )

[18:41:30] sonia: hola norma

[18:41:37] Pepe : Hola Norma

[18:43:25] dan : hola norma!

Who can answer LG request?
[18:43:42] sonia: Concerning the LG demand... do you all think it's a good idea to ask the 4 people joining the  methodology group to do so?

[18:44:42] Pierre: hello

[18:44:50] Pepe : Hi Pierre

[18:44:50] dan : hi pierre

[18:45:19] Pierre: am in the countryside south of france  for an change

[18:45:20] sonia: I fully agree with Pepe about central point in Paris, but maybe it's because we both are news ; )

[18:45:23] sonia: hola pierre

[18:45:33] Pierre: :)

Jason on culture commission

[18:47:00] Jason: @ Dan, I am in favor of a culture commission (though I would not call it that way) if it helps challenge the static and separated way commissions work.  There was a "culture and content" commission at the beginning, and it fortunately died out because the approach was top-down.  I'm sure that's not what you're proposing, but it is already very hard to try to have a few commissions that actually work (with practically no liaison between them), that I feel the proposal must be very clear and strong in trying to bridge communication/culture/methodology...

Intercommission communication, missing

[18:48:01] Pierre: base issue is also that there is not enough intercommission  communication

[18:48:09] norma: Estaba leyendo lo anterior. Yo llego el 24 a la noche y me quedo hasta el 29 a la mañana

[18:48:15] Pierre: we tried this in mexico, it was interesting and deserves other such moments

[18:48:51] dan : excellent points! and i think these need to be on the agenda

Pepe : WSF internal communication levels

[18:49:19] Pepe : I see this at different levels: Internal communication between commissions ( and then and the IC?) another level is at organisational one in terms of during the WSF (NGOs and their activities, hyerarchies of importance, etc...) a third level is between the 'actors' of the WSF and external participant...

[18:49:49] dan : exactly pepe, these relate to our 'political culture'

[18:51:07] Pepe : we need to think and devise strategies and solid point to argue for tis differences and methodologies to bring them about. This might not be easy as many will see the com com taking a bit o a central role

 [18:52:54] sonia: Exactly pepe and dan, that's the rason that came out in dakar after IC meeting to explain many things about how things work in comcom...how to adress them should be the central point in first day meeting in Paris... (at least, in my opinion)

[18:53:50] Pepe : that does not need to be the case as the methodolgy can be asked to be developed by such commission. what I think we need to try is to parcel those different needs so that we can tackle problems and search for solutions locally ( and so easier to manage)

Dan on not enough collective practice in IC

[18:54:26] dan : These are really fundamental questions which lie at the heart of the extremely serious problems in the 2011 WSF. Did you all see this email from the 'strategy commission'?

"As Strategy Commission, we have to present a programme of our work. But I guess you all know that our commission, which has an important number of members, did not really work as a collective team in the past years. Certainly, Gus Massiah prepared a couple of very interesting documents and analysis, but the commission as such was not really involved. And since a couple of years, we even have no facilitator anymore. So the question arises: what to do?"

[18:54:31] Pepe : by locally I meant at those different levels

[18:55:39] sonia: @dan. I haven't, It looks so serious....

[18:56:47] Pepe : Hi Dan, exactly my point, if a problem (of communication) like that appears, we should be able to give support. and no I didn't see that before.

[18:57:33] dan : There many cries for collective responsibility and strategy, and no collective practice inside the IC.

[18:58:06] sonia: It's 5 minutes left to end time for this skype, can we summarize our proposals for the first day meeting? at least...

Jason on intercommissions
[18:59:23] Jason: Most commissions are like that -- and comcom certainly is not a perfect commission, but it does have more interaction and participation, at different levels. 

Priorities of who makes the IC agenda are not always straightforward. I think we should try to challenge that again, as we did in Mexico - and ask for inter-commission meetings during the IC.  This would help shake things up a little bit.

Jason  about comcom for new members
As far as the Com com goes, I think we can just pick up where those of us who were in the process last year (and in the previous years) left off...:



Many of the answers - at least in part - are already there, and for the "new members" (and observers) entering at this stage, it can be a helpful start.  Unless we think it is all to be re-done from scratch, we should continue and make it better and more concrete.

