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Dear all,
On the 1st May many of us will demonstrate solidarity also and especially with our friends, colleagues and „ordinary“ people in Greece. On Saturday many will sit together in Athens and discuss further solidarity actions in connection with Greece. So it was agreed on the WSF in Tunis and this was well done! (https://fsm2015.org/en/article/2015/04/08/convergence-assembly-building-another-europe-time-act-now)

 Looking at the discussions on Saturday, we should like to propose thinking about links between solidarity with the Greek people and all our current activity for a life in dignity –against privatization of the commons, against austerity, against free trade, against repression and the ruling “security policy”, against the destruction of nature! So we would like to highlight the common interests and campaigns against austerity, against TTIP/CETA/TISA/EPAs … and in occasion of the COP21. The central idea for the activities during the next a few weeks and in June should be the defense of the possibility of alternatives and, thus, of democracy itself (See also the outcome of the WSF convergence assembly https://fsm2015.org/en/article/2015/04/20/convergence-assembly-commons-and-self-managerment-towards-building-international).

“Democracy, housing, food/water/energy, healthcare, education, decent work and income, protection of the ecosystems and thus another ‘security’ are our conditions for any further discussion” could be a working slogan. In this context, we should also inform about the Greek debt-audit-commission and take action to establish debt audit initiatives in more countries (http://cadtm.org/Eric-Toussaint-The-audit-will). The citizens’ conference on debt to be held in Madrid or Paris in October is a further step in this direction.
Along these lines, we should start the discussion on the autumn event in Athens on May 2nd!
In solidarity,

Cristina  Judith , Birgit