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Thematic Social Foum 2010
proposal by FocusPuller/Accesso


This projects is the continuity of the Comunication Sharing Project proposed for the Belem's forum that has involved different media of  Communication: Radio, TV , Free Media, Internet, News and video website.
The goal idea it is to repeat the similar initiatives done during previous forums, as Florence, Mumbai, TV Forum in Porto Alegre, Manaus 2005 , Belem 2009 and others, where tv professional groups and international videoactivists have realized and distributed images of the WSF in a collective way.

We propose the facilitation for the creation of a team of different video crews that will take care of the production of daily video Highlights of 15 minute lenghth to distribute to the wsftv and other Internet site , and by satellite to public and independent TV daily.


Daily highlights production to distribute to the international television circuite
It is undeniable the importance of distributing highlights for mainstream Tvs. A daily 15 minute Highlight is sufficent for Tvs to have material to build up a news about Social Forum
To allow all video crews to partecipate to this opportinity, it is very important that all groups  must produce a good image standard for the broadcasting schedule ( specific seminar can be programmed before the event)

Television Satellite UP-link.
For the distribution to the Television and to Eurovision net,  we propose to use a satellite uplink. This is the most relaible and efficient tool for TVnews transmittion and although it is not  inexpensive, it permits the Forum organizers to invite International TVs to be physically present at the event ( TVs are more likely to send a crew if they know the uplink satellite is available).
Country by country we have to check its supplier cost.
An alternative to the uplink satellite is a internet wide band ( quanti K? o come si indica?) to reach a FTP folder available for the Tvs to download material.

WSFTV and Expandido.
The Highlight and other video material will be uploaded  on wsftv.net  to reinforce the Forum Expanded and to give a chance to the people not present,  to join the initiatives in the different cities around the world  with the possibility to have daily images from the event.

World Feed ( distributed by Eurovision)
In addition we believe that the system of World Feed should be used as in previous forums in Porto Alegre, Manaus, India, Bamako, Nairobi, GDA2008 and Belem2009. This system of net distribution reaches more than 150 pubblic TVs around the world.