• working group directory 2008

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Working Groups  Directory

  1. Webteam (web strategy and wsf websites support) mailing list of webteam webteam wiki
  2. WSF internet training( stimulating local training programs) mailing list of wsf internet training GT WSF internet training wiki
  3. IC internal communication facilitation tools WSF internalcom wiki
  4. Diffusion  streaming wiki
  5. Intercommunication (support-promotion of connections) mailing list of intercommunication GT intercommunication GT wiki
  6. Online participation (openfsm.net usage and training)
  7. Reporting/collective memory (stimulate and collect feedbacks / memory) reporting and memory wiki
  8. Practical info content (WSF newsletters, etc.) mailing list of practical info GT practical info GT wiki

  9. Translation (stimulate translations of IC related contents...) mailing list of translation for com GT translation for com GT wiki

  10. Promotion ( graphics, banners and other materials to promote the WSF) wsf promotion wiki

Working Groups - media

  1. Alternative media (networking media activists - org./collect.) mailing list of alternative media GT alternative media GT wiki

  2. Press (decentralised press conferences - press kits mailing list for press WG press GT wiki

  3. Journalists (stimulate journalist network) Journalists network wiki

  4. Radio (radio forum exchange) mailing list of radio forum WG radio forum GT wiki

  5. Video (platform, exchange, network, satellite distribution) mailing list of video forum GT video forum www.wsftv.net


  6. Resources and Funding: manageing resources and common wsf budget by distinct working group projects.
  7. Translation:  receiving some help from solidarity interpreters
  8. Exchange : exchanging on comunication with continental processes
  9. Comrespondents : stimulating a network of people involved in communication 
  10. Strategy and policies : defining strategies and policies for wsf internal and external communication