[19:00:31] dan : I support that proposal, Jason

[19:02:46] sonia: thanks, jason. it looks very useful for me. I will carefully read it

A small agenda and LG interface group ?
[19:00:35] mallory: sorry that i haven't had a good connection. but i have read the whole chat and seem to be following quite well now...i just want to make one point, also similar to what jason just proposed, which is that we pick up where many of us have been already - i propose that right now we form a small group 2 - 3 persons that can create an agenda, interface with the liaison group. this smaller group can have a skype call or phone call about these points. it will be much faster, more coherent, and overall much more organized than what we are trying to do right now(that's my only contribution for today aside from comments on others' proposals)

[19:01:41] Pepe : Jason could you give us a sumary of what that process intends and at which stage it is...?

 [19:02:36] mallory: pepe, that would be a good topic for part of the early agenda

Dan and doc on culture

[19:02:41] dan : I agree with you Mallory.

A quick further proposal: At the last skype meeting, I agreed to prepare a brief document for an IC discussion about alternative cultural methods (based on established popular education dialogic democratic forms) which could dynamise our internal and external communication, and argue for an independent 'commission on culture', if needed. I did not do this as I think this argument exists in the Culture and education Assembly document. I propose this for the IC agenda too.

Staffing a small meeting agenda and LG answer group?

 [19:02:52] Pepe : I think mallory's proposal could work (it is a beggininig anyway)

[19:04:56] mallory: i also propose that because of the weight of what dan is proposing, that dan be one of those 3 people to help organize the agenda of the meeting

[19:05:35] Pepe : Ok so if we summarize a bit before going much further;

[19:05:50] Pierre: ////a working  group needs to be greater than 2 /3 because of the  diversity inherent to comcom

[19:07:03] sonia: I completely agree with Pierre, but at the same time I see Mallory's proposal so practical....

[19:07:45] Pepe : @ pierre but i think this is only for drafting the proposal, and given the numbers we meet here, it seems practical

[19:09:03] mallory: thanks pepe and sonia for recognizing that this small group will certainly be accountable to com com with the important quality of efficiency

[19:09:28] Pepe : the discussion and final draft should be wider in participation and the rest but to start working on that don't you think 2 to 3 people should be enough?

[19:10:34 | Modifié (19:11:49)] mallory: jason, what are your thoughts and do you think that you could also be in the small group, since you already have been in touch with the liaison group ?

[19:22:11]  Jason : @ Mallory - I'm really overwhelmed with work.  I'm happy if others take the lead.. I can "liase" with the "liason group" if necessary... ;)


Jason on paris 3 points dates- who works – answer LG

[19:10:39] Jason: We're just a few more in this chat, I think we need to agree on a few basic points before we look at logistical / agenda issues for the IC meeting:

1) It looks like most people present will be in Paris from the 23rd to the 27th (correct?), which makes it difficult to have a meeting after the IC; so can we agree on preparing at least the first on the 24th?  Is there consensus?

2) there are a few pending tasks that we gave ourselves in preparation of the IC (comcom evaluation of Dakar, convergence assemblies dissemination support, eval for participants questions with methodology commission).  Are we committed to do them?  Who has the time and energy to work on them?

3) answer the liason group doc and propose and agenda for the comcom meeting in Paris (also during the IC).  This can be a small group, but it has to work fast so that its proposal can be validated online within, say, 10 days.

[19:11:48] sonia: 1) regarding dates... I can be there on 28th

[19:12:53] sonia: 2) I have the energy (I don't know if the time too) to keep on working with jason (and now with Pierre) on the comcom evaluation

[19:13:08] sonia: 3) I repeat my proposal on ask the 4 people working eith the methodoly group, to do so

 [19:13:20] Pepe : 1)yes 24 is fine

2)I'm with essays and exams at the moment but can help about

3)Could help with that too

DAN MST about Dakar

[19:13:14] dan : I think we need to also see if we agree on a key political evaluation, Jason. Are we united that this is a critical moment for the WSF?

