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Overview of groups related to communication in wsf process

1 - Basic principle : Two facets : Process and Event -

­ International Council comunication commission space and Working Groups : focused on PROCESS

This is "the " ic commission ( known as "comcom") . It works with IC and it is focused on abuja mid term plan, of which belem expanded is a part (seen from the rest of the world). It speaks english, portugnol and whatever people can translate. It hosts about 15 workings group derived from GDA experience, and focused on mid term worldwide process expansion

fsm2009comuncaçao space and working Groups : focused on wsf2009 expanded EVENT

This is "the" fsm2009 com WG. It is formed from Belem communication working group (*) and people from ic comcom , it works with belem GF. It is more focused on "belem expanded", (seen from belem). It speaks portugnol and whatever people can translate
It relates to 5 shared communication projects : 4 historical from 2005 ( radio ciranda tv software livre ) and the GT interconexoes to support intercommunications between decentralized activities and belem (intercommunication during Belem expanded event
(*) technically there is a google group called fsm2009 com , gathering people from belem and brazil, what is now the status and focus of this group after creation of fsm2009 comunicaçao?


2 - Overview Links News

----------------------- in orange columns : wsf Process ------------------------------------ in green columns : wsf2009 Event facet --------

Main meeting space
Main meeting space

english and portugnol ( 40 personas)

next chat : October 8th tentative time brasil 13h - w europe 18h - india 21h30 - Korea 1am

see agenda page

Space of International council communication commission

process focused ( as per Abuja plan)
all associated WGs are together in a common space of ic comcom

fsm2009comunicaçao space agenda page

the 5 WG have each a specific space

portugnol ( 30 personas)

next chat : same as comcom

news from the working groups
see directory of ic comcom groups

10 working Groups focused on Process participants

2 working Group focused on Event participants

news from the working groups

(no group focused on free software diffusion)
fsm2009 conhecimentos livres /software livre ( experiencia fsm2005) 40 members -
working on enhancement of openfsm.net , wsftv.net, wsf2008.net, archiving of wsfprocess.net
Webteam (web strategy and wsf websites support)mailing list of webteam webteam wiki

WSF internet training( stimulating local training programs- breaking the digital barriers )) mailing list of wsf internet training GT WSF internet training wiki

is the GT conhecimentos livres willing to take this in charge for belem event ?

the commission and work groups of IC are being migrated progressively from rits
IC internal communication facilitation toolsmailing list for IC internal communication WSF internalcom wiki



this group will take charge of the interconnection dynamics after belem
Intercommunication (support-promotion of connections)mailing list of intercommunication GT intercommunication GT wiki fsm2009 interconexoes- Belém expandida ( communication and logistics for 100 to 300 moments of internet conection in belem)

next chat : tdb


get GDA, and esf2008 experience from reporting /communication about outcomes
Reporting (stimulate and collect feedbacks / memory)mailing list of reporting GT reporting GT wiki

content of registration files in belem fsm2009 soon available

message for belem expanded to be drafted

Practical info content (WSF newsletters, etc.)mailing list of practical info GT practical info GT wiki

current need : contact for helping interpretation in chats
Translation (stimulate translations of IC related contents...)mailing list of translation for com GT translation for com GT wiki

no activity so far,
Promotion ( graphics, banners and other materials to promote the WSF)mailing list of promotion GT promotion GT wiki

5 Working Groups focused on Media

3 working groups focused on media

there is the project of a pre forum about alternative communication
Alternative media (networking media activists - org./collect.)mailing list of alternative media GT alternative media GT wiki fsm2009 ciranda ( experiencia fsm2005)

no activity so far
Press (decentralised press conferences –press kits)mailing list for press WG press GT wiki

no activity so far Journalists (stimulate journalist network)mailing list of journalist network GT Journalists network wiki

distribute tasks with the event focused group Radio (radio forum exchange)mailing list of radio forum WG radio forum GT wiki fsm2009 forum de radios(   com experiencia fsm2005) just started !!

develop www.wsftv.net

distribute tasks with the event focused group

Video (platform, exchange, network, satellite distribution)mailing list of video forum WG video forum

SITE www.wsftv.net

fsm2009 forum de tvs( com experiencia fsm2005) to be started in openfsm.net