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Video sharing – wsftv.net

1) Development of the website www.wsftv.net with some new tools in order to facilitate the general function and the accessibility

2) Faciltate the distribution of video content during the forum events to the alternative media community and to the International Broadcaster

3) Further promote the access and active partecipation to wsftv of a larger pubblic: activist videomakers, generic utilizers (not only to access information but also to spread the information by downloading and promoting activities) and consolidation of this video hub, to develop the unique role of wsftv as a reference space for the International pubblic broadcasters ( as for GDA2008 and in Belem2009 and wsft 2010 ).

6) Manteinance of the video memory Archive of WSFTV (existing and working since the Global Day of Action 2008) , in terms of mapping, cataloging, editing and uploading past and future material not yet available on the site.

  1. Organizing the acrchive after Dakar .

Expected results

1) Build partecipation of local video activist to cover each forum.

2) Build visibility of wsftv and of the 2011-2012 wsf process and events.

3) Contacting all the different organizer and ask to put the wsftv banner in their event website.

Update the video archive with all available past video material and consolidate and update the video database.




software development with new tools and maintenance site: 2 people Mediatria.
Timing 12 months, throughout 2010

4000 euro (incl. Tax) [inside the webteam budget]

Coordination and facilitation of www.wftv.net - 1 person for 12 month

6000 Euro fee including phone

Video editing staff – 1/2 person+ materials - video cassettes, hard disks, expedition of videocassets for 12 month.

2500 Euro+ 500 Euro hosting