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last modified March 16, 2011 by jnardi

www.wsftv.net, despite all the difficulties associated with the Internet connection,has received more than 50 videos during the forum.

The videos has been produced by different video collective, projects or webtv  following the sharing contents philosophy. 

I believe that the need for collective of video activists to tell the forum with their languages has been an important part of the story of the history of the Dakar Forum.

TvForum/ wsftv was launched by  Focuspuller-Ciranda-EJoussour and involved:

Indy Media Africa Convergence 2011 Dakar





Kamera T



Timecode e.v.


and individuals like Pepe Petos, Gregory Fortin Vidah and other.

there are other video projects interested to join wsftv in the future that are:

Alachaine.ch  and Quepo Foundation

The availability of all to build and strengthen our work and continue to strengthen wsftv and collaboration among the various collective is in my opinion one of the most important points raised in Dakar.

One of the things I most appreciated was the willingness of all to exchange rushes made in Africa.

You will find all the video on www.wsftv.net

On the side of international television coverage we have distributed through the Eurovision 4 highlights, on the contrary of Belem we got less international tvs interest  because many were focused in the coverage of the Egyptian's revolution like Al Jazeera.

On the other side the difficult for the journalist to reach the meetings and panels was one of the causes that affected the tv's job.

The insufficient internet connection was a big failed for all the participants and for the media, at a certain point I was very depress and I thought how every time the tech infrastructure are a MUST for any kind of event but when you ask to the organizer or to the IC this seems that you are coming from an other planet. The fact is that also this time the infra did not work properly my comrades.

I think that this issue must  be run only professionally on one side and with the participation of all the IC members in terms of facilitation and funding. It is absurd that 15 days before the forum was not signed any agreement with the local telecom . I tried to do something with Ibu and the fantastic help of the IT faculty but was clear that it was some problem in the infrastructure's management  in the local committee, where this topics were handle only from one figure. It is impossible that only one person manage all the infra organization in the forum. And it is also impossible for any telecom arrive in a complex environment like a university and reinforce the internet connections in few days. This is a job that you have to test, is not plug and play.

I hope that the Vinod's vademecum in the future will be follow...... and sorry for my outburst.

In any case we survived....also with a good energy and a creation of relations between a big group of video activist.