 [19:13:59] dan : I was with the MST/Via Campesina leadership on Sunday, and their general evaluation is that Dakar was a complete farce, that disorganised everything). I personally find it more and more difficult to justify participating in the IC meetings  and WSF forums if there is no substantial discussion about appropriate methods for this 3rd decade of the 21st century.

[19:15:40] dan : I raise this everyone in relation to time and energy: I hope I am not being too direct...

[19:15:49] Pepe : Dan, that could be part of the evaluation and they are very important points, but can we discuss one item at a time?

[19:15:59] Pepe : ok

[19:16:08] dan : sure

Answering Dan[19:21:10] sonia: @dan. I think we all feel same as you about the political critical moment on the WSF central "heart" but it's too much for this skype.....I think it has to be one of the important issues on our 24th meeting agenda

 [19:22:11] Jason: @ Dan - I TOTALLY agree with you, and I think I have also voiced my point of view (not just as an indivdual, but as part of my network, Social Watch, who had a delegation of 30+ people there and was not happy of how it was managed).  At the same time, I think there are a lot of unexpressed energies and new inputs that could really make the difference.

 [19:22:20] dan : Jason, yes to all three questions

Sonia, agreed: i simply propose this as a basis for guiding our evaluation and identifying proposals

 [19:25:46] norma: En términos generales estoy de acuerdo con ustedes, y mi evaluación del CI es más crítica aún, lo hablaremos allá. Yo no estaré el 24 porque llego a la tardecita, pero me sumaré a las otras reuniones (quizás podamos reunirnos los días siguientes cuando termine el CI, a la nochecita). Puedo ayudar en sistematizar algunos asuntos antes pero si no es en inglés...


The agenda and LG answer group can be “the methodology 4”?
[19:17:12] Pepe : @sonia your proposal of the 4 people seems logical and practical but what do the other think?

 [19:21:57] sonia: perdona pepe, no entiendo lo ultimo que me dices

 [19:24:17] Pepe : sobre your proposal to ask the  4 working on the methodology group to do it,  what are their thoughts...

[19:25:19] Pierre: @sonia  pepe  as part of the 4 comcom people in assessement methodolgy grou p  am ok for working on this with who can /wants

 [19:25:58] sonia: @ pepe, lo que propongo es que el grupo de 4 personas que trabaja (se supone) con la comision de metodologia y que por tanto ya está organizada y comunicada, que haga una propuesta respondiendo a las preguntas que solicita el IC y las envie a la lista de comcom, si alguien tiene sugerencias o así, las añade y ya está

[19:26:54] sonia: ok pierre, twhat about you dan and jason, that are as well joining on the group?

[19:27:16] dan : I am happy to contribute Sonia Estou pronto para contribuir tambem

[19:28:52] sonia: So, pierre and dan with jason and giuseppe (out skype) will be in charge of answering the 3 points of the liason group?

[19:30:00] Pepe : I could help if needed too

 [19:33:00] Jason: Sonia, I think Mallory had another idea (please confirm, Mallory!).  It is not just about answering the LG questions, it is also about a group preparing the comcom seminar on the 24th (if we all agree on that).  2-3 people are enough for that - and if people raise their hand now, it could start working right away.

Methodology evaluation group info

As for the methodology evaluation group... it has never met. 

The last (first?) thing we received was this:

1. Hay una serie de recomendaciones enviadas por Chico, en base a algunos

intercambios en la Comisión de Metodología, que hay que tener en cuenta:

- chequear que todas las direcciones de las personas que estuvimos en la reunión de

Metodología de Dakar. Creo que la idea central es que, a pesar que existe un grupo de

trabajo para la evaluación, la responsabilidad es de la Comisión de Metodología, por

lo que debería tener la información y estar siguiendo todo el proceso Dakar, estemos

incluidas en la lista de la comisión. Por ejemplo recuerdo que Meena no estaba incluida

y pueden haber más.


2. Hacer una carta del GE (con ayuda de Helio en la distribución) a todas las

Comisiones y a los integrantes del CI que no estén en Comisiones, explicitando mejor

la metodología de evaluación:

- nos interesa desarrollar análisis con respuestas mas libres y cortas, como dice

Giuseppe, pues el cuestionario aparece casi como un sistema de pregunta-respuesta,

que quizá no logre capturar lo mas vital de la experiencia. Pero dado el tiempo escaso,

las preguntas sirven para ordenar la información.

