• Working groups project proposals 2010

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1. Group on shared coverage by Independent media

> Facilitating shared coverage between video activists and community tvs   WSFTV and TV FORUM

> Facilitating shared coverage between community radios RADIO FORUM

> Facilitating shared coverage between text and photo independent media Ciranda projects for 2010

2. Group on Participation and Internal Communication ( PIC)

 PIC Adress   PIC Project 2010-1 

Facilitating participation on line from / between entities and participants PARTICIPATION ON LINE
Facilitating exchange on participatory activities  and intercomunication at distance INTERCOMMUNICATION
Facilitating information flow  from facilitators ( CI, other bodies ) and feedbacks PRACTICAL INFO

3.  Group on relation to press and mainstream media

4.  Group on resources 

Monitoring WSF funding of comcom
Monitoring  contributions and contributors
Online donation system and campaign

5. Group on memory and documentation

Proposal page here
Log of group list  inside the group to date 

(6. Transversal group on infrastructure and technologies)

(7. Transversal group on other languages for communication inside WSF)

(8. Transversal group on Translation)

> General wsf2010 project presented on July 31, 2009 to Novib <