- Giuseppe ha quedado justamente en hacer una carta motivadora que, sin desechar las

preguntas, las coloque en un marco más amigable y más cerca de la idea de “espacio

abierto”. Esta carta debe estar a más tardar el lunes.


3. Otra preocupación es como alcanzar los "pequeños" (que no están en el CI, y que han

sido los más perjudicados). Para ello estamos enviando el cuestionario a todos los que

han inscrito actividades.


4. dentro del Grupo de Trabajo, tendríamos ya que comenzar la división de tareas:

podemos pedir a las-los delegados de las comisiones en el GT que cada uno se

encargue de revisar un conjunto de artículos sobre el FSM y extraigan los puntos más

significativos para alimentar la evaluación. Eso tiene que hacerse inmediatamente.

[19:35:50] dan : Mallory may be touching a key question that all social movements are facing: too few people and too much work on too many fronts. So the idea is make the action units smaller and bring developed proposals to a plenary (something the IC is resistent to do).

[19:36:19] sonia: @jason. gracias por la aclaración. estoy de acuerdo entonces con la propuesta de Mallory para poder avanzar

[19:36:25] Pepe : When was that Jason? and how it comes only one perso (giuseppe) was responsible to write a letter instead of 2 or at least a small group of people?

[19:37:20] Pierre: ok i have to go now ,  am currently chatting amid an evening with friends . i have to join them :).a .proposal is that we  can circulate ideas by mail  on the points mentionned by jason - on what can be realistically be adressed ,  between jason giuseppe dan pierre - and who wants to join - and trying to converge by mid next week we send the outcome on the comcom list for assessement with a 5/10  days delay for  commenting

[19:38:54] Pepe : Agree with Pierre we might need to meet sooner that in 2 weeks (at least up to Paris)

[19:39:14] Jason: @ Pepe - Giuseppe wrote a comment in the IC list, I think, proposing (not writing) a motivating letter.  Don't worry, nothing happened after...

[19:39:50] dan : I too have to leave now. I'll contribute to a the draft-group.

[19:40:35] Pepe : that's why I asked  I think 2 people will help each other produce a result while just one might dissapear off the radar or get too busy that it never happens...

[19:42:44] dan : thanks everyone: can someone please send me a final decision? Tchau!

Comcom evaluation working party status

[19:42:51] Jason: @ Sonia - our small group continues to work on comcom evaluation (

when you come back from holidays)

sending questions to participants

[19:22:11] For instance - I think it is a mistake not to ask ALL registered participants to express their opinion/evaluation of Dakar, and just concentrate on the usual crowd.

 [19:23:43] dan : Yes Jason, I agree about the need for all registered participants to be invited to evaluate

 [19:24:11] sonia: ok, who is in charge of sending our 6 questions to the registered participants? escritorio de sao paolo?

 [19:31:00] sonia: Sorry, I insist who is in charge (up now) to send the questions to registered participants???

 [19:42:51] Jason: @ All: Can we consider the questions for participants we discussed last time as validated?  If yes, I can try to ask the wsf office send them.

[19:43:26] sonia: I consider the questions validated for sending...

[19:44:48] sonia: mallory, norma, igor... are you there? can you say yes or not to validate the registered participants questions?

[19:49:25] sonia: and questions for participants as we all validated, jason is going to push secretariado to send them out, please jason confirm

[19:51:40] Jason: In any case, yes I will try to have our questions sent out through the wsf office as we've agreed.



[19:43:13] Pierre: wave+

[19:43:23] Pepe : yes

 [19:43:33] Pepe : By Pierre Bye

[19:43:53] sonia: bye pierre, we'll be in touch

[19:44:06] norma: Chau, debo irme, seguiré la lista

[19:44:07] sonia: bye dan

[19:44:10] Pepe : yes to validaded

[19:44:18] dan : sun

[19:44:29] Pepe : Bye Dan, Norma

Report on list

 [19:44:53] Jason: Ciao Norma and all!  Who wants to sum up and send a note on the list?

[19:46:05] sonia: I was writing notes at the beginning of the skype, but It's so much effort to me to understand so many things in english that i Got lost, and i dont'have everything to send the note, I think. Sorry , Jason

 [19:45:24] Pepe : 1)We are meeting on the 24th

 [19:46:21] Pepe : 2)there are people still working on the pending issues:

[19:47:21] Pepe : comcom evaluation of Dakar, (Names here...

convergence assemblies dissemination support, (Names here...

eval for participants questions with methodology commission(Names here...

[19:47:52] sonia: com com evaluation , names: Jason, Pierre and >sonia

 [19:48:29] sonia: as fas as I know convergence dissenmination is already been done by thais, suggesting to se openfsm sapce to keep on going with the assemblis

[19:48:45] sonia: so no names needed on that

[19:48:00] Pepe : 3)the creatin of a small group to develop the agenda for com com Paris (Mallory...

 [19:48:53] Pepe : 4) Creation of a group to answer the Liaison comminson question (Names here...

Which  agenda LG answer group who is in ?

 [19:49:58] Pepe : So we need to agree on Malory's proposal still

[19:50:24] sonia: Mallory suggested that the group working on the Paris agenda will answer the LG too, is that right?

[19:51:40] Jason: I think without Mallory it is difficult to interpret her thoughts... ;) 

[19:52:31] sonia: perfect Jason, thanks. So Pepe can you send this summary to the list as Dan asked...?

[19:52:49] Pepe : I believe the small group was to proposed a draft agenda and a larger gourp to send LC results

[19:52:53] sonia: Are we just 3 people left? pepe, jason and me?

[19:53:03] Pepe : looks so, can we decide whether next week we should meet again as Pierre proposed and see how has all this advanced?

[19:54:06] sonia: Ok pepe, but I'm out until 28th...

[19:54:09] Pepe : I can sent summary no worries

[19:54:23] sonia: but I agree we need to meet before 15 days, at least for preparing Paris..jason? are you still alive?

[19:54:43] Pepe : we could post is on the list...and discussed there too. Jason?

[19:56:02] Jason: yes, sorry.  I did not get who else besides Mallory would be in the "small group".

[19:56:17] sonia: Me either  it was a joke Jason : D

[19:56:44] Pepe : isn't that too late? I could work with mallory

[19:57:41] sonia: maybe looks late pepe, but the important think is see how people answer to" issues to work" on the mailing list, don't you think?

Next on line meeting

[19:56:02] Jason: And please, do go ahead Pepe and post on the list.  We should propose the date for next online meeting as well.  What about the 4th of May?

A Small group meeting  27th ?

 [19:58:02] sonia: Ok, start work woth mallory ans we will see your needs, what do you think Jason?I really need to leave, guys...

[19:59:30] Jason: I think someone from Paris should also be there... for the logistical part.  I was thinking of Christophe to help find the place to meet (and Nicholas lend a hand as well).

[19:59:41] Pepe : I liked Pierre proposal because it give us time to "sort" out problems....

[20:00:04] sonia: It does have sense to me...About meeting in a few days, you mean?

[20:00:27] Pepe : yes

[20:01:05] sonia: what do you think Jason? Do you want try suggesting a skype meeting for the next week?

[20:01:38] sonia: Sorry, I mean "It does have sense to me..." about includins someone from Paris to the prep group

[20:02:11] Pepe : yes, it makes sense to me too ;)to have someone form Paris...

[20:02:32] Jason: The "small" groups should absolutely meet next week...I will be away from Friday to Tuesday for the easter holiday.

[20:03:17] sonia: I'm already away...

[20:03:42] sonia: When you mean small groups, right now we are talking about Mallory, Dan and pepe?

[20:04:03] Pepe : Ok we could do it on the list should we say wednesday  27th same time?

[20:04:21] Jason: All the "working groups" listed by Pepe.  I really have to go now... sorry, ciao!

[20:04:50] Pepe : me too, this will continue on the list....bye wave

[20:05:15] sonia